Mega Man X7 review
X7 Flawless or Useless?

The good:

Megaman X7 takes along certain years after the X6 incident, You start the game as Axl, a new character, he has certain aspects as X does, Zero is also playable his Z saber still looks like a ligtsaber badass weapon to use, also he and Axl get certain weapons to use as well, a javelin and a bazooka for some examples.

Yes, X is playable as well, but not till later in the game, but his arrival is to be thanked for, i like using him because his buster and armor really make it a enjoyable time in the game. but sometimes even with that is difficult.

New cel shaded graphics and its 2-d to 3-d gameplay offers great criteria when battling enemies such as ride armors.

In addition this game still uses the reploid rescue feature, and some can give you chips to increase a characters power, like X-30% power plus or super recover for example.

The bad:

Although we waited a looooong time for the release, was it really a big comeback you say? im afraid it wasnt much for me...

One thing, the angles of the camera made it really annoying to navigate through, like finding reploids.

yes we are american but its always better to switch the dialouges to japanesse, even when fighting the bosses, it makes you want to put mute to just make that annoying voice to shut up lol.

When it comes to the characters, Zero has been scratched from his bad ass to a useless character in many battles, the only thing you could find usefull is to use his weapons in boss battles, since most never run of of energy.

The storyline isnt as serious as in X or X4 chapters, but yes,..............Sigma is still to be the special "comeback applause" but dont let this underestimate you, i promise you, he wont be a pushover.


Graphics - from 2d animation to 3d platform. I really like the game's evolution to new heights.

Sound - The music isnt as good as previous X's but the voices will really make your head bang the wall when there isnt a cutscene cancelations in the game either...

Gameplay - Its very fun and exciting to slice and dice or blast your way through these levels, but it's als a huge challenge to over come as well, good luck!

Ex's comment's:

The game wasnt a huge hit as it promised it was, but still please play the game if either a megaman veteran or a newbie, because this is just a start to the new age of Megaman!

thanks for viewing!

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