Mega Man Battle Network 4: Blue Moon Cheats

Mega Man Battle Network 4: Blue Moon cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for GBA. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Mega Man Battle Network 4: Blue Moon cheat codes.


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Screen Icons
UnlockableHow to unlock
Blue Moon IconBeat the game
Bass IconBeat BassSP in Black Earth 2
Giga CompleteCollect all 5 giga chips
Mega CompleteCollect all 60 mega chips
Standard CompleteCollect all 150 standard chips
P.A. CompleteUse all 30 program advances
Soul CompleteGet all 6 souls


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An easy way to beat BassOmega
For this to work you will need:

  1. WoodPower
  2. AreaGrab
  3. Any Wood chip to unite with

Navi Cust Programs:
  1. UnderShirt
  2. SuperArmor
  3. Collect

What you do is use WoodPower as your present chip to put grass panels on the square in front of you and in Bass's entire front row. Then, one you have AreaGrab, unite with WoodSoul, steal Bass's front row and stand on it. Using WoodSouls Twister you can deal 120 damage to him about every 7 seconds. After the battle you busting level will probably be 5. Don't worry! Collect will give you Delta Ray Edge.
Beating "Duo"
In order to beat the menace Duo you need to be fully loaded with program advances. It is strongly suggested that you have all three Gunsols. Also GunsolEx. The only spot you can hit him is in the row that his health his in.

If he is shooting the disability laser strongly try to dodge it. It can disable your customizer programs (but luckly not any HP+programs). Pack your custimizer with HP+500's so you can maximize your health.
Blue Moon Souls
To get Souls you need to beat the Navi that has the soul.and I'll tell you all the souls:

AQUA SOUL Chip element needed: Aqua To get:In Torney 1 when battling Aquaman

WOOD SOUL Chip element needed: Wood to get:In torney 2 when battling Wood man

PROTO SOUL Chip element needed: Sword To Get:In torney 3 when batting Proto man

METAL SOUL Chip element needed:Metal To Get:In
torney 2 when battling Metal man

NUMBER SOUL Chip element needed: Add/Minus To Get:In torney 1 when battling Number man

JUNK SOUL Chip element needed: Junk Box To Get:In
torney 3 when battling Junk man
ColdMan Walktrough
allright im goin to tell about Cold man walkthrough.

Now when u see that ur up agganst Cold man,
then some one will come in and trll u somtin.Press L Botton and Megaman will say:
Lets find cold man! or somtin.Now,Go to Netopia
And go on the top And there are Cyber Snowmen
then megaman tells him too stop this madness
soo...cold man says ok
then jack out then (Better jack in in that statue
in the hotel)go out side....WHOA!!
Is a BLIZZIRD?!?!now Megaman gets a email that there is a blizzard now u go to Sharo Area(real world) now u go inside that Sattlite Place then u see a Guy on the floor.
he says u hav to go and jack in to those anntenas 4 of them now u need Chips for this:
FlmLine 1 F Heat shot C these two are in ur folder 2.and two more chips: Blk bomb Z u get that where u get C slider
and Heatbrth K buy it for 5000 Z in netopia area shop.
then there are Cyber snow men and there is a termomiter.if it goes to: 32.0 ur gone.
now to go to the anntena, u need a shovel.So ask at one of those houses then they'll giv u Shovel.
Now go to a anntena.there are a big lots of snow in the way so press A when ur at thesnow pile.then u jack in.there are Cybersnowmen.get rid of them.after u get rid of those cybersnowmen, u see Black stuff.there's one that has a lil note on it it will describe the chip
heatbrth K Flmline 1 F Blk bomb Z and heat shot C
then it will make the shape of that chip
for example Blk bomb Z is a bomb chip soo when u use it in the mittle of a enamys Sq, then it will make a big BOOOM it will take up the whole emays Sqs. Now when thats over then u battle Coldman
if u hav blue moon and have junk soul GREAT
red sun use Thunder soul if u hav it or Elec Chips and strong non attribute chips to paralyze wit thun soul
now when u beat him, he goes to jail( i think)

Coldmans Chips
when you fight coldman with the antennas you need the chips: heatshot C found in spikeys in netfrica
flamebreth k : netdealer in nettopia
blk bomb z : PMD next to c- slider maker
flmline k : fire guys in vampire in castillo
now its time to fiks n fight!
Dark Chip Glitches
Dark Chips glitch you in battle did you know? The type of Dark Chip determines the type of glitch.
Dark Chip 1: DrkRecov
Bug: Reduces HP at a high rate
Effect: Restores 1000 HP
Damage: None

Dark Chip 2: DrkCanon
Bug: Reduces MegaBuster stats to Lv.1
Effect: A forward projectile to hit one enemy
Damage: Amount of HP lost, up to 999

Dark Chip 3: DrkVulcn
Bug: Reverses directional controls
Effect: A 24 shot vulcan shot. Also hits behind enemy
Damage: 20 a hit

Dark Chip 4: DrkLance
Bug: Removes 5 chips from your folder for the battle
Effect: Hits the Rightmost Enemy Column, pushes enemies left.
Damage: Half the HP of the Highest HP enemy.

