Mega Man Legends Tips

A stronger darker megaman
When you first enter the city at the beginning of the
game, do no good deeds unless it is required for progression of
the game. Do bad deeds, such as kicking the can at the entrance
into the Jetlag Baker to get 1,000 zenny, and kicking drink machines.
Eventually Megaman will turn dark blue, and his kicks as well
as his other attacks will become stronger. If you keep doing bad
deeds, he will turn black. Note: If you do any good deed after
turning darker, Megaman will turn back to normal and this will
have to be repeated.

To make Megaman bad, when you have to get the money back from
the robbers and you destroy them, they will say please take the
money back. Instead, take the money and get out of town. This
makes Megaman slightly stronger.