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Known as Rockman X5 in Japan.

Added on: December 14, 2000

[edit] Background

In Mega Man X5, the evil Sigma has diverted an asteroid colony towards a collision course with Earth, and Mega Man X and his robot partner Zero have just 48 hours to intercept and prevent total annihilation! Battle a legion of dangerous Reploid Robots, discover a myriad of power-ups and defeat an army of mutant Bosses. Steal their energy forces and create all-new weapons...Earth depends on it!

[edit] Features

  • Play as Mega Man X or Zero as they raceto save the world from destruction
  • Time-based gameplay! The Earth has only 24 hours left! Your every move counts!
  • Battle vicious X-Bosses and create powerful weapons with their stolen energies

This game is also known as Rockman X5 in Japan.

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Worthy follow up to X4 MegaManX5
May 29, 05 4:57pm

The characters ability are good, X, Zero, Alia is great characters, the music are...

Mar 25, 05 8:22pm
sweet game!! 5 out of 5 stars! MegaManX5
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Megaman X5 is a game that Capcom didn't make so good.New characters appear,and in...

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beaten MegaManX5
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Release Dates
  • North America:
    • Aug 20, 2002 (PC)
    • Feb 2, 2001 (PSX)
  • Japan: Nov 30, 2000
  • Europe: Aug 3, 2001
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