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Mega Man Zero 4

The good:

>>Engaging gameplay-- Though the same as the previous MMZ installments, the classic run, jump, slash, and shoot just hasn't failed yet.
>>Impressive cutscenes-- Sprites, yes, but the cutscenes are well-animated and are filled with dialogue that you don't want to be missing if you want to follow the story effectively. Capcom has even introduced picture icons that change with emotion (only in some cases).
>>New Weapon -- The introduction of the Zero Knuckle allows you not only to yank things out of the ground, but also to steal weapons from enemies and use them.

The bad:

It seems that Capcom is beginning to realize that the MMZ series is beginning to lose its popularity. The story in the fourth installment is not as deep (and, really, is quite uninteresting with an anticlimactic end). This game simply isn't as well-crafted as the others and is disappointingly short.
The Elf system was made increasingly complicated. You now only use one elf that can use previous elves' abilities a certain number of times. It's almost unnecessary.
Element chips are gone. The EX Skills remain, but only the Z Sword-related chips can be activated simultaneously. The Buster shot can only use one skill at a time.
The Parts creation system is simply out of place--it's easy to lose your ranking searching for needed parts by running through stages again and again.


MMZ 4 is pretty good, but not up to par with the previous games. The story is not as deep, the gameplay upgraded some areas and yet downgraded others. It's very short--eight bosses, two intermissions, and three final stages (compared to the near thirty levels that other titles boasted).
All in all, not as great as the other titles, but fans of the MMZ series shouldn't be deterred. It's still the same shoot, slash, jump, and run goodness.

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