is in the grey area JUUUUUUST short of the black of insanity.
is obsessed with TWEWY
is obsessed with Doctor Who
will make you watch Doctor Who.
says school sucks.
is looking for challengers. He challenges you to a pokemon battle.
is doodling in MS paint because his photoshop is broken :C
is watching a crazy old man yell at a stop sign!
is making chocolate pudding at 4am!
thinks Snape + Mustache = Scary...
Playing around with his new netbook.
Since you're stupid, I'll stop eating hamburgers so you can listen.
If he's here, who's running hell?
Oh boy, red pepper flavored jello~! ... wait... I'm allergic... D;
has a children's trading card
has discovered YGOTAS
Playing Final Fantasy X for the 100th time.
Messing around with Photoshop.

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