Dark Chip 5: DrkSword
Bug: Forces MegaMan Right
Effect: Cuts 3 wide and 2 long. (Like a LifeSwd)
Damage: Highest enemy HP, up to 500

Dark Chip 6: DarkBomb
Bug: Forces MegaMan Left
Effect: MegaMan throws a Bomb 3 panels ahead, effecting the surrounding panels as well
Damage: 200

Dark Chip 7: DrkSpred
Bug: All panels MegaMan steps off of turns into a poison panel.
Effect: Works like a Spreader Chip, effecting the panels surrounding the hit enemy
Damage: 400

Dark Chip 8: DrkStage
Bug: One Less chip space on the Custom Menu
Effect: Fills MegaMans side of the Field with dark holes, and the enemy side with Poison Panels
Damage: Only what the Poison panels can do.
Dark Chips
To get a dark chip, you have to get worried or evil. Dark chips are very powerful!
Do 800 damage quickly without dark chips
To do this, you'll need a few things. You'll need:
1. Aqua Soul(Blue Moon only)
2. A weak aqua chip to unite with.(bubbler will do)
3. Geyser chip
4. Area grab chip
5. Crack out/Dubl Crack/Tripl Crack chip
6. Full Synchro mode(Megaman has a purple circle around him in battle.

1st, you need to unite with aqua soul. Then you need to get a counter hit on the enemy before the 3 turns are up to get full syncrho mode. Then, you use area grab to get more room. Come up to the 1st row and use crakout on the middle row. Go back 3 spaces and, if you have geyser as your next chip, press and hold a to charge it up until you glow. Then move back 3 spaces and through the geyser.(you can't charge up geyser unless you have aqua soul on)
Fighting Bass
Unlike other games in the series, Bass is not part of the storyline. However, you must fight him before you can reach Black Earth. To reach him, you must have the S-ID (collect all 150 standard chips), and you must have all 6 soul unisons. To face him, go to the farthest corner of Undernet 5. There is a path that leads to a path below Forte.
Get Rid Of Darksoul
If you use too many darkchips, you will eventualy turn evil, but ( this is proboally so obvious ) but if you turn evil all you have to do is go to a place with low level viruses like the ADCD area 1, and equip your folder with chips like cannons, swords, and other chips that won't be affectied by dksoul, and start fighting enemys and eventually you will go back to normal.
Get Spark Man 3 different ways
to get his battle chip you do 1 of the following things:

1. beat his exe form
2. get it in x folder then do chip order(hard mode)
3. get it from chip trader speciel in elec town(hard mode)
Get the Z-Saver
Ok, you first must have:

1 Trading Cable
1 Mega Man Zero 3
1 Mega Man Battle Network 4: Red Sun/Blue Moon

Link up MMBN4 with MMZ3, in MMZ3 go to Ciels office and press up on the control pad, go to "Transmission".
Go to MMBN4 and go to "Comm", go to "trade chips" and trade the Z-Saver for a different chip (I suggest a Guard, it dosen't matter what you send)

You now have the secret chip, Z-Saver
Gun Del Sol
The locations to get Gun Del Sol 1,2 and 3:

1: in haunted mansion, under Django statue

2: secret path in Town Area 4

3: do the "Django" side quest
Leave a Battle When Ambushed...
In battles with viruses and you can't escape, (a feild battle...Not a storyline battle) change into a soul and before you press GO to battle, press L button and go, Megaman should say that you can.

I'm not sure it works entirly but I did it many times.
Picture of Serenade
In Megaman Battle Network 3, there is a boss named "Serenade," but if you look on Megaman Battle Network 4, behind the counter in Higbsy Shop, right next to the box is a picture of "Serenade."
Remember Chir trader
Remember when you have a spare moment go to the trip trader I had a bad deck I traded in loads of guards and I got some good one.
SPN Key Item Locations
SpinWhit: In Buddha Statures in a Blue Mystery Data

SpinPink: In the Colliseum Netbattle Machine in a Blue Mystery Data

SpinGrn: In Town Area 1 in Purple Mystery Data, must be on Game 3 or Hard mode to obtain

SpinYllw: In the Goddess Statue in a Blue Mystery Data, must be on Game 3 or Hard mode to obtain.

