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Mega Man 64 Cheats

Infinite money
Go to Apple Market and kick the can into the bakery. The woman behind the counter will give you 1000 Zenny. Enter any shop and exit. The can will reappear. Repeat this as many times as needed. This will still work when everyone leaves.

Extra difficulty settings
Complete the game to unlock the hard difficulty setting. Complete the game on the hard difficulty setting to unlock the easy difficulty setting.

Bonus parts
Complete the game on the hard difficulty setting in under eight hours to unlock the jet skates and buster max parts.

Life Cubessubmitted by Mel
If you shoot the servebots twice with your buster gun and then kick them, they will give you up to three life cubes each.

Use the Original Mega Man from the Cartoonsubmitted by Daniel Lee
Make it to Juno in less than 4 hours. Talk to data and save it. Fight Juno and beat him. Turn off the game and delete your file. Using the same file that you deleted make it to Juno in less than 3 hours. When you walk in to fight Juno you will have Mega Man's old outfit!

Dark MegaMansubmitted by Michael

Dark MegaMan Part 1
Kick the can into the Jetlag Bakery about 7 times and MegaMan's armor will turn dark

Dark MegaMan Part 2
In the battle to save city hall, shoot the news blimp until the rear starts to smoke. MegaMan will turn pitch black but becomes lighter after you get the yellow refractor. NOTE: Yyour buster gun needs a +2 range or higher for this to work.

Dark MegaMan Part 3
In the 3rd police side quest, don't give the money to the inspector but head to any gate and try to leave. The game will ask you if you want to keep the money. Say yes and you will turn pitch black and recieve 200,000 zenny.


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Easy 10,000 to 1,000,000 zenny
It is easy to make money. After you unlock the Downtown Sub-City, upgrade the Vaccuum Arm to its max, or at least upgrade its energy to infinity. The Reaverbots in the Downtown Sub-City give a lot of money (I mean, A LOT), so just kill them, and suck it up with the Vaccuum Arm, and you get all the zenny. Easy 10,000 to 1,000,000 zenny!
Servbot Soccer
During the chapter when the pirates are in the Clozer Woods, you can blow up a tank and while the Servbot operator tries to escape, shoot him with your buster about 2 or 3 times. He will fall to the ground. Then, if no special weapons are equipped, walk over and kick him as much as you want! TORTURE!!! MWA HA HA HA HA HA!


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Get light armor back
To get light armor back just go to the t.v. studio in the Uptown area and win one of the mini-games a couple of times and your armor will turn light again.
Go Faster On JetSkates
When your on your Jet Skates Cdown then in the races in the tv station push up you will go faster.You might not notice it.
refill your health
first you go to the town or cityhall area then find a soda machine. get in frnt of it and kick a soda should come out when you drink it will refill your energy. this may work twice but it wont work three times. if you kick it three times it will break and blow up. the soda machine comes in handy when your fighting the guys blocking the door.

oh yhea always check the trash cans
shoot through doors!
whenever you are up to a door that is not a zone door, if you get at the eight distance, you can shoot through it! for practice, go into the first ruins and try it with the arukotoriden.

M=shoot from here


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Special Weapon: Spread Buster
The Spread Buster special weapon shoots out many bombs at once in many different directions. To get the Spread Buster you need the following items. Ancient Book, Arm Supporter and Old Launcher.

Ancient Book: The ancient book can be found in a ruin that is acsessible from the Clozer Woods sub-gate. Go into the main room witch has a big piller in it. Enter the piller, turn right and when you see the first Reaverbot, turn left and enter the door. The Ancient Book can be found in that room.

Arm Supporter: I beleive the Arm Supporter can be found in the Clozer Woods sub-gate. If it is not, I'm very sorry for the mistake.

Old Launcher: Go to the lake Jyun sub-gate armed with Grand Grenade. (The item for Grand Grenade special weapon can be found in the treasure chest behined the book shelvs in Barrlles or Gramps room on the Flutter.) Get to the room filled with Robot Killer Peronnas. In the middle of the room there are two spaces that have walls around them. Enter into the left space. Destroy the walls using the Grand Grenade. You will find the item "Old Launcher" and many other things. (Including Reaverbots.)

Go to the suport car and select "Roll". go to item development and she wil make you the Spread Buster!!!!!!!!!!!


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Strongest buster arm
First you have to be able to carry 3 buster parts pick these three if you have them equip a buster unit that looks like head phone to the right of it a laser and auto battery your attack and energy should be maxed if you dont have an auto battery use turbo charger.
The Trash Can Bird Trick
When on the Yass Plains after finding the gangsters' "Castle" (House) go outside and
walk straght until you see a normal old trash can. Phyche! if you remove your special
weapon and press the left C button and kick it 3 birds will fly out! There is nothing
special that happens (that I know of). This is just for laughs...

I think.....