Mega Man Legends (PSX) Cheats

Mega Man Legends cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSX.


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A stronger darker megaman
When you first enter the city at the beginning of the
game, do no good deeds unless it is required for progression of
the game. Do bad deeds, such as kicking the can at the entrance
into the Jetlag Baker to get 1,000 zenny, and kicking drink machines.
Eventually Megaman will turn dark blue, and his kicks as well
as his other attacks will become stronger. If you keep doing bad
deeds, he will turn black. Note: If you do any good deed after
turning darker, Megaman will turn back to normal and this will
have to be repeated.

To make Megaman bad, when you have to get the money back from
the robbers and you destroy them, they will say please take the
money back. Instead, take the money and get out of town. This
makes Megaman slightly stronger.
Press O on the cat in front of the main gate,and the game will ask if you want to take it back to Flutter. If you say yes, every time you enter Flutter there will be more and more cats.
easy way 2 beat the drill bot
having trouble beating the marwolf? here's an easy way:
1. get the powered buster
2. kill tanks until u hav enuf $ to max it out
3. at the start of the battle, run to the left and climb up the ledge and kill the tank up there
4. wait up there and every time the hatch opens, shoot the powered buster 2 or 3 times

if u do this, the marwolf will be dead in no time
Finding items in trash cans
As you probably know, you can find items hidden in trash cans and boxes, but there is also a way to know IF there's something in a trash can. (this doesn't work for boxes and holes underground) if you walk up to a trash can and kick it, two things can happen, 1. The lid will fly off and do some flips and land back on the trash can, this means that there's nothing in the trash can, move on. Or 2. The can will rock around a bit and the lid will stay on. This means there is something in it. This is alot faster instead of reading through all the dialog.
MegamanX Reference
the Zetsabres description is a reference to zero from the megaman X series
Rapid Fire
To fire more rapidly, tap up while firing. Megaman will fire more rapidly and effectively, do more damage. This also means that you don't have to waste money on rapid fire parts.
Servbot Health
Whenever you destroy a Bonne Machine and a Servbot pops out, keep shooting it until it gets burned. Then, kick the Servbot. An enery cube will pop out. You can do this 3 times per Servbot.


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Easy mode
If you beat hard mode, then go to the title screen without turning off the game console or resetting it. Then choose options to change the game difficulty.
Even More Free Money!
When in Uptown play the game Beast Hunter on A ranking for 4,000 zenny.Repeat the process for unlimited money!
Free Money!
When in apple market kick the can into the Jetlag Bakery for a free 1,000 zenny!
Hard difficulty
Beat Megaman Legends and then go back to the title screen without resetting the game console or turning it off. Then if you go to options, the hard difficulty will be in there.
Rolling around
While playing a game just hold L1 or R1 and jump to roll either side. During that time mega man will be invincible momentarily.