Rock Man EXE 6: Cyber Beast Faltzer (Import) FAQ/Walkthrough v1.3
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: : : : Rock Man EXE 6: Cyber Beast Faltzer (Import) FAQ/Walkthrough

Rock Man EXE 6: Cyber Beast Faltzer (Import) FAQ/Walkthrough

by Geoff Mendicino   Updated to v1.3 on
Copyright (c) 2005 Geoff Mendicino, TheWebbuilder
              EXEHQ (

<<*||RockMan.EXE 6: Falzer Walkthrough||*>>
Version 1.3

Table of Contents
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A1. Introduction
B1. Walkthrough
     B1A. New Faces, New Places.
     B1B. The First Day...
     B1C. Trouble at Sea(Side) Part 1
     B1CA. Trouble at Sea(Side) Part 2
     B1D. Aqua Poh-wah!
     B1E. A Beastly Problem.
     B1F. Hide and Seek.
       B1HD1. Introduction to the Help Desk.
       B1HD2. Help Task #1: Virus Busters.
       B1HD3. Help Task #2: Polly Locket.
       B1HD4. Help Task #3: Message Boy.
     B1F. Judgment Call.
     B1G. Hikari Netto, Private I.
     B1HD5. Help Task #4: Gimme a Hand(out).
     B1HD6. Help Task #5: Son of Thunder!
     B1H. Beast Out of Control!
     B1I. Braving the Elements.
     B1J. Oath of the Tomahawk.
     B1K. Back to Braving the Elements.
       B1HD7. Not so Over-Protective-Father.
       B1HD8. Smackdown!
       B1HD9. By the Bookie.
     B1L. Scavenger Hunt.
     B1M. Dusty Trails.
     B1N. Home Again, Home Again...
     B1O. Rescue RockMan- Again!
       B1HD10. Help Task #9: Hot Potato!
       B1HD11. Help Task #10: Sing Me a Song.
       B1HD12. Help Task #11: Sell your Gun Del Sol!
       B1HD13. Help Task #12: Fish Food.
       B1HD14. Help Task #13: Lights, Camera!
       B1HD15. Help Task #14: WTF?
       B1HD16. Help Task #15: Win the Lottery?
       B1HD15A. Help Task #4: Gimme a Hand(Out)
       B1HD17. Help Task #16: Whoa, Deja vu.
       B1HD18. Help Task #17: Haven't We Done this Before?
       B1HD19. Help Task #18: Viral Symphony.
     B1P. The Beginning of the End
     B1Q. Final Chaos
C1. After the Final Boss.
       C1HD20. Help Task #19: Are We There Yet?
       C1HD21. Help Task #20: What's your Number?
       C1HD22. Help Task #21: O. I. C. U.
       C1HD23. Help Task #22: Skull-duggary.
       C1HD24. Help Task #23: Divorce Court.
       C1HD25. Help Task #24: Buy it in Bulk.
       C1HD26. Help Task #25: Running Shoes!
     C2. What's your Forte?
     C3. The Immortal Area.
     C4. Area Zero.
     C5. Treble and a Bass.
     C6. The Graveyard.
     C7. The Final Challenge.
D1. HP Memory Locations
E1. Regular Memory Locations
F1. Number Trader Codes
G1. NCP Compression Codes and Rotators
I1. Disclaimer + Contant Info
J1. Credits and Acknowledgements.
A1. Introduction

Welcome to the EXE HQ's ( walkthrough for RockMan.EXE 6: Greiga 
Version! RockMan.EXE 6 is one of the best EXE games to date, but since it's 
still untranslated at the moment, this walkthrough is designed to help the 
Average Joe get through the game and pwn the final boss. For ease of reference,
this walkthrough is broken down into sections so that you can easily skip
forward to where you need to be via the 'Find' function and the section codes

So why are we still here in the introduction when what you really want is to 
know how to beat the game? That's a good question, so let's get right into the 
game, shall we?

B1. Walkthrough
B1A. New Places, New Faces

We begin with a cut scene in Akihara Elementary. Mariko drops the bomb on the 
other students that Netto is leaving to move to a new city and we have some 
expressions of disbelief and so forth. 

After the cutscenes end and we gain control of Netto. Head downstairs and talk 
to Yuiichiro and Makura, after that, go outside and poke around. You should 
come across a girl with a custom sprite who is cornered by a robotic dog. We'll 
refer to the girl as Butterfly for the moment. 

Whaddaya know? We're only in the new town for five minutes and we're already 
rescuing damsels in distress. See? This place isn't so bad. 

Plug into the dog and marvel at Netto's new plug-in animation. Head forward and 
yep, you guessed it, we have to go through the Met tutorial. Fast forward 
through the tutorial and destroy the Mets with your cannons and swords. 

After that's done, you'll plug out and Butterfly will take off without so much 
as a giving us her name. I guess that she's just hyper-shy. At any rate, we're 
done here. Skate around and talk to everyone, after you get an EMail, head home 
go to Netto's room and plug into the PC. Talk to the Program there to check 
your Home Page Emails.

Head out onto the Net and take a gander at Central Area 1. Grab your blue 
Mystery Data from the left blue path, then follow the green path around until 
you get to the pink gate. Give the gate a Met Reflect1 and proceed into Area 2. 

Head into the next area and grab the BMD. Talk to everyone you come across. 
Once you get to the end of the area, talk to the Green Navi then run around and 
bust some viruses if you so desire. Plug out and go to bed. 

B1B. The First Day....

The next day, get up and go to school, it's that place at the extreme top of 
the map. As soon as you set foot in the doorway, you'll get clobbered by 
security robots. Gee, how nice. After a bit of discussion, the robots realize 
who Netto is and leave. 

Head to your left through the pink hallway, and enter the Teacher's Lounge. 
Talk to everyone, but note the guy in the red sweat suit. He'll tell you where 
your class is so skeedaddle back to the lobby where you got attacked and then 
head up the hallway on the right. Take gander at the kid with the water pot on 
his head, you'll need him later. Go up the stairs to Classroom 6-1 and enter. 

Cut scene, welcoming, all that jazz. Everyone takes a liking to Netto except 
for the kid with the scar. 

When we regain control, talk to everyone to move on with the plot.

Afterwards we'll plug into the blackboard and fight some viruses. Nothing too 
difficult. Talk to the Navi who are around, grab the Mystery Data and plug out. 
Cut scene GET! 

Scar kid, otherwise known as Kojiro, and his Navi get into a fight over the way 
RockMan was the one to defeat the viruses and then Kojiro's Navi will take off 
on his own. A strange voice will talk to Kojiro and the boy will find a new Net 
Navi in his PET (RockMan.EXE: Stream flashbacks, anyone?). This, ladies and 
gentlemen, is none other than BlastMan. 

Back in class, we get introduced to the newest thing in Net Navi technology, 
the Copyroid. Once Netto jacks into the oversized puppet, the Copyroid takes on 
the form of RockMan! Rock can now move and interact with people in the real 
world just as if he were a part of the physical realm. 

RockMan is stunned when he appears in the real world and pulls on Netto's cheek 
to make sure that he's really there. Once that's over with, talk to everyone in 
the classroom and Netto will plug RockMan out of the Copyroid. 

But then trouble rears it's ugly head. The school robots run into the room and 
attack some students, Netto's new teacher (I'm told that his name is Mach) 
tries to throw those robots out of the class and fails miserably. More robots 
appear as Kojiro reveals that he's the one who hijacked the school's security 
robots. At his order, the robots start throwing flames at us! Yipes! 

Once we finally get back in control of this game, run over to the Copyroid and 
check the puppet's back to plug in. For some reason the robots just ignore real 
world RockMan completely. but at any rate, take RockMan and run downstairs. 
Remember the kid with the water bucket? Yep, go there and talk to him to get 
the pail of water. Run back upstairs and douse those robots. 

As Netto, talk to RockMan and pull him back into the PET. Now, let's go find 
Kojiro and teach him a lesson. Talk to Mach and get the hall pass, then rush 
back to the Teacher's Lounge, stopping off along the way Classroom 1-1's black 
board for some Energy Bombs and Full Energy sub chips. 

Now, in the Lounge the robots have corralled the teachers. Not good. And since 
BlastMan is refusing to listen to Kojiro, we're in deep trouble. 

Another robot runs in and traps Netto and Kojiro in the room. 

Kojiro's sorry for what he's done, but can't do anything to stop it. Well,
that just leaves us to save the day by default. Netto plugs into the computer
and we're off! 

Talk to the Program and get the Water Gun. Now, it's time for one of the 
ever-present mini-games. We need to find and put out the flaming Programs with 
the Water Gun. However, whenever we get to certain spots in the Network, 
flaming meteor-like things will try to ram us. They move in a straight line and 
can't pierce objects. So, whenever you see sparks appear on the screen, note 
the direction that they're coming from and hide behind one of the large gray 
blocks on the field. If you get nailed by a fireball, you lose 10 HP. It's so 
easy that we don't even have to walk you through it, just find the four 
Programs grab the Mystery Data and you're set to enter the next area. 

Head into Area 2 and Rock gets himself in a spot of trouble. We automatically 
switch over to Netto. Talk to Kojiro three times, then head around to the other 
side of that long table and look at the orange monitor. Hey, it's Kojiro's old 
Net Navi! The orange guy is kinda ticked off at Kojiro, however; Kojiro tries 
to stop the fire, but gets the seat of his pants set on fire as a result. The 
orange Navi puts out the fire with the sprinkler system, and for some reason 
the flames surrounding RockMan die away and we're free to continue. 

Same deal, hide behind the blocks and put out the flaming Programs. Once we're 
done with that, head to the next area and get ready to fight the cause of all 
this trouble, BlastMan. 

Images of BlastMan's attacks can be found here: 

HP: 400
Difficulty: Easy
 Explosive Line: 
   BlastMan sends an explosion racing down one row. He'll flash 
   for a moment before firing, so hit him hard to counter it. 
 Blast Typhoon:
   A recolor of GyroMan's charge shot. The panels this will affect 
   will turn yellow, so get off of them. 10 HP Damage. 
 Meteor Burner:
   Three fireballs race down the field. Hide behind the steel 
   blocks to avoid them. 20 HP Damage. 

Seriously, this guy is pathetic. Just hit him with whatever you''ve got
whenever it comes up and you'll do fine. 

Alright, cut scene, yadda, yadda, yadda, all's forgiven. The school's still 
safe. We're done here, so head home.

Well, once we're in control, check your Home Page Email. We get a shiny new 
Roll V1. Then head off to the second area. Inspect the areas in the shadow of 
the catwalk to find the key to the next area. An image of where to look can be 
found below: 

Head into the third area grab ye olde Mystery Data, and go all the way to the 
end. Whoo, nice Greiga and Falzer statues. Read the legend then head to bed. 

B1C. Trouble at Sea(Side) Part 1.

The next day, Netto shows up at school and is greeted by Kojiro and a penguin. 
<_< Seems the penguin likes Kojiro and won't leave him. Well, nothing we can do 
about it now. 

Later on, head up and talk to Kojiro. The penguin is hungry but the scarred kid 
doesn't know what to do. But we do! Head down to the Teacher's Lounge and talk 
to the teacher in the white lab coat. If you so desire, you can trade Double 
Shoot for an Energy Bomb in Classroom 1-1. Head upstairs and enter classroom 
6-2, see the kid by books? Talk to him and then head outside. 

Ah... the fresh air, the sunshine, the freedom, makes you wish you could just 
play hooky and avoid school altogether. But we're the good guys so we can't do 
that. Head over to the old guy next to the Metro to start a virus battle. You 
win, you get penguin food, you lose, and well, we just won't go there. 