SpinRed: In the Meteor 1 in Blue Mystery Data, must be on Game 3 or Hard mode to obtain.

SpinBlue: In Town Area 2 in a Purple Mystery Data, must be on Game 4 or Very Hard mode to obtain.
Tip about Sword Soul, sword chips and Darkchips
You can get Sword Soul after you beat Protoman, unite with his soul needs a sword-type chip
Press and hold Button A can jump two spaces forward and use the sword chip with x2 damage
Press and hold Button B would activate chip "Wide Sword", 80 damage, attack the role in front of you, can cause counter

So, basicly, sword soul is pretty neat; now about the sword chips

Sword chips are very powerful indeed, but their attack range is usually very short, so you'll need many "AreaGrab" chips in your folder, letter S is great, * is even better, if you can get enough...
"Life Sword" is a great P.A., use it as frequently as you can, it has 400 damage, and a wide attacking range; team it up with an "AreaGrab", you can delate all viruses in a single hit if you are good enough
There are four ways to emerge "Life Sword"
ShortSword E
Wide Sword E
Long Sword E

ShortSword L
Wide Sword L
Long Sword L

ShortSword S
Wide Sword S
Long Sword S

ShortSword S
Wide Blade S
Long Blade S

I reconmande the ones uses letter S, once you get sword soul, you wouldn't want to try the one with Blade, because "Life Sword" is no longer a sword chip, you can't power it up using sword soul's ability, but you can power them up one by one, (80+130+130)x2=680, far better than "Life Sword", still, "Life Sword" is usefull in other ways

When using the chip "Varies Sword", hold Button A and you'll have a short period of time to enter the code, try it yourself
"NeoVaries Sword" can be used the same way, but how to use different attacks are not same, I introduce two ways:
down,right,up: X cut, the center is the space infront of you, that space takes doubled damage
left,right,left,right,Button B: Sword Wave, extremely strong, practice this well and you'll get triple delate at all times
When united with sword soul, "Varies Sword" and "NeoVaries Sword" won't work; so, don't waste your time trying

Another Tip, about Darkchips:
(first you have to finished Shademan with dark sword and get Junk Soul)
make megaman mad(HP becomes red), you'll see two dark chips in your folder, choose them, but don't use them, unless you wanna lose HP
The next turn, unite with Junk Soul, dodge all of enermies' attacks until custom is ready
Open custom, the dark chips you chose came back! Now you can use them without losing HP or become evil! And Junk Soul Recycles it many times, I think that many dark chips should be enough for any viruses... Maybe even Duo...
Use Life Sword in Battle
Put these three Chips in your folder:

Sword S
Wide Sword S
Long Sword S

Use them in this order:

Sword S
Wide Sword s
Long sword S

Then it will bring Life Sword and you can use it once in that battle unless you have more of the above.
VarSwrd and NeoVari Techniques!

WideSwrd- Up, Right, Down

LongSwrd- Down, Diagonally down right, right

FighterSwrd: Left, Down, Right

Sonic Wave- Left, B, Right, B

LifeSwrd: Down, Left, Up, Right, Down


CrosSwrd- Down, Right, Up

Super Sonic- Left, Right, Left, B

Double LifeSwrd: Up, B, Down, B, Up

WoodMan quest & SearchMan quest
If you are good at virus battles and never get deleted, then when you are doing the WoodMan & SearchMan quests, don't worry if you keep getting hit by their attacks, because if you have 1hp left then, their attacks won't do any damage. Hope this helps!


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Customizer Program :"Tango"
Go to numberman's number code. Enter the following:


This will give you Tango. Tango only works while link battling. It recovers 300 HP when low and creates a 100 point barrier.
Number trader "rush" (Customizer Program)
Enter this code at the numberman:


Rush only works in linked battles. It paralyzes opponent who uses Invis or Mole chips.
Number Trader Codes
Battle Chips
Item:GunDelSol EX G

Item:WideShot 3 T

Item:FlameLine 3 J

Item:TwinFang 3 G

Item:AirHockey 3 V

Item:Snake R

Item:VariableSword C

Item:ColorPoint *

Navi Customizer Blocks
Item:HP+500 (white)





Item:Body Pack

Item:Buster Pack

Item: Custom2

Item: HP+500 (pink)






Item:Full Energy