Mega Man Zero 4 Cheats

Mega Man Zero 4 cheats, Tips, and Codes for GBA. Also see GameShark Codes, Code Breaker Codes for more Mega Man Zero 4 cheat codes.


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Tech Kraken
The walls in here are covered in ice, so you can't climb it, plus it makes it hard to move. Kraken is weak against fire(maybe) so use the Burning Shot or the Flame Fang.

Attack 1: Shoots out 2 circular beams that rebound off walls.

Attack 2: Fires 4 projectiles that travel through the walls.

Attack 3: Creates a block of ice to block some attacks and change the direction of the laser beams

Attack 4: Goes into a shower o ink attack with tentacles.

Ice Javelin: Summons 2 energy orbs which creates 2 ice spears each.
Unlockable Modes.
Hard Mode- Beat the game on Normal Mode. Enter the Title Screen,then enter new game and Hard Mode will be available from there.


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E-Crystals,Lives,And SerpentGear Parts(And Health)
To get them,you just go to Fernir Lunaedge's Stage(The wolf Guy)and fight the Sub-Boss(SerpentGear Making Machine)DO NOT DESTROY THE HATCHES!Now equip Hacker Cyber-Elf Level 5,Now deswtroy the SerpentGears and you get E-Crystals,Lives,And SerpentGear Parts,(And Health)Oh,
1.This will not work in hard mode since you have no cyber-elf
2.This is especially recommended in Ultimate Mode,since you get both Hacker 6 and 5 so the effect will be doubled but in ultimate mode you ddon't need E-Crystals
3.About #2,I said it was reccomended,The Normal mode will be hard to work since you have to give it e-crystals for LV.5 but in normal,it will help you get to LV.6 and LV.7
Instant Charged Shots
Do the following in-game to make the Z-Buster, Z-Saber, or Z-Knuckle shoot their various charged shots.Note 1: If you're facing right, "Forward" is Right on the D-Pad. If you're facing left, "Forward" is Left. Down and Up are always Down and Up. "Fire" is B, A, L, or R, depending on how you've configured your game.Note 2: This was tested using Zero's normal armor only. It may not work, or may work differently with Zero's other armors.

Half-Charged Z-Buster Shot Down, Down-Forward, Forward, Fire
Fully-Charged Z-Knuckle(Forward) Down, Down-Forward, Forward, Fire
Fully-Charged Z-Knuckle(Down-Forward) Forward, Down-Forward, Down, Fire
Fully-Charged Z-Knuckle(Up-Forward) Down-Forward, Forward, Up-Forward
Fully-Charged Z-Knuckle(Upwards) Forward, Up-Forward, Up, Fire
Fully-Charged Z-Saber Forward, Down-Forward, Down, Fire
Fully-Charged Z-Buster Shot Down, Down-Forward, Forward, Down, Down-Forward, Forward, Fire
Unlock all 7 Mini-Games
Plant Panic Beat the game in Normal or Hard mode with a Level 0 Cyber Elf(meaning you must not even FEED her any E-Crystals)
Busy Basket Complete Hard Mode
Wood Chopping Complete the game with an overall S-Rank
Magma Border Beat the game with a complete Database
Elf Chase Complete the game without making ANY chip recipes (you can collect the parts and recipes, just don't make any of them)
Hammer Harvest Beat the game in under 1 hour
Energy Laboratory Beat the High Scores of all the above six Mini-Games
Unlock Ultimate Mode
Complete the game with the following:
1) Obtain all 51 parts(having at least one of each in your parts list); these include Garakuta(Junk), S Crystal, and Ceramical Titanium
2) Fully upgraded Cyber Elf