After winning, head back up to classroom 6-1 and feed the penguin. 

Once school lets out, head home and plug into the PC. Check your Email then 
head out onto the Net. Exchange words with the frantic Aqua Navi and continue. 
You can fight a punk Navi in Area 2 for some SubMemory, but we really want to 
get to Area 3. 

Go to that path on the right, but it's blocked by water. Talk to Ms. Generic 
Pink Navi and then run back to the Café of Area 1 (the space next to that 
"Welcome" sign). Check with the aqua colored Net Navi. Seems he can repair the 
damage done by the cyber water, but he's missing his tools. Plug out. 

Run downstairs and to that door at the top right to enter the bathroom; yes, 
you can enter it. Check with Haruka to find out that the toilet's broken. 
Examine the toilet to discover that you can plug into it. Why? I don't really 
want to know... 

At any rate, plug into the thing and you'll see the most interesting Met on the 
face of the earth. After we finish wiping the Network with the helpless 
viruses, take the cyber-plunger and plug out. Go back in to the toilet and grab 
some more Mystery Data. Head back to the PC, plug in and go back to the leaky 
pipes of Area 3 and hand the plunger to the aqua Navi. 
He'll fix the area and we can now enter the Seaside Area! 

Welcome to SeaSide Area 1. Run around to the center of the spiral, hit the warp 
and run over to the BBS. Read the posts and then we come across one that 
involves a lost penguin. Lost penguin? Now I wonder who that could that be? 

Plug out. 

Run back to school, talk to Kojiro and the two decide to return 
the penguin. Leave school, and head over to the Metro... Whoa, looks like 
someone invented flying cars between EXE 5 and 6. 

SeaSide City! Run around and talk to people, plug into the vendor's stand and 
the trash cans to get some goodies. When you're done, head to the south and 
around that walkway to get to the door of the whale building. 

Cut scene. 

Well, the place is locked up tight. No returning lost penguins for us today. 
Bummer. Head home and sleep. 

B1CA. Trouble at Sea(Side) Part 2

When we wake up, we get the good old Navi Customer. Breeze through the 
tutorials and install your programs. Head back to SeaSide City and speak with 
Kojiro. Then turn around and enter the whale building, turns out that the place 
is an Aquarium. Figures. Cut scene and the Penguin finds it's way back it's 
owner. Awww... What a heart-touching moment *sniff*... Head downstairs and look 
at all of the animals to pass the time. Once you look at them all, you'll 
trigger yet another cut scene and Netto and Kojiro will watch a marine show. 

Once we're through with that, grab some Regular Memory from those yellow and 
orange boxes, then head outside and up to the Metro. Holy carnivores, Batman! 
There are piranha in the center fountain, and sharks in the bay! What the Met 
is going on here? 

Kojiro runs off to check on the penguins, worrying about their safety. Follow 
him back to the penguin cage and we'll see him putting his life on the line to 
protect the penguins from a hungry alligator. Swing that broom, Kojiro! Swing 
it, slugger!!

Ahem... Well, we've got a man trapped by an alligator, Kojiro swinging that 
broom like there's no tomorrow, and everyone else running scared. Yep, it's 
time to save the day. Head back into the Aquarium and run past the desk at the 
top of the stairs. Run forward and stop short at that overgrown seal. Well, he 
definitely ain't going to move for us, so look around for his ball. Look at the 
water and you'll find it at the bottom of the pool- a pool filled with 

Well, Netto isn't going to go down there, so what are we going to do? 

Head inside and downstairs. Hey, it's Butterfly! Netto runs over but she pulls 
a ShadeMan on us and vanishes. Netto turns around just in time to see her 
leaving the building and follows. Outside, we find Butterfly standing up there 
on the top of the whale building. How the Met did she get up there so fast? She 
take lessons from Batman or something? Anyways, Butterfly vanishes after 
pointing to the west. 

Run over to the western corner of the area and you'll find a Copyroid. Now is 
that convenient or what? Plug into it, take control of real world RockMan and 
retrieve that Seal's ball from the jellyfish infested pool. After Netto pulls 
RockMan out of the Copyroid, examine the seal to get him to move then head into 
that back room. 

Surprise, surprise, that sailor dude from the cut scene earlier is behind it 
all. His name's Kurohige. After the cut scene, plug out and examine the
ladder for an HP Memory, then plug in and head off. 

Welcome to the most annoying mini-game in EXE 6. You have to head into the 
Network, find the Programs and pick them up. Once you do, sharks will pop into 
the place and start moving around, if a shark finds you, it'll eat your program 
and send it back to where you found it. Take the Prog back to the main walkway 
and drop it in it's proper tank. Depending on the random places that the game 
puts the sharks, this mini-game could be easy or painful. But, Rock's gotta do 
what Rock's gotta do. 

Your first Fishy Program can be found past the Blue Mystery Data. Grab him and 
drop him in the first tank. ORDER IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT HERE. The correct Prog 
must go in the correct tank or you have to fight a battle and start all over 
again.  Snare the Prog to the north and put him in Tank #3! Next grab the Prog 
in the southeast and put him in Tank #2.

Head into the next area and hit the warp point; yep, there's more. The 
northwest Prog goes in Tank #3, next run to the southwest, grab the Prog; 
Charlie, show him what's in Tank #3! Grab your third Prog and dump him in the 
second tank. Off to the third area! 

The first Program is on the other side of that bridge on the north. Grab him 
and stick him in the tank farthest from the purple gate. Whoopdeedoo! The 
second Prog on the southeast goes in the first tank. Our next Prog is hiding 
near the Blue Mystery Data, his home is in Tank #3. Grab your last Prog and 
bring him home. 

Save and get ready to fight the villain responsible for putting you through all 
of this torture. DiveMan! 

As usual, pictures of the Boss' attacks are here: 

HP: 500 
Difficulty: Medium

  Two torpedoes appear at a constant interval on random panels and fly 
  forward. Dodge up or down to avoid them. 
 Wave Crash:
  WaveMan surfaces and sends a tidal wave at you. It strikes a 2x3 
  area, so hang out at your back row. 
  DiveMan opens his chest and fires two mines at you. They hit the 
  ground on the panel that you were standing on, so move off of them to
  avoid the attack. 

Stay on the back row and wait for DiveMan to surface. When he does, unload your
arsenal on him. Defense is a priority here, otherwise his torpedoes will bleed
you dry before you can make much of a dent on him. Concentrate on staying alive
until you have a clear shot, then attack him. 

Well, RockMan sets everything right and Korohige gets clobbered by some angry 
animals. Netto and Kojiro duck out to avoid the Penguin and if you aren't going 
to do some of the Help Board Missions, it's time to go home and go to bed. 

B1D. Aqua Poh-wah!

After the crazy cut scene involving Netto dreaming about Griega and Falzar, 
Netto getting detention, head down to the Teacher's Lounge and talk to Mach to 
meet your new teach- Hey, it's Shuuko! Looks like she picked up a part time job 
to help her family. Go upstairs to your classroom and talk to Butterfly. we 
learn that her name is Iris. Then head through the pink door to Shuuko's 
office, talk to her, then examine the PC to take charge of AquaMan. 

AquaMan's charge shot is a Bubble Shot that does 40 damage. It also cracks the 
tiles that it hits. Nice. 

Head through the PC and go to SeaSide Area 2. Hug the northwest wall and hit 
the warp. You'll be taken to the Aquarium's Home Page. Talk to the brown Net 
Navi and the Net will flood- again. It's mini-game time!

Heres how this works. In each SeaSide area there are 5 fish. We have to catch 
them. Hit the cyclone recolor things to go up and swim after the fish; now, 
that bar up there is your strength meter. If it runs out, then you'll wind up 
back at the beginning and lose all of your fishies, so don't let it run out. Go 
back to the typhoon to come down and refill your strength bar. O.K.? O.K.

And just a warning, you'll have to fight three virus battles in a row at the 
pink gate at the end of SeaSide 2.

The first Typhoon is near the entrance to the HP. The second is just outside 
the exit to SeaSide 3 and the other one is at the end near Central 3's 

Once you're done, talk to Shuuko and we'll fight AquaMan! 

Attack pictures: 

HP: 800 
Difficulty: Easy 

 Aqua Hose:
  He'll pull out this monster of a hose and fire it at you. It forms a 
  "T" shape. See the images linked above for an explanation.
 Aqua Dance:
   His Navi Chip. He'll zip over to the center tile of your side of 
   the field and start spraying the place with water. Move around in a
   circle to evade this attack.
 Aqua Shot:
   His Charge Shot, really. Just step aside.
The only thing new that he has is his Aqua Hose. Aside from that, it's the same 
old, same old. He'll preannounce all of his attacks in some way, so they're 
extremely easy to dodge.

AquaCross, get! When selecting chips on your Custom Screen, press 'Up' to 
choose from the available crosses, then pick chips like you normally would. 
When your turn starts, AquaMan will cross with RockMan, and AquaCross will be 
the result. While in AquaCross, all of the Aqua-type chips that RockMan uses 
get can be charged and your charge shot becomes the Bubbler. 

B1E. A Beastly Problem

After the cut scene, head downstairs to talk to Haruka, then go outside to the 
Bird Statue to talk to Iris. Yep, it's time for some more cinema action.

After some cut scenes where that annoying, horrible, fat clown named CircusMan 
steals Net Navi's souls and uses them to revive Greiga and Falzer, and then 
manages to absorb Greiga/Falzer depending on your version, head off into the 
Net and go to the place where CircusMan was in Central Area 3. We'll 
come face-to-face with one of the Cyber Beasts and trigger a cut scene. RockMan 
plugs out and you should take Netto down to talk to Yuuichiro. After some 
spying on RockMan and Netto's part, plug back in and get ready for some 

Save yourself some trouble and look here for images: 

Basically, we have to kill the ghosts that lurk around here to open up the path 
to the next area. Talk to the downed Net Cop to get some weapons, a Knife, 
Sword, Axe, and Gun. The Knife attacks one panel ahead, the Sword two, the Axe 
hits like a Wide Sword would, and the gun strikes whatever is three panels 
ahead of you. The red ghosts require one hit, the yellow two, and the blue take 
three hits to finish them off.

Knife the lone red ghost. 

Run over to the café and knife the red ghost, then axe the remaining three and 
finish them off with your knife. 

Over on the left, you'll run into a red and yellow ghost who are side by side. 
Attack then from the side with a sword so that you hit both then finish them 
off with a knife. 

Head back to the entrance and shoot the ghost there. 

Go to the next area and talk to the cop to refill your weaponry.

At that 'T'-shaped cluster, Knife the red on the right, Axe the other three and 
Knife the final ghost.

At the line of Red, Yellow, Red, Gun the Yellow, then Axe.

When you reach the Tetris-shaped block, Sword the Red & Yellow pair on the 
left, Axe the Red and Yellow, then finish up with a Sword.

Final Area. Talk and refill weaponry.

On that left 'L'-shaped block, Gun the Blue, then Axe the Red & Yellow, finish 
them off with a Sword.

On the right 'L' block, Sword the two Yellows from the back, then Sword again.

On the Red, Yellow, Yellow block on the east side, Sword the Red & Yellow, Axe, 
then Knife 'em.

At that last Yellow, Red, Blue trio, Axe the center Red, Knife the leftover 
Red, then Gun the Yellow in the back from the east side corner. BING0!

