Mega Man 64 review
mega man is a mega game.

The good:

the robot desighns are so cool!but they should have scarier faces.the flutter looks cool too,but why doesn't it have any weapons?

The bad:

Data looks like a moron,and all the characters walk funny.Oh..I almost forgot.Why does megaman stand all the time.he never sits down,he never sleeps and he never goes to the bathroom!I mean, i gave him 14 sodas and he didn't go.How does this guy live?does he even have a bladder?


look i was supossed to do a review but what i really came here for was to give cheats and suggestions:I've been all the way to the end of the public ruins and that dude you fought in the first level is back with two arms but when you try to kill him he goes down the tunell and crushes somthing.I thought it might have been a trapped chest but I didn't see.Maybe you could check it out?any way i'm sure you know about the can at apple market so i'm not going to explain that.and last:why isn't their a sequel to megaman64 on 64???? it makes me so mad!!!!!!!!!

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