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Victory is in the chips...maybe

The good:

Fun to set up your deck using the myriad card combos

The bad:

Brain dead battles


Imagine any of the Mega Man Battle Network GBA games, minus the action and running around, plus a hefty helping of trading-card gameplay, and youve got Battle Chip Challenge--an interesting off-shoot that branches off Network's story
Fans will appreciate being able to play as a number of different characters, and the visuals and sounds are up to the series' high standards. But unfortunately, the actual battles aren't that great; they're tedious exercise in repetitevely pressing the A button to advance dialogue boxes. Its fun to set up your Battle Chip deck, but the stratgy halts once a fi...


A cash-in game worth playing

The good:

New characters
Can play as any Navi, rather than just Rockman
Can play as six different characters, with 6 different N1 Grand Prix related stories

The bad:

Battles are 90% randomized
Some battles are annoying if not prepared for properly
Killer enemy Program Decks


Rockman.EXE Battle Chip GP... from the looks of it Capcom's cashing-in on the Rockman.EXE series' success.

This attempt was moderately successful. Fair share of ups and downs.

The story can be seen from six viewpoints, namely Netto (Lan), Enzan (Chaud), Meiru (Mayl), Dekao (Dex) and new characters Mary and Kaita. The game starts off as starting the N1 Grand Prix again, after the Desertman event in EXE3 had caused the N1 to be cancelled. Angry fans rebelled and thus the N1 was set up again.

Now, instead of being just Rockman, we can play as other Navis; actually, all those that were included...

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