Head over to Falzer in Area 3. We get a cut scene were RockMan absorbs Falzer 
to stop his rampage. However, this puts RockMan down for the count. Smart one 
Rock... At any rate, those blasted ghosts have escaped out into SeaSide's 
Internet. Iris Emails us and says that we can cure RockMan with water found in 
SeaSide Area 3. But without a Net Navi, there's not much that Netto can do, 
Wait a moment! There is a Net Navi that we can use, AquaMan! Run back to 
Shuuko's office at the school, talk to Shuuko, then inspect the PC to take 
control of AquaMan.

But, that aside, run over to SeaSide Area. Whoo, there are ghosts here too. 
Talk to the Net Cop to get some weapons, cue up the "Ghostbuster's" theme and 
then head out.

Sword the red and blue ghosts in that cluster of four, Sword the next two and 
then ignore the blue ghost for now. We'll skin him later.

Continue on and get between the two yellow ghosts that are hiding in those 
panels just off the main path, Axe 'em then follow up with a Knife. Run back to 
the center of the spiral and shoot that blue ghost with your gun. Head up to 
the top of the path, Knife the red ghost, then shoot the yellow in the back. 
Hit the warp and go to the bottom level.

Go up to the cluster of ghosts and Sword the back two, follow up with the Axe 
and we're done. The flame vanishes so run up to the gate, talk to it and head 
on through.
More ghosts, surprised?

Talk to the Cop, get your weapons, you know the drill. Ignore those two ghosts 
and then head southeast. Shoot Mr. Blue Spirit in the back, and then follow up 
with your Axe, finish them off with the Sword and move on.

Head North, shoot the red ghost, Sword the red and blue combo, then use your 
Knife on the last one.  Sword the two yellows and it's all over for this pack.

Circle around and shoot the red guy from behind the conveyer belt, get behind 
the blue spirit then Axe him. Finish this cluster off with the Sword. Run down 
and Sword those two blue ghosts and the flame dies away. REFILL YOUR ENERGY 
NOW. Once you talk to the gate, you'll end up fighting a three battle survival 

You know what to do here.

Shoot the yellow in the back, then sword the red ghost. Run to the southwest 
and whatever you do, don't hit those one-way tiles. Stab the yellow from the 
side with a Sword, then Knife him. Sword the blue in the back and that's it.

Run along the Southwest wall and you'll hit the Ghostly Jackpot. Whoo, man, 
that's a lot of ghosts. Sword the yellow and red ghosts, Knife the Red and then 
Axe the blue from behind so that you Insta-kill him. Sword the two reds and 
finish the goldmine off with the Axe.

Whew. Take a moment and breath after all that.

Head back to the start and slay those two blue ghosts with whatever you have 
left. The gate that guards the water is finally open. Go to the fountain and 
inspect it to bag some of the water- uh oh, we've seen THAT clown before. 
CircusMan shows up and he isn't exactly happy with our actions. He'll sic some 
viruses on us, and after we wipe them out, he'll run off. Baka.

Plug out, plug in to avoid more virus battles, run back to Netto's Home Page 
and give RockMan the water. Time for a cut scene.

HOLY SCHMOLY! RockMan goes all beasty on us and starts wrecking the place. 
AquaMan fights him in the face to bring him to his senses and almost gets 
deleted for his trouble. RockMan regains control of himself and turns back into 
the RockMan that we all know and love.

The next day we get an E-mail explaining RockMan's new abilities. Notice that 
new button on the Custom Screen? You, sir or ma'am, are looking at the button 
that triggers RockMan's Beast Out form. While in your BeastOut form RockMan 
gains the SuperArmor, a new BeastBuster that puts NapalmMan's EXE 5 buster to 
shame, and a new feature. Whenever you use a chip, RockMan will dash forward so 
that he's standing right smack dab in front of your target and then fire at 
point-blank range. Let me tell you folks, that last feature is just plain fun 
when you're packing a Program Advance. But it doesn't end there, you can charge 
your chips to unleash a devistating Beast Slash on the closest enemy.

Now, let me explain the drawbacks. As you may have noticed, Beast Out only 
lasts three turns. Every time you go Beast Out in a battle, the number of turns 
that Rock can stay in BeastOut decreases by one. So if that number next to 
RockMan's Emotion Icon is '3' (meaning you have three turns in Beast Out ) and 
you Beast Out, in the next battle you'll have '2' or two turns to Beat Out. If 
you fight a battle without going Beast Out, then you'll add one turn to the 
time you can stay in Beast Out. Note that while you can store a surplus of 
turns, your maximum number of Beast Out turns per battle is three. 

Now, what happens if you try to go Beast Out when you've already exhausted all 
of your turns? Then you'll go Beast Over, for the next turn RockMan will go out 
of control and pretty much destroy anything and everything in sight. But when 
the battle is over, RockMan will be exhausted, his stats will drop to 1, and 
his HP plummets like there's no tomorrow. So only use it if you're in a pinch.

But back to the game. Kojiro comes up and tells us that CircusMan is hiding out 
at Central Area 3. Yes! Time for some payback. Plug in and send RockMan to 
Central Area 3. Find CircusMan and let's murder some clowns!

HP: 700
Difficulty: Hard if you've never done this before. Easy otherwise.

 Circus Smash!:
  Two hands appear on each end of one of your columns and come together. Dodge 
  these by moving forward or backward.

 Circus Crash!:
  CircusMan transforms into a tent and tries to drop down on you. If he snags 
  you, the curtain will fall and he'll pummel you for several seconds. This 
  attack is just plain wrong no matter how you look at it, not only does it  
  look like he's... taking sexual advantage of you, it also drains your HP dry. 
  Seriously, pray that you don't get caught in this.

 Circus Dash!:
  A hoop will appear on the row you're standing on and an animal will fly 
  through it and down your row. Dodge up or down.

At this stage of the game, there is little to no way that you'll be able to 
beat him in your normal mode, this match was designed for Beast Out RockMan. 
Load up on swords, get into Beast Out as soon as possible, and dish out the 

Be extremely careful when using your Beast Buster, because it will 
nail you to the ground for several precious seconds that you might need to 
escape an attack. For those of us who want to avoid Beast Over, get into Beast 
Aqua Cross (yes, you can Beast Out while Crossed), charge up your chips and 
unleash some Beast Slash on CircusMan right after he moves.

After you finish plastering CircusMan to the wall, sit back and enjoy your 
victory for a moment. 

B1F. Hide and Seek.

We begin at school as usual. After the multitude of cut scenes pass, head home 
and plug in. There's a Roll V2 chip waiting in your mailbox. Go to Central Area 
one and visit the café. Talk to the yellow Navi to enter some kind of hide and 
seek match, then plug out. 

The Chip Shop is now open, so drop by and look around. Hey, it looks like the 
Chibi Higure kid owns the place.

Go to the Metro and drop by SeaSide City. See that fish vendor shop on the left 
corner of the screen? Plug in and talk to Program. Plug out, and run over to 
the room with the alligators and penguins. See that green screen to the left of 
the doorway? Plug in. Exchange words with the two females then plug out and 
head to the fish vendor. Plug in and talk to the two Net Navi there. How many 
recolored identical siblings does this Net Navi have anyway?

Well, continuing on, head off to school and go to Classroom 6-1. Look at the 
middle fish tank and talk to the kid then head over to the door. See that 
control panel under the camera? Plug into it and grab your goodies. Talk to yet 
another pair of recolored twins and plug out.

Whoopdeedoo, we got some HP Memory for all of that hassle.

Alright, let's put this plot on hold, head over to Chibi Higure's Chip Shop and 
do some sub quests shall we?

B1HD1. Introduction to the Help Desk.

Sub Quests? They're back from BN3? Yes, they are. We've got lockets to find, 
damsels to save, viruses to bust, and Zenny to find. Ah, yes, never forget the 

Anyways, here's how the system works. To the right of the Prog in Chibi-
Higure's chip shop is a Help Desk. When you examine the Desk, you see a list of 
side quests that you can pick from and carry out, while you don't HAVE to do 
them, you get lots of nice stuff if you do.

So let's attack them, shall we?

First off, there are rules to this Help Desk. At first you can only choose from 
the missions marked with one star. After you clear all of them, you can do the 
missions marked with two stars, etc... We're going to start at the bottom and 
work our way up, since that's about the only way we can do this.

B1HD2. Help Task #1: Virus Busters.

Reward: 10 Bug Frags.

Don't worry, there's no ghosts involved here. Go to the Help Desk and select 
the bottom mission. You'll promptly get an Email explaining the mission. Since 
you're using this guide, I'm assuming that you don't know Japanese, therefore 
ignore it.

Go to the school, and head over to Classroom 6-2. Talk to Ms. Generic Girl 
Sprite. Seems that viruses have invaded the blackboard and no one knows what to 

Go over to the blackboard, plug in, and walk forward. There are four Mets in 
the blackboard, find 'em, destroy 'em, plug out.

Talk to the girl for our reward... 10 Bug Frags.

Run back to the chip shop and select our next mission, the one just above the 
one we just completed.

B1HD3. Help Task #2: Polly Locket.

Reward: Regular Memory.

After the Email arrives, go over to the school. See that old generic lady? 
She's the one we talk to. As near as I can tell, she's missing a locket that 
her husband gave her back before he kicked the bucket. She wants us to find it.

After running all over Saiba City, I found the blasted thing in the tree beside 
Netto's house.

Take it back to the lady and get some Regular Memory for our troubles.

Let's go tackle that next mission! /o/

B1HD4. Help Task #3: Message Boy.

Reward: Number Trader code for an Unlocker Sub Chip.

Another Email to ignore.

Run over to the school's Teacher's Lounge. Talk with the dude in the lab coat, 
he'll give us 3000 Zenny. No, you can't go blow it on Battle Chips! Get with 
the program here!

Plug into the Net from the location of your choice and then get your tail over 
to SeaSide Area 1. Hit the bottom warp to get to some computer we might've been 
at before, I'm not real sure. If there's stuff there, grab it. Then talk to the 
generic pink Net Navi, fork over the 3000 Zenny and get something in return. 
Take whatever it is back to the lab coat teacher and we'll wind up with a 

Check the Notebook in your Key Items sub-screen to get a Number Trader code.

We can't do that two star mission yet, so we're done for the moment.

B1F. Judgment Call.

Back to the plot. /o/

Now, go to the Metro, hey, we've got a new option! Select it and let's get our 
tails over to Green Town. Look around for a few minutes and plug into that 
statue for some nice stuff. Plug out and head into that marble building at the 
end of the walkway. Wha-? Mr. Short, Cloaked and Ballcap tries to stop us, but 
Netto, being the idiot that he is, won't listen. 

Once again, we set off the alarms and bring the guard bots down on our tail. 
You might as well get used to it now, Netto does this a lot in this game.

After all that gets sorted out, plug into that gray slab of marble near the 
bookcase, talk to the Net Navis in the area hit the warp and you'll find 
yourself in Green Area 1. Hit the warps and gather all of the stuff that you 
come across until you reach the center area. You'll know you're there because 
it looks like a "+" with one end running off into the distance. Head down that 
way, explore both sides of the ramp and keep going until you run headfirst into 
a pink gate. The gate won't move, so we'll have to find some way to unlock it. 
Plug out.

Plug back into the marble stone thing. Talk to the aqua Navi and 
shell out 1000 Zenny, then talk to the two arguing Navis for the key to the 
gate.  Well, we just got the key to that sucker, so let's see what's on the 
other side. Go back to the gate and head through. Run around until you come 
across a Cafe. Talk to all of the Net Navi there and then plug out. We can now 
get into that room behind the big double doors. Talk to everyone in the 
building, then head through there and look at that giant hammer to trigger yet 
another cut scene. So now we've got programs that decide criminal cases...

