Mega Man X3 (PSX) Cheats

Mega Man X3 cheats, and Codes for PSX. Also see GameShark Codes for more Mega Man X3 cheat codes.


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Gold Armor and Saber
To get the golden Armor and have Zero's Sword and all bosses defeated enter this password: 3317 8683 6772 3873
Gold Megaman
Did you know that you can change your Megaman into gold?Havn't played this game for a WHILE...Well,first,you must find all 4 special red are their locations...

1:In the green liquidy robot's stage,when you get to the water part,destroy the fans(With the frog robot.),go up to the surface,and go should get to a red capsule.Activate it,but do NOT enter it.

2:In the bee's stage,before you face the star like sub-boss,(You need the robot to ride on.)right before you enter that room with the moving floor,get the robot,and dash jumpof the ledge.You should see spikes.Get off the robot,and go on the floor on top of it.There is a capsule.Activate it,but do NOT enter it.

3:In that bug with the two horn's stage.....there is a wall that is destroyble right after the point where you can activate a robot.(It's different than other walls.Try shooting with your buster,it should bounce off.)Destroy it with the robot,and jump over the spikes.There is a capsule.Activate it,but do NOT enter it.

4:I'm not sure about this one.....but there is a traphole in that airport stage,after you fall down the big ledge...the second one I think.If you fall down there,there is anther capsule...Activate it,but do NOT enter it.

Now we are ready!Now go the first part of the last stage.When you get to the part with the 3 big trapholes,and those ironballs,slide down the left side of the first.*gasp*,hey,a secret invisible way!And another red capsule!NOW enter it and you've got the fantastic gold megaman!With this,you can double dash in the air,get a special wepon that is just the same as your plain buster exept it's automatically charging,and if stay in one place without moving your energy fills up automatically without looking for any energyballs!(You can also fill up your energy tank this way.)Cool!