Well, let's take a break from the main plotline for a minute to get ourselves 
another Cross to add to our arsenal. AquaCross is nice, but that ain't all 
there is to the game. Head outside and you should see a guy with a custom 
sprite standing behind a desk on one of those sawed-off tree trunks. Talk to 
him and examine the digital book to begin the mission. 

Here's what we've gotta do. Somewhere out there in Wood Town's Network are 
eight scrolls, four in each area. TenguMan's gotta catch 'em all. Now for the 
hard part, those birds in the area think that TenguMan's a tasty treat, they'll 
try to rush over and peck on you. To stop them, hit the "A" button to unleash a 
blast of wind. Every time you attack, you loose a leaf. After all five leaves 
are gone, you're dead if a bird touches you. However, there are plants out 
there that can refill your leaves, so watch out for them.

Once that's done, talk to TenguMan's Op to battle TenguMan himself!

Attack pictures can be found here:

HP: 800
Difficutly: Medium

 Poking Nose:
  You guessed it, he'll send his beak out to stab you. Move out of the way.
  Three tornadoes will circle your outside panels.
 Tengu Rush:
  He'll light up two rows of panels and then tackle anything over them.

Swords. Swords hurt this guy big time. Pack Area Steals, lock him in, and then 
whittle him down to size. If you want to be especially evil, stick an obstable
on both of the panels he's not on. Hello immobility!

TenguCross get!

As near as we can tell, while in TenguCross your charge shot is a Fuujin 
Racket. Yeah, big whoop *there*. But you do get some built in Float Shoes so 
that you can walk right over broken panels, and the usual wind that blows 
enemies to their front row. Wind Soul reincarnate.

Head home and go to bed, it's been a long day.

B1G. Hikari Netto, Private I.

Things don't start out so well for us. Netto falls asleep in class and 
Yuuichiro gets himself arrested. Well, THAT ain't good. 

Head home, talk to Haruka then get yourself over to Green Town, we've got a 
father to save!

Get into that courtroom and watch the end of the trial. Poor Yuu. the guy just 
can't catch a break. But are we going to sit around and watch our father get 
unjustly convicted? NO! Run forward and talk to the long haired guy, Kenji. 
After that, head back to Saiba City and go to the Lounge to talk to Mach. Then 
get back to Class 6-1 and Plug back into the camera. Destroy that computer-like 
thing and we'll get a chance to look at the video tape so that we can find some 
evidence to clear Yuu. Once the cut-scene ends, run over to the locker and 
rescue Kojiro.

Now, run downstairs and plug into the main computer and go back to the place 
where we blew BlastMan off the face of the Net. Talk to that wall with the two 
blue circles and we'll get yet another recording that proves that Yuu wasn't 
behind the crime. I thought that Kenji guy was suspicious!

Well, we've got the evidence, so let's go tell the judge! Run back to Green 
City and go to the courtroom... huh? Nobody's home. Well, run back through that 
door on the right and we get a cut scene. Wha-oh. We'd better get Yuu's name 
cleared and cleared fast, otherwise...

Head through the door on the left. Confront Kenji, then get the hey outta that 

Go back to the front room of the place just outside of the courtroom. You can 
now enter that doorway on the extreme left. Run around the circle and you'll 
find that Netto takes special care to obey the "Keep off the grass" law.

Check the doorway and we'll discover that we need a password. Nothing's ever 
easy is it? Head inside and plug into our favorite marble slab. Check with the 
blue Navi. Keep after him and he'll eventually tell you the password, 153. Go 
back to the doorway, input the password, and enter the building. Head around 
the circle and up the ladder, we are rewarded with our cut scene.

Netto plugs into the giant hammer and it's mini-game time!

This is extremely easy. Every time Rock Man steps on a tile, it sprouts grass. 
You have to get through this place without stepping on the same panel twice, 
and the grass marks where you've already been (Maybe this is part of the "Keep 
off the grass" law?). Now, see those blue buttons? You have to touch them 
without hitting the same panel twice to open the gate and proceed to the next 
area. If you do touch the same panel twice, you'll get docked some HP. Just use 
the "L" button to get the lay of the land and you should get through with 
little difficulty.

Alright, it's time to kick the rear end of the guy who framed Yuu. Huh? What's 
up with Colonel? But he leaves so we still get to kick this guy's rear!

For battle images:

HP: 800
Difficulty: Easy

 Judge Whip:
  JudgeMan steps up to the front of his area and throws a whip down 
  the row youre standing on. This gives you a prime chance to nail him
  with your SlashCross Charge Shot.

 Judge Book:
  Alligator books? Whatever. Two books appear and sprout teeth, they 
  race towards you and try to ram you. Not hard to dodge.

 Mamodo- er, Judge Book Bubble/Fire/Fist:
  A book appears on the front of JudgeMan's row and lines itself up with you.
  If any of your attacks hit it, it'll launch a Bubble Row, Fire Arm, or
  Rock Fist at you, in that order, with each hit.

The only real threat here is the Book Bubble/Fire/Fist. Most of the time you 
can unleash your TenguCross charge shot on him when he's using the Judge Whip. 
When the Book appears, hit it with a normal buster shot and then dodge whatever 
it throws at you. After all three attacks are launched, it'll vanish.

Cut scene! RockMan sets things straight, Kenji is arrested, Yuu's freed. and 
what the Met? Barrel wants to revive the WWW!?

Well, we can't do anything about that, so it's time for some more sub-quests, 
you ready?

Head over to the Chip Shop and check the Help Desk, two new one-star missions 
have popped up. We're going to start with the one just above that lone two-star 

B1HD5: Gimme a Hand(Out)

Reward: None yet.

Accept the fourth one star mission then get over to the computer in the 
Teacher's Lounge where we founght BlastMan. Over in the northwest corner of the 
first area and you'll see yet another generic Navi. Seems the guy's fallen on 
hard times and needs a hand.

He wants a whopping 10,000 Zenny loan.

Kindly pick your jaw up off the floor. Thank you.

Trust me on this one, fork over the cash. And DO NOT talk to him again, doing 
so will wreck everything.

We're done, head back to the Help Desk. /o/

B1HD6: Son of Thunder!

Reward: Regular Memory.

Accept the fifth one-star mission, ignore the Email.

Go over to SeaSide Area 3 and track down the guy selling Chips and such. 
There's an Aqua Navi standing beside him, he's the one we want to talk to.

Huh? All he wants is a DollThunder A chip?

Odds are that you won't have one yet, so keep it in mind as we continue. Once 
you find one, take it back to him, and get some Regular Memory in exchange.

B1H. Beast Out of Control!

Now, head outside and go to the Metro. We get a new area to explore! Whohoo! Go 
to the new place, Sky Town, talk to Mr. Brown Suit, then head into the 
elevator. Once it stops, head up the ramps and plug into anything that even 
looks interesting, raid them for lots of good stuffs. 

Now, hold on a moment, there's something of importance here. See that shower-
like appliance, the third one you come too on the roundabout path? There's a 
Hell Navi there that will sell you Rush Food for 3000 Zenny a can. 

What does Rush Food do? The next time you head out onto the Internet, you'll 
see these strange bone-shaped tiles. Walk up to one and press 'A'. Rock will 
throw the Rush Food out onto the tile and Rush will pop up and form a tile that 
you can walk on. One can opens one tile. Not only does this allow you to create 
a lot of short cuts, it'll also come in handy once we get ready to challenge 
some secret bosses.

Once we're done there, head down the center path to enter the main building.

Inspect the air tanks for some HP and then plug into the main computer for some 
Blue Mystery Data. THEN talk to Mr. Aqua Navi.

When the talk finally ends, head off into the elevator. Whoa. kinda creepy in 
here. Talk to the clown robot; no, just because it is a clown does not mean 
that you should kill it, for an umbrella... it'll come in handy later... 

Head southeast and off into the next area. Hit the elevator and note the 
ten-chip trader. Sweetness. Now, dash over to ye olde satellite dish and plug 
in! Talk to the Progs for a link, because it'll make your life easier later. 
Then head out to the next area and get ready for some tough battles. Here you 
have to find the five brown generic Navis and pass each one's survival battle. 
Once we beat all five we can access the Ura Net and get whatever it is that 
we're looking for.

Head to the northwest and find your first brown Navi. You'll have to fight 
three battles in a row. Head to the crossroads we just passed to go southwest, 
southeast, and northeast. Talk to the brown Navi to for a five round virus 

Head up the stairs and into the next area.

Run southwest and hit the warp, run southwest and USE A FULL RECOVER SUB CHIP! 
This is vital, up next you've got a difficult ten set battle; trust us, you 
can't do this on low health. After that, go back to the warp, hit it, and move 
past the one-way tile. You're dealing with a five round battle this time.

Head back and talk to the Aqua Navi, you'll pass the test and get an item. 
Kojiro's Navi will show up, but they didn't pass the test. They get upset and 
take off for the Ura Net. Well. we just can't leave them alone so race back to 
that big white archway at the end of the area and go through. 

Welcome to hell- er, the Ura Net.

Make your way over to the Map, check it, and then go to that solo square 
platform on the right to the giant Griega and Falzer statues. Cut scene time.

Turns out these new punk Navis are part of a cult that worship Greiga and 
Falzer, oh-kay, whatever floats their boat. Problem is that they know that 
RockMan has the power of Greiga on his side and they want to take him for 
something that really wouldn't be good for our health. THAT, my friends, is one 
boat that we just can't float. and Greiga agrees, Beast Out RockMan appears and 
starts dishing out pain and punishment.

RockMan manages to regain control and collapses from his ordeal. Kojiro's Navi 
is forced to log out, and RockMan's on his own. This just keeps getting better 
and better doesn't it?

Well, we need to rescue RockMan- again. And for that we need a Navi. Go back to 
Green Town and commandeer TenguMan.  Go to Central Area 3 and then up the 
staircase, slash that cloud and run back to the Ura Net and from there to the 
Greiga and Falzer statues.

Cut scene. Beat Out Rock tries to destroy TenguMan, but a cloaked Navi 
intervenes. I don't know about you, folks, but I know that I've seen that sword 
somewhere before. <_<

B1I. Braving the Elements

Same old, same old, school's over and Kojiro's upset over what happened 
yesterday. Everyone tries to cheer him up. Once we regain control of Netto, 
head outside and kind of dark isn't it? What the Met?! It starts pouring 
snow... now it's windy? Rain? Snow? Dark of night? Sounds like a mailman's 
worst nightmare. Something's up, so head home to find out what.

The anchorman actually gets it right by stating that the weather's out of 
whack. Whaddaya know, the weatherman's right for once.

Anyways, hop on over to Sky Town and check out the elevator. It's broken, and 
since this is an RPG, I'm guessing that we can't wait on a maintenance guy to 
show up and fix it. Head down the steps and plug into the panel just under the 
elevator, it's virus busting time!

B1J. Oath of the Tomahawk.

Let's take a moment and get a new Cross.

Hang a left and go out onto the helipad. See that? That's Dingo, TomahawkMan's 
new operator. You know the drill, talk then inspect the panel behind him to 
gain control of TomahawkMan.

TomahawkMan sports a nice charge shot. It's his Tomahawk Axe and hits at 
DreamSword range. The problem? EXTREMELY long charge time. 

Anyways, head out onto the Net. We have to find the four  Totem Poles and 
challenge them. Now, when you challenge a Totem Pole, you'll end up in a 
mini-game. Totem Poles will rise from the ground and you have to whack them 
down with the "B" button. Use "L" and "R" to turn around. If one of the Totems 
get too high, it'll zap you for 90 HP damage.

Four Totems. Find 'em and chop 'em.

We're done here. Plug out and fight!

HP: 1000
Difficulty: Easy

 Tomahawk Eagle:
  An eagle flies down one row. Step up or down.
 Tomahawk Axe:
  His charge shot. Dream Sword range (2x3).

 Tomahawk Air Raid:
  He'll attack a column. Step forward or back quickly.

 Earthquake Tomahawk:
  He'll shatter the panels down one row. Try not to let this happen while
  you're in the center row.

For some reason, Anti-Swords (which you should have in abundance by now) stop
all of TomahawkMan's attacks in their tracks. Get into TenguCross and the 
battle is yours.

Congrats, you now have TomahawkCross at your disposal. TomahawkCross' charge 
shot. Is the Tomahawk Axe, you have the Super Armor, Wood Chips get a power 
boost, and you can heal yourself by standing on Grass Panels.

B1K. Back to Braving the Elements

Head back to the elevator, when it stops head up the ramp and find that your 
path has been blocked by a round of hijacked machines. Nothing we can't handle, 
right? Work your way around the outside catwalk and plug into each piece of 
machinery. Destroy the computer on the inside and then backtrack to the 
elevator so that you can head up the center area.

As soon as we walk in we come across Iris. She pulls her disappearing stunt 
again. Big surprise there. Head over to the lockers on the right and inspect 
them to rescue the manager. Go through the left exit and head to the stairs, 
which promptly collapse. Well, we ain't going that way. Netto decides to jump 
the gap, but RockMan talks some sense into him at the last moment.

Go back to the room that Iris vanished from and plug Rock into the copyroid. 
Head back to the big yellow globe on the roof, and then off onto that long 
branching path. You'll trigger a cutscene where RockMan helps Netto jump across 
the gap... aw... brotherly love... *sniff*

On the other side, Netto plugs Rock out of the Copyroid, and then you need to 
head to the clown computer. When you arrive you meet Mr. Lacking Dental Care. 
He's ElementMan's operator and the cause of this mess.

Plug in and get ready for another mini-game.

Here's the deal, inside each section of the computer are eight rainbow pieces, 
some in the air, some on the ground. Gather all eight pieces with the help of 
the cloud that is docked at the end of the staircase, then hold down on the 
"A" button while you fly around. You'll leave rainbow drops behind you. If you 
can encircle the storm that's rampaging around the area with the rainbow drops, 
you'll open up the path to the next place. It's not that hard, so just do what 
you gotta do.

There are three areas here, but nothing worth talking about since it's all the 

Once you pass the third area, save your game, refill your health and get ready 
to pummel a boss.

HP: 900
Difficulty: Moderate

  He'll send a tornado that circle your outside panels.
 Lightning Strike:
  He turns yellow and sends lightning at you a la ElecMan.
 Ice Breath:
  He will turn blue, teleport to your side of the field and
  freeze a column of panels.
  He turns red and drops meteors on you.

 Wood Tower:
  He turns green and sends Wood Towers at you.

His color denotes which element he is at the time.

Purple means he is neutral.
Red means his is fire-class.
Blue means he is ice-class.
Green means he is wood-class.
Yellow means he is elec-class.

This guy is meant to be a challenge to those of us that abuse the Crosses.
Keep in your center tile as much as possible and you're good to go.

After the fight, RockMan grabs onto ElementMan's Op with the clown computer! 
But Copyroid Colonel intervenes and frees the Op! What the Met!? You're 
supposed to be on OUR side Colonel! Colonel tries to attack Netto, but Iris 
intervenes, whew, that was close; Colonel leaves, but the ground starts 
shaking. For some reason Iris knows how to stop the earthquake. She does so and 
then pulls the ShadeMan on us, vanishing from sight. -_-;

After the multitude of cut scenes pass, we wind up taking part in a scavenger 
hunt. Scavenger hunt? Why don't we throw some sub-quests in there while we're 
at it?

B1HD7. Not so Over-Protective-Father.

This is the one-star mission right above those two-star missions.

Reward: Regular Memory.

You know the drill.

Head over to Green Town and head down to the last cut off Tree Stump. Talk to 
the guy who's standing on it. Seems he's worried about his daughter, who's off 
on an internet date. We get the awesome job of chaperoning them.

Well, plug in somewhere and get over to SeaSide 1. Hit the top warp to get to 
that lower blue area and go to the northeast corner.

Hey, that's my client's daughter! Get your hands off of them, you mugging jerk!

Talk to the punk Navi and once the cut scene FINALLY ends, beat the living 
daylights out of him.

Go back to the guy in the brown suit for our reward.

B1HD8. Smackdown!

Reward: Big Bomb P.

Guess what? We're going to get paid to beat up some snobby kid's Net Navi.

Head over to Green Town and go to the courtroom. Talk to the girl there then 
run back to our favorite marble slab. Plug in and get over to Green Area 1. 
From there, go to the Map, and talk to the orange Navi.

The 'Yes' option plunges you into a five-set battle. But that's what we came 
here to do.

Once we win, talk to the girl, get our dough, and head back to the Help Desk.

B1HD9. By the Bookie.

Reward: 5000 Zenny.

You know the routine. Select the eighth one-star mission from the bottom and 
off we go!

Go to Green Town and plug into that slab again. Talk to the brown Navi, then 
plug out and go to Netto's room, plug in, and go to Central Area 2. See that 
red punk that sticks out like a sore thumb? Talk to him, say yes, and beat him 
up. Talk to the green Net Navi and go to SeaSide Area 3. Beat up the Punk 
again, and we'll get some money.

See previous statement about spending said money on Battle Chips.

Head back to Green Area's Home Page, give the money to the brown Navi, collect 

B1L. Scavenger Hunt

Now, go home and plug into your PC. Head to Ura Net one and talk to that punk 
Navi near the entrance. Then take off for the northwest exit. Talk to the punk, 
seems we'll need a password to get into the next area...

Well, head for Green Town and pay a visit to the dungeon that Yuu was being 
held at earlier. Talk to the guy at the extreme north and then beat it over to 
SeaSide City. Talk to the vendor's stand girl three times for a long speech... 
and we finally get the password.

Run all the way back to Ura Net 1 as RockMan and then speak to the gate. Open 

Hold the phone! We've got trouble! It's the Greiga cult gang! They come after 
RockMan, but this time ChargeMan shows up and literally flattens them.

Once we get control back, head up the stairs and hang a right. Head down the 
ramp and swing a left (Rock's left) and continue on. Once you hit the portal 
that takes you to the second level, walk over to the punks. They seem to be 
looking at something, walk to the edge, hey, there's an invisible floor here! 
Grab that gem and plug out.

Run out and talk to everyone, you'll get some HP and then it's time 
to end the day.

B1M. Dusty Trails

Time to get our final two Crosses. Whoot!

Go to the office next to Shuuko's and talk to the guy there. He's Tarou, 
GroundMan's Op. Go to the PC and then we'll take off with GroundMan.

GroundMan's Charge shot sends junk flying forward to ram the area. He's also as 
fast as a Box Turtle with a broken leg, so pack some chips that cover a large 
range of territory, you'll have to compensate for his slowness.

Head to Central Area 2. When you FINALLY arrive, it's time for a cut scene and 

In the game, line yourself up with the boulders. Press A and let the gauge get 
full, then release to break the boulders that are in your way Rescue the 
Progs as the appear, but don't drill 'em. You have to clear 35 rocks before the 
timer reaches zero. Fun, huh? Repeat the process at Central 1, the Warp, and 
the Skull Gate.

Ready to through your GameBoy against the wall yet?

Plug out and let's murder this can opener.

HP: 1000
Difficulty: Moderate/Hard.


 Ground Drill:
  He'll tunnel up from below you. The panel this affects will flash 
  before he attacks.

 Ground Drill CS:
  His Charge Shot.

 Ground Break:
  He'll fly into the back of your territory and rubble rains from 
  the sky.

Pack Float Shoes or Tengu Cross and keep moving. He's basically DrillMan
reincarnate, so treat him as such.

Once you're done there, GroundCross GET!

GroundCross' charge shot warps you to the first enemy on your row and Rock'll 
break out a Drill Arm. Break Chips get the power boost this time around, and 
you'll wind up with the Super Armor.

Head to the Aquarium and go to the room with the Penguins. Stop by the vending 
machines and talk to the dude there. Inspect the vending machines and we'll 
find ourselves in control of DustMan.

Head to Ura Net 2 and head up to the top of the skull-like panels. Talk to the 
Punk and it's mini-game time. Press "A" to crush the garbage being chucked at
you, and "B" to smash the Bombs.

Wash, rinse, and repeat at the southwest corner of Ura Net 2 and at the 
Greiga/Falzer statues in Ura Net 1.

Get out of there and beat the stuffing out of DustMan!

HP: 900
Difficulty: Moderate

 Dusty Junk:
  He'll shoot trash at you that cracks the panel it lands on.

 Dusty Tiles:
  He'll pop open his chest and fire floor panels at you. Probably 
  because Capcom was too lazy to make a new sprite for it.

 Dusty Break:
  He'll suck you in and smash with his hands.

Pfffft. With TenguCross' Float Shoes ability, you're safe. All of his moves
are preannounced and he's almost as slow as GroundMan was.

DustCross GET!

Press <- + B to inhale anything on the field and then shoot it out. Think Air 
Shot + Rock Cube only without the Air Shot. The charge shot sends a pile of 
junk flying down the field to crack a panel. You can shuffle your chips by 
dragging Chips down to the garbage icon.

B1N. Home Again, Home Again...

Cut scene. Seems that fame and fortune have finally found RockMan. Meiru calls 
and Netto decides to go home for a visit.

Now, run over to the Metro and select your fourth and final option. It's time 
to go home, Netto.

After the cut scenes, run around and talk to everyone, then sit through yet 
another cut scene.

Run down and plug into that purple squirrel from the past two games and we'll 
find ourselves on Akihara's Home Page. Head down to talk to Roll, then hit the 
warp to visit Akihara's one and only Internet Area. Yep, Akihara got the short 
end of the stick in this game.

At any rate, follow the path around and hit the warp. Talk to the Program 
behind the gate, then run over to Dekao's HomePage. Check everything and you'll 
find the key to the gate. Head back and open the gate. Fly little Prog! Be 
free! ... Or sit there and collect dust, what do I care?

Run back to Roll and tell her that you found the Prog.

Now that that's done and we have access to Akihara from the rest of the 'Net, 
go ride those conveyer belts until you get to Yaito's Home Page. Cut scene.

Well, in every single RockMan game in existence we have to save Roll-chan from 
something. EXE 6 is no exception. BlastMan and DiveMan teleport in and kidnap 
Roll, GutsMan and Glyde!

Run back and hit the warp, run through that gate that we opened and then talk 
to the Navi behind the desk to open up the area to Sky City. Head on through 
and race over to the Ura Net, we've got friends to save! Once in Ura Net 2, go 
to the top of the skull-like panel arrangement, save your game and refill your 
health, because it's time to fight BlastMan and DiveMan again!

You DO NOT get a break in between the fights, but then, this is BlastMan and 
DiveMan we're talking about, so we don't need one. BlastMan has a whooping 800 
HP this time, but he's still a pushover. The only difference is that now his 
fireballs can come from any direction, but he still gives you plenty of time to 
hide behind the blocks.

DiveMan packs 1000 HP this time, but he deserves a handicap.

If you don't already hate CircusMan, you will now. That blasted clown shows up 
and absorbs RockMan like he did Greiga!

B1O. Rescue RockMan- Again!

Cut scene time.

Once that's over with, go home. You'll get and EMail. run over to SeaSide City 
and head down the walkway... 

Wuh- oh, this ain't good. Beast Out RockMan is in the REAL WORLD via Copyroid! 
With Iris' help, Netto manages to talk RockMan down, but the WWW captures 
RockMan all over again.

After we get the Email from Mach, run back to Sky Town and head for that area 
where we jumped from one building to the next with Copyroid RockMan's aid.

A lot of dialogue follows, and then Mach takes off.

Well, we have to get to Central Area 3... Grab the Net Navi of your choice and 
head over to Central 3. Go up to that three panel ledge leading off into the 
abyss and talk to the Net Cop there. Plug out and go to school. Head to school 
and run to the Teacher's Lounge. We've got to get past that security robot, so 
run back to the lobby and talk to Kojiro. Kojiro decides to help us as only he 
can, he gets into trouble. Instantly he's surrounded by security bots. But 
since those stupid buckets of bolts are busy with Kojiro, we're free to 
skeedaddle back to the lounge and fly through that back door. Circle around the 
hallway and go through that door on the right.

Cut scene. Folks, if you didn't figure out who Mr. Short, Cloaked and Ballcap 
was before this, hang your head in shame. 

Enzan gives us the rundown on the situation, and guess where Shun got the idea 
for Gospel in EXE 2? Yep, he heard about Greiga, because judging from the cut 
scenes, both beings were formed in the same way. Falzer I'm not too sure about, 
but at any rate, things are going to go from bad to worse if we don't do 
something soon.

Now, grab a Net Navi and run back to Central 3. Go back to Central Area 3 and 
leap off of the edge of that abyss, Houston, we have a spy on our tail.

Is that the Ghostbuster's music I hear- again? Yep, time for this ghost mess 

Seriously, folks, there is no good way to get through here. I've tried several 
combos but I've always come out severely battered, if I came out at all. You'll 
have to bring several Full Recover Sub Chips and work your way through here as 
best you can.

Once you get to the end of the line, we run right smack dab into RockMan. But 
evidently Greiga has taken a liking to our not-so-quaint surroundings and 
doesn't want to leave- he breaks out into Beast Out RockMan and we fight!

Falzer Beast Out RockMan
HP: 900
Difficulty: Easy

 Beast Slash:
  He'll teleport around for somewhere around five times then pop 
  over into the space in front of you and slash twice, once at Long
  Sword range, once at Wide Sword range. This attack stuns, and if
  Rock hits you, he'll probably launch into attack #2.

 Beast Buster:
  You know what this is. Rapid-fire pain if it hits.

  Why the Met is this here? Beast Out Rock throws a Boomerang that circles your
  outside panels.

Seriously, Beast Out Rock isn't that tough (I beat him on my first try with 
AquaMan). Just wait for Rock to teleport over to your side of the field, then 
dodge the Beast Slash and launch into your attacks.

Alright, Rock's back to normal! We're good to go- NO! Not that blasted clown 
again! CircusMan shows up and launches into his horrid dance, but Blues shows 
up and scares him off. CircusMan scrams, but now Colonel shows up and takes out 
Blues! What is with this guy?

Well, it's come down to it. We have no choice in the matter, let's bust 
Colonel's chops!

HP: 1200
Difficulty: Medium

 Colonel Missile:
  Colonel points his buster at the sky and fires missiles. The
  missiles will curve around and hit the panels you're standing on.

 Screen Divide:
  He'll fire one of his funny little Sonic Booms at you. The panels
  he will hit flash a second before they get hit. You can usually
  avoid this by standing in the front-center of your area.

 Colonel Army:
  A Met Hat pops up at the end of a row and takes pot shots down
  said row. Step aside or blast it before it gets a chance.

 Colonel Blind: He'll whip off his cape and throw it at you. If it hits, the  
  screen blanks out and he'll slash you to pieces.

Has Colonel been taking lessons from Craft or something? He's got the cannon 
bit down pat. Anyways, he's been toned way, way, down from EXE 5- and even then 
he was a pushover. He's as slow as molasses and he stands still a good deal of 
the time.

Colonel runs off, Netto and Barrel talk. Barrel goes back to the WWW. Bummer.

Cut scene where Iris saves us from the WWW whack jobs.

Now, go back to the Ura Net and go to the BBS, you'll end up fighting punk 
Navis on the way. Check it, read the top post and then run back to the helipad 
where Dingo likes to hang out. We just saved Barrel and Iris from a 
watery grave, go us!

Once we regain control run out and talk to Kojiro, Iris, and Chibi Higure..

Now, let's break off and get some more of those sub-quests done, shall we?

B1HD10. Help Task #9: Hot Potato!

Reward: Compression Code.

This one's bizarre. That's all I'm going to say.

Head over to SeaSide City and run past the receptionist's desk and go to that 
area where we had to find the seal's ball. Talk to the slightly edited EXE 4 
person. From there, go to school and drop by classroom 6-2. Talk to Chubby and 
we're rewarded with potatoes... riiiiight...

Take them 'taters back to the EXE 4 person in SeaSide City and collect our 

Honestly, folks, the only thing I can come up with is that she forgot her lunch 
and Junior took it to school.

B1HD11. Help Task #10: Sing Me a Song.

Reward: Regular Memory.

Time for an easy mission, one that actually makes sense.

Accept our last one-star Help Task and then race over to Sky Area's Cafe (that 
area by the welcome sign). Talk to the generic Navi on the extreme north of the 
area select the following options: 2, 1, 2, 3, 1, 1, 1.

We just helped this guy compose a song. Go us!

We also just finished our one-star missions. Since there aren't a lot of them, 
let's go ahead and do the two-star missions, shall we?

B1HD12. Help Task #11: Sell your Gun Del Sol!

Same deal, select the two-star mission that's closest to the bottom and we'll 
work our way up towards the top.

Reward: HP Memory.

Accept our first two-star mission and we're good to go.

Head over to Central 1 and drop by the Map. Talk to the Net Navi nearby and 
fork over a Gun Del Sol 1 C chip and collect our reward. 

Simple, huh?

Back to the Help Desk!

B1HD13. Help Task #12: Fish Food.

Reward: Number Trader Code for HP+200 NCP.

Get ready, this one's a pain.

Head over to SeaSide City and enter the aquarium. Find the Chubby Kid and talk 
to him (I found him just inside the Aquarium, but a friend found him down near 
the fish vendor...), he wants us to order food for him online.

Well, we gotta get some fish for Tubby, so run over to that green panel next to 
the door to the Marine Show and plug in. Get over to SeaSide 1 and drop down to 
the lower blue area.

Here's the deal, there are four vendors down here. Each one sells stuff for 
different prices. We've got to pick out an assortment of food for our chubby 
friend that doesn't go over 10,000 Zenny. Here's the layout I'm using:

Option #1|Option #3
Option #2|Cancel

And here's the combo that worked for me:

Pink Navi: Buy Option #1 and Option #2.

Green Navi: Buy Option #2 and Option #1.

Hell Navi: Option #1.

Aqua Navi: Option #3 and Option #2.

Brown Navi: Option #2.

Plug out, talk to Chubby and get our reward.

B1HD14. Help Task #13: Lights, Camera!

Reward: HP Memory.

Ready for our acting debut?

Get over to SeaSide and plug into the green screen, make your way over to the 
north corner of SeaSide's Home Page and we come across a film crew... Seems 
that their star is out of the running and they want us to fill in.

Filming starts and RockMan forgets his lines. Lend him a hand by picking these 
options: 1, 3, 2.


Select the following options: 3, 2.

Collect your HP Memory and get back to the Chip Shop.

B1HD15. Help Task #14: WTF?

Reward: 10 Bug Frags.

Yet another bizzare mission... I hope the English game clears this mess up. 
'Cuz it's got me bamboozled.

Get to Green Area 2 and work your way around to that giant tree in the center 
of the area. Talk to the Brown Navi and he'll give you something. From here, go 
to SeaSide 3 and head for that water spout that we got the water to restore 
RockMan from. Along the way, we'll come across a bucket of water. A Program 
will pop out of the bucket and then launch into a speech. Once that's done, go 
back to Green Area 2, give the whatever back to the Brown Navi and shebang, 
we're done.

As NotJim would do, *waves WTF flag wildly*

B1HD16. Help Task #15: Win the lottery?

Reward: Variable amount of Zenny.

I think this one is random. The people I checked this with all chose different 
options and all came up with different results.

Anyways, get over to the Sky Area Cafe and talk to Ms. Generic Pink Navi. 
Exchange words with her and then get over to the exit to Ura Net 2. Talk to the 
Hell Navi there and then you'll be presented with three options. Pick one and 
go back to the Pink Navi for a nice sum of Zenny.

B1HD5A. Help Task #4: Gimme a hand(out)

Reward: 100,000 Zenny.

Yep, go back to the Navi we forked out that 10,000 Zenny to. In case you 
forgot, he's in the northwest corner of the school computer.

He's back on his feet, and gives us a whopping 100,000 Zenny!

Not a bad interest rate, huh?

B1HD17. Help Task #16: Whoa, deja vu.

Reward: HP Memory.

Third two-star mission from the top.

Head over to SeaSide City and- hey, there's someone minding the Fish Stand! 
Talk, then plug in.

Greiga users, remember those kettle viruses? THEY'RE BACK!

Three of them have infested this stand. Find 'em, heat 'em up, blow 'em up. 
Plug out, reward get, head back to the Chip Shop!

B1HD18. Help Task #17: Haven't we done this before?

Reward: Spreader 3.

Get your tail over to Sky Area's Home Page. Talk to the Hell Navi there- huh? 
HE'S our client? Seems he's worried about his daughter... whoa, who knew that 
Hell Navi's could feel like this?

Head back to that giant tree in Green Area 2. Talk to the Pink Navi there, then 
hightail it back to the Hell Navi on Sky's Home Page. Pink Navi will be there 
this time, problem is, she's being harrassed by a couple of punk Navi.

You guessed it, it's up to us to bust their chops.

You'll find the two trouble-makers over in Sky Area 1. Talk to them, wipe them 
both out, report back to the boss.

B1HD19. Help Task #18: Viral Symphony.

Reward: Regular Memory.

Visit Classroom 6-2, plug into the blackboard. Check with the green Net Navi 
there, he wants three chips: Ouenka Z, Discord S, Timpani T.

If you've already beaten the final boss, prepare for torture.

Ouenka and Discord can be found in Central Area and Akihara, but the Timpani 
can only be found in Area Zero- but usually in the wrong code.

To get to Area Zero, go to Green Area 2 and examine the back of that tree. 
Select 'yes' and you'll wind up in Area Zero. Now, I cannot stress this enough: 
DO NOT STRAY FAR FROM THE ENTRANCE!!!! I'm dead serious, don't go outside of 
the initial loop unless you have done some serious levelling up, and by that I 
mean you have over 1000 HP, and have a good deck. Forte's lurking back in 
there, and if you go too far, you'll wind up as smear marks on his boots.

Once you get a Timpani chip, you can order it from the Chip Shop in the correct 
code. If you've already beaten the final boss, then you can't use the order 
system- which means that you're stuck until one of the Timpani viruses drops 
their chip in the T code.

B1P. The Beginning of the End


Go home and plug into the PC. Check the Email, go to Akihara and track down 
Blues, Roll, Glyde, and GutsMan, then go to bed. 

We get a cut scene where Meiru and co. scare Netto awake.

Go to the bird statue for a cut scene, then head off to the northwest area of 
the map. That barrier is gone, so head on through.

Whoo... Copyroid. He'll talk for a while and then the guys take off in one 
direction while the girls go another, leaving us alone by ourselves. Bummer.

Anyway, run over to the buildings that look like mini Sky Towns, SeaSide Areas, 
Green Town, and Central Area. You have to find the desk in each one and get 
something from it. Why? Who knows.

The desk in Green Town is right inside the exit, Sky Town's is at the top of 
the clouds to the left of the clown computer, look on the east corner of 
SeaSide Town's area for your final desk.

Head outside and we get a cut scene.

Iris gets antsy. And then in walks none other than Dr. Wily himself! All of the 
Copyroids get commandeered by Hell Navis, and they kidnap our friends! Netto is 
saved by Copyroid Blues, and then Netto and Enzan scram to hide out in the 

After Mach saves us, head down to the Teacher's Lounge. If you're stupid enough 
to walk right up to one of the punk Navi and talk to it, you'll get plunged 
into a normal virus battle... how the Met does that work? Anyways, once you 
arrive and by pass the cut scene, run up to the office where Enzan arrested 
those crooks. Examine the bookcase and look at that yellow book. Hey, who would 
have thought that that strange yellow book that sticks out like a sore thumb 
would cause a secret passage to reveal itself?

Cut scene.

Head into the secret passage and we come upon the WWW! They escape through the 
SeaSide building and screw up the path so that we can't follow. Pffffft. Do 
they really expect that to stop us? Plug into the monitor and it's time for the 
Fish Food mini-game again!

Remember this place? Good.

Program number one is found to the south. Grab him and dump him in the third 
tank. Our second Fish Food Prog is to the southwest, plop him in the second 
tank. Finally, the last Prof is just on the other side of that bridge in the 
northern corner. He goes in tank # 3 and get the surprise of your life. What's 
HE doing here?

Anyways,  fix the path, plug out and go after them creeps!

Same deal, the WWW blocks the path and we plug in to fix it. It's the Green 
Town "Don't-step-on-the-same-panel-twice" deal. Nothing at all to worry about, 
just use the "L" button to look around first.

After the third area, stop and refill your HP. Boss fight! Get ready to throw 
the book at JudgMan!

JudgeMan EX
HP: 1100
Difficulty: Easy

 Same as always.

More HP and faster, but this is basically the same as V2 navis from
prior games. Just attack when he leaves himself open.

You know the drill, next area, path is blocked, plug in.

It's the "rainbow-circle-the-storm" deal. Clear the game then come across 
ElementMan. FIGHT!

ElementMan EX
HP: 1300
Difficulty: Moderate

 Same as always.

He's bigger, he's faster, and he's stronger. You cannot just sit tight and wipe 
him out like you did last time. ElementMan changes modes so fast that you'll 
rarely get more than one shot in at him per mode. Be fast and pack chips that 
cover a large area like Air Spins or Magnums--you'll need all the range you can 

Move on to the next comp. Whoa. This is BlastMan's stage. Same deal, the sparks 
announce the arrival of the attacks, hide behind the blocks. The steel blocks 
are few and far between this time, so don't hesitate when the sparks appear, 
keep running and you'll come across a block. The attacks deal 100 HP damage 
this time, so I hope that you took our earlier advice and bought a lot of sub 

Instead of flaming Progs, we have to find the three ghosts and talk to them to 
start a virus battle. We win, we proceed.

Once you destroy the last ghost, refill your health and go to challenge the 
boss. It's CircusMan... the one who started this mess by reviving Greiga and 
Falzer. The one who kidnapped Rock twice and absorbed him once. The one who 
threw Beast Out RockMan into the real world in Copyroid form... This clown 
deserves to die for all that he's put us through... Kill. Him. Kill! Him! KILL 

CircusMan EX
HP: 1200
Difficulty: Hard

 See below.

He's faster, stronger, and as annoying as ever. The only new trick he has up 
his sleeve is that the Tent Attack comes down three times in a row instead of 
once. All of his attacks are grouped into threes. He'll use his Tent Crash! 
attack three times, three Circus Dash! attacks, and then the tent. Make and 
exception and go Beast Over for a very satisfying finish.

Doesn't it feel good just to sit there and watch that clown explode?

Cut scene, Copyroid Roll, Glyde and GutsMan save us from some Punk Navi while 
Blues saves Kojiro and Chibi Higure.

B1P. Final Chaos

This is it, make any last minute changes to your Navi Customizer or folder now. 
Through that door lies the final boss of the game. When you're ready to 
proceed, head through.

Cut scene. Wily wants to bring Greiga and Falzer into the real world via 
Copyroid. He succeeds with Falzer, then Greiga frees himself from RockMan and 
enters the other Copyroid. Barrel shows up, he's come to his senses but is 
extremely weak. Iris is also here. turns out that she's a Net Navi in Copyroid 
clothing and I'm told that she's Colonel's sister or something. At any rate, 
Colonel and Iris turn on Wily and plug into Greiga to destroy him from the 
inside, leaving us to handle Falzer.

Plug in.

Head forward.

Battle Routine Set, Execute.

Cyber Beast Falzer
HP: 2000
Difficulty: Moderate/Hard

 Wing Tornado:
  He'll send a Tornado that sweeps down one row, tries to ram
  you down the column, then heads back.

 Air Force:
  He sends a tornado at you which hits the row you are in when
  fired, as well as the panels above and below it in the back
  row. Very easy to dodge, as it's noticable from a mile away.

 Feather Storm:
  He rains feathers down on you, and blasts wind at you which
  forces you to the back row (like the Suikomi chip).
  He summons birds from a fireball and sends them toward you.
  You can destroy the birds if you're fast enough.
Rapid Claw:
  He'll vanish, then his claws will swipe at you randomly within
  the back two rows. Step to the front row to dodge this entirely.

This is it, the final fight of the game. I'll lay it out to you straight,  
obstacle chips like Time Bomb or Black Bomb won't take effect in this fight and 
you cannot use an Area Steal here, ground based chips are useless.

As towards Crosses, I played through this fight several times with different 
Crosses and didn't find any that offered a special advantage like we had with 
Greiga. Basically, pick your favorite one and blast him whenever he pauses.

You can go Beast Out if you like, and if your Buster Attack is 4 or higher, you
might want to consider it. If you simply hold B while in Beast Out, all you 
have to do is dodge attacks. It's a cheap way to win, but it is incredibly 
effective if time consuming.

BNQ. The End of the Game


Falzer refuses to give up and takes over RockMan again. Iris explains that 
although she is only a Net Navi, Netto touched her heart while she was in the 
real world and showed her what true friendship was. She wants to free Rock and 
Colonel agrees. Iris and Colonel fuse together and literally rip Falzer out of 
RockMan's body. Owie. RockMan plugs out, but Colonel and Iris are destroyed 
along with Greiga and Falzer.

Barrel wakes up and throws Netto out of the room, which explodes and presumably 
kills Barrel and Wily.

Man, what a sad ending. 

Netto and his family go back to Akihara! Netto introduces Copyroid RockMan to 
his friends as Saito and Netto and RockMan think that they hear Iris' voice 
for a moment.

If you're fortunate enough to know Japanese, you get the rundown on what the 
future holds for Netto and co. But, here are the basics from what I am told:
Netto and Meiru hook up and have a child (named Raito).

Well, there you have it. You have just officially beat EXE 6.. There are still 
things to do, places to see, vampires to slay, and Forte to whip. But that's 
something we'll cover in a moment.

For now, savor your victory and we'll end with the hope of the next EXE game 
being as fun as this one was.

Plug in, RockMan.EXE! Transmission!

B1R. After the Final Boss.

So now what? We've whipped Falzer's tail feathers, saved the world, and we've 
got the Mark of Falzer on our game screen. Where do we go from here?

The answer is obvious, back to the Help Desk! ~/o/

Now that we've got the Mark of Falzer, we can finish this list of chores off. 
THEN we'll challenge some secret bosses.

We'll start at the bottom three-star mission and head upwards.

C1HD20. Help Task #19: Are We There Yet?

Reward: HP Memory.

Head over to Green Town and pay a visit to that sawed off stump next to the sub 
chip dealer. Talk to the client there and then head to our favored marble slab 
and plug in.

Go to Green Area 2, and go to that big tree again. Examine the two trees on the 
northeast side to get a capsule of some kind. Take that back to our client and 
we're done.

C1HD21. Help Task #20: What's your Number?

Reward: Millionare NCP.

Visit the Aquarium over in SeaSide City and drop by ye olde popcorn stand. Plug 
in and talk to the green Net Navi.

As near as I can tell, he wants a password. Since I couldn't make heads or 
tails of most of the conversation, I just reset the game until I stumbled 
across the password: 564.

And no, it did not take me five hundred and sixty-three tries to get it right.

It took me five hundred and sixty-four tries. (I'm joking, I'm joking...)

C1HD22. Help Task #21: O. I. C. U.

^ Because I'm running out of catchy titles.

Reward: Roll, Colonel, and Blues Chips.

We need to get to SeaSide. Talk to the guy in the brown suit next to the trash 
cans, once we're done with that, run over to the guy in the green suit and talk 
with him three times. Go back to Mr. Brown suit.

For some oddball reason, we have to go to up to the vending machine by the 
Metro, check it, and then go back down to where Mr. Brown suit is again. (Thank 
you, Laser, for telling me this.)

Head through that door by the Fish Vendor and continue on until we get find 
Green Shirt. Talk to him twice and plug into the thing behind him.

Head through the area and emerge in Central Area 2. Knock the Hell Navi's heads 
together, get the data, and then go back to our client.

Roll, Colonel, and Blues chips! In the "*" code! \o/ SCORE!

C1HD23. Help Task #22: Skull-duggary.

Reward: Ultime Custom NCP (allows you to choose from 10 chips).

Get ready for another bizarro mission. What is it with these?

Make your way over to Classroom 1-1. Yack with the old woman there, then get 
your tail end over to Ura Net 2.

Climb up to the top of the skull tiles and examine the middle tile between the 
two holes that make up the eyes. We get something... morbid.

Take that data back to the old woman and she vanishes.

*Waves WTF Flag again*

C1HD24. Help Task #23: Divorce Court.

Reward: Number Trader code for a Charge Max NCP.

Exit the chip shop and talk to the generic kid just across the street. From 
there, go to Green Town and exchange words with the lady in front of the 
flowers. From what I gather and am told, she's the kid's mother and isn't on 
the best of terms with her hubby. We've got to smooth things over- fun, huh?

Go to Akihara in the real world, talk to the old lady near Yai's house. Go back 
to Green Town and talk to the lady by the flowers to get a flower. Go back to 
Saiba City and talk with the kid near the Chip Shop.

Give the flower to the kid, who in turn uses it to stop his parents from 
fighting. We get a number code for all of this hassle.


C1HD25. Help Task #24: Buy it in Bulk.

Reward: HP Memory.

Pay a visit to Sky Town, drop by the satellite and exchange words with the 
Orange Net Navi. We need the following chips:

Recovery 80 H
Deathmatch A
Bubble Wrap Q
Attack +30 *
Discord S

Well, we've definately got Discord S's coming out our ears... There's a green 
Navi in Sky Town's Home Page who will give you the DeathMatch for a Panel 
Return, and everything else you should have by now.

Fork 'em over and get the hey outta there.

C1HD26. Help Task #25: Running shoes!

Reward: Number Trader Code for Spin Yellow Parts.

Last one.

Get over to Sky Town and visit the room with the Clown Computer, go outside, 
exchange words with the generic sprite person, head back inside and plug into 
the Clown Computer. Talk to the Hell Navi in the first area, then get over to 
Ura Net 1.

There's a red Hell Navi over by that Purple Mystery Data that I've been too 
lazy to open, chat with him and exchange the data for another item. Go back to 
the Clown Computer and talk with the Hell Navi there, exchange the item you got 
from Ura Net Punk for yet another item.

Now, go to Green Area 2 and drop by the Cafe, talk with Ms. Pink Navi and swap 
items once again. Ferry this item back to the Clown Computer and talk to the 
Hell Navi there.

Go to Green Town and circle all the way back around to the Judgment Computer. 
That giant thing we plugged into to defeat JudgeMan. Go to the third area and 
talk to the Aqua Navi there, go BACK to the Clown Computer and go to the third 
area of the Clown Computer. Talk to the Hell Navi to start a fight and wipe the 
floor with him...

Plug out, talk to our client and get a number trader code.

C2. What's your Forte?

Well, we just finished off the Help Board, so stop off at Meiru's house in 
Akihara to get a spiffy new Roll V3. Chaud's outside of Netto's house, you can 
challenge him for Blues' chip.

NOW We're ready to tackle some secret bosses!

Plug in from the local of your choice and then get over to Green Area 2. Go to 
that central platform with that massive tree and examine the back of it. An 
option box will pop up, select 'Yes' and we'll find ourselves in... Internet 
Area Zero.

Spooky. Definately spooky.

Head forward and around until a Cut Scene triggers... Has Forte been taking 
lessons from The Count? He's sleeping in a stone coffin... At any rate, he must 
have woken up on the wrong side of the stone box, so let's smack him down!

Look here for Attack Pictures:

HP: 1800
Difficutly: Hard.

 Air Burst: He'll whip out his busters and target multiple, random tiles on
   your side of the field.

 Hell's Rolling: Two black wheels will fall from the sky to Forte's side of the 
  field and then try to ram you. Forte's hand will glow purple right before 
  they launch, so hit his HARD to stop him from summoning the attack.

 Dark Sword: Forte zips to his front column and launches a Dark DreamSword at
  you. Hide in your back column.

 Golem Punch: He'll smash a stone fist onto one of your rows, cracking the 

I cannot stress this enough: DEFENSE CHIPS! You won't last long without them. 
Invis and barriers. If you get the timing down, then you can interrupt all of 
his attacks and escape without a scratch, but good luck trying.

Forte'll vanish in a blast of light, leaving behind this big black key. What's 
the key open? The answer can be found at...

C3. The Immortal Area.

Time for our date with a vampire.

Head to Central Area 3 and jump down that big hole, like we did during the 
"Rescue RockMan- Again!" scenerio. Make your way to the second area and go to 
the north corner.

That purple gate? The big black key opens it. Head on through and prepare to 

Sorry... I just had to...

Actually, we are now standing in The Immortal Area. Nice graphics, huh? Go 
northwest and follow the path around until you come to a platform that has one 
of those freaky purple warp holes.

Cut scene. The Count arrives! And boy is he unhappy. Django just beat him over 
pretty good, and manged to escaped into our world. So now it's our turn to beat 
him up!

The Count.
HP: 1500
Difficulty: Easy.

 FireBalls: He'll hold out his hands and a flock of fireballs will fly at you.
  Sometimes he'll fire one round, sometimes he'll rapid-fire them.

 Lightning: Remember ThunderMan's "+" shaped lightning burst? The Count stole

 Spikes: A sequence of panels will flash, and then spikes will explode out of 
  said panels.

Let me tell you now, you have no hope of winning. Nope, none, zilch, nada. You 
can't succeed.


Because your losing is a part of the storyline. All you have to do is stay 
alive for five turns.

None of our attacks can hurt him, and then The Count pins down RockMan. He's 
just about to wipe us out, when Django arrives! The Solar Boy smacks The Count 
down and The Count vanishes.

After a bit of discussion, we learn that Django's buddy, Otenko, was kidnapped 
by that blasted Count and imprisoned. We need to rescue him.

Time to rescue a SunFlower! And to do that, we need to get to Area Zero!

C4. Area Zero.

There are three parts to Area Zero. Area 1, Area 2, and Area 0, where Forte was 
before we beat the living daylights out of him.

To get to Area Zero 1, go to Ura Net 1. Head over to the lower, northwest 
corner of the area. See that Rush Road? Open it with some Rush Food, then head 
over to that new area and talk to the Hell Navi; he'll sell us the WWW ID so 
that we can open all of those skull gates you've seen everywhere. There's 
Zenny, HP+200 NCP, HP+300 and a Holy Panel chip behind them there gates.

But that's not why we're here. Continue on until you run right smack dab into 
that purple gate. We need a password. After a bit of finangling, I found the 
code to be "729", go through and raid that area for goodies.

Once you're done, head back to Ura Net 1 and pay a visit to Ura Net 2. Again we 
need a password, but I'll save you the trouble and tell you that it's "012". 
Continue on into Area Zero 2 and look around. Hey, there's Django's buddy, 
Otenko! Rock will spring Otenko from the prison and the SunFlower will run off 
to rejoin Django. Seems like a good idea, so let's go back to The Immortal 

Once you arrive at The Immortal Area, head back to that platform where we met 
The Count the first time. Django will unleash the Pile Driver to weaken The 
Count, and tell us to take him out. Shall we start wailing on them now?

The fight is the same thing as last time. Same speed, same attacks, the only 
difference is that this time we CAN hurt The Count. So dish out the pain and 

Cut Scene. Django and RockMan finish The Count off, then Django and Otenko head 
back to their world.

Collect your reward and get out of there.

C5. Treble and a Bass.

What? There's more? Yes, sir or Ma'am. And what's left is going to kick your 
rear end, and kick it hard.

But if you actually win, the rewards are oh-so satisfying.

Before we proceed, it's time for a lot of drudgery. We need all 100 standard 
chips, all of the Mega class chips, and a special Machine Sword Chip.

Sure you want to go through with this?

Details of where to look for these chips can be found here: 

Once you have them all, proceed to Ura Net 2 and go to the top of the skull 
panels. Look on the left corner and a new purple gate will appear. This is what 
we needed the Machine Sword chip for.

Welcome to Ura Net 3.

Save yourself some trouble and look here for pictures of where to go: 

Ura Net Three is packed with invisible panels. But most of them are in obvious 
places. Run around and head towards the center platform. THAT is one freaky 

Jump in.

Welcome to the future.

This place is the graveyard for all of the Navis of the previous EXE games. 
Creepy, huh?

C6. The Graveyard

Head forward and continue on until you come across a purple gate. It will open 
if you have all of the Mega Class Chips.

Enter Graveyard 2.

Continue forward, this time you'll run into a gate that requires you to have 
all of the Standard Chips.

Continue forward, but stop when you reach a big slope.


Go up the ramp.

HOLD THE PHONE! That's Forte! And he wants to kill us again!

Forte SP

HP: 27000
Difficulty: HARD
  Everything's the same as last time, except he's gone and stolen Colonel's 
   Tank Cannon.

He's bigger, he's badder, he's faster, he's stronger. Once again, Defense chips 
are a must. 

IF you win, Forte'll vanish, leaving his chip behind. That does it, people, 
we're all set for the Final Challenge.

C7. The Final Challenge

Refill your health, save, take a break, whatever, but don't continue until 
you're ready to get you tail kicked again.

Head to Underground Area 2 and stop at the bottom of that ramp where we fought 
Beast Out RockMan.


This is your last chance to back out, going up that ramp is suicide. I'm 
serious, by going up that slope, you are killing yourself.

But, since I'm tired of living anyway, let's go up the ramp.

Cut Scene.

Holy rabies, BatMan! Beast Out RockMan appears before us! And there's Forte, 
too! And Forte's absorbed whatever was left of Greiga and Falzer! AND they want 
to kill us?

Kinda makes you wish that you hadn't gone up the ramp, doesn't it?

Beast Out RockMan.

HP: 1800
Difficulty: Medium/Hard

He's exactly the same as before, just slightly faster. The same strategy 
applies, wait for him to attack, then dodge and counter.


That wasn't the hard part, folks. Here comes the real problem, FORTE BX!

Forte BX.
HP: 3400
Difficutly: HARD.
 Same as before, but this time he'll sport Greiga and Falzer's trademark attack 
  depending on your version. It'll be either the Gospel Breath or Falzer


IF you win, you'll get the final chip of the game: Colonel's Army Q.

There are no more secrets to unlock, you've done it all.

D1. HP Memory Locations

Special thanks to one of our mods, Synchro-kun, for getting this information. 

01. BMD at Robot Control Computer 1. (Blastman's place.) 
02. BMD at Seaside Area 1. (Right below the portal to the lower Area, there is 
     an invisble road that carries to a platform containing the HP memory.) 
03. Aquarium HP.
04. BMD at Classroom 1-2's main computer. 
05. Received from the girl in Judgeman's scenario. 
06. BMD at Greenland's HP. 
07. BMD at Judgement Computer 2. 
08. Air Can things at the operatoring room of Sky Town. (Those yellow and green 
09. BMD at Weather Control Computer 2. 
10. Received after getting MoonStone. 
11. In front of Dakao's house. 
12. BMD in Principal's Computer. 
13. BMD in Pavilion's Computer 3. 
14. Popcorn Dealer Computer. (Located in the Aquarium.) 
15. BMD in Green Area 2. 
16. BMD in Undernet 3. 
17. BMD in Underground Area 2. 
18. In Sky Area 1, drink the Coffee at the Coffe Shop several times to obtain 
     the HP memory. 
19. Shop in Central Area 2 for 1000Z. 
20. Shop in Central Area 2 for 2000Z. 
21. Shop in Central Area 2 for 4000Z. 
22. Shop in Central Area 2 for 8000Z. 
23. Shop in Seaside Area 3 for 2500Z. 
24. Shop in Seaside Area 3 for 5000Z. 
25. Shop in Seaside Area 3 for 7500Z. 
26. Shop in Seaside Area 3 for 10000Z. 
27. Shop in Green Area 1 for 4800Z. 
28. Shop in Green Area 1 for 8400Z. 
29. Shop in Akihara Area for 4000Z. 
30. Shop in Akihara Area for 7500Z. 
31. Shop in Akihara Area for 10000Z. 
32. Shop in Akihara Area for 13000Z. 
33. Shop in Graveyard Area 1 for 10000Z. 
34. Shop in Graveyard Area 1 for 16000Z. 
35. Shop in Graveyard Area 1 for 23000Z. 

E1. Regular Memory Locations

 - The calculation poster at Class 6-1. 
 - The trash can in the Aquarium. 
 - Aquarium Computer 2. 
 - Toilet Computer. 
 - The freeze computer in Sky Area. 
 - Weather Computer Area 1.
 - Staff Computer in School.
 - Tea cup in the principal's room. 

 - Robot Control Computer Area 2.
 - Central Area 2.
 - The pool next to the Aquarium in the final Area.
 - Class 6-2's Computer.  
 - Seaside Area 3 
 - Undernet 0

 - Judgement computer Area 3.
 - Sky Area 2

F1. Number Trader Codes 

87341489 - Full Energy
45566783 - Full Energy
39345472 - Full Energy
79459146 - Shinobi Dash
15511679 - Shinobi Dash
74198795 - Shinobi Dash
59485971 - Untrap
22812406 - Untrap
09000465 - Untrap
04789479 - Unlocker
82564319 - Unlocker
04789479 - Unlocker
99910954 - Unlocker
41161139 - Unlocker
98766899 - Lock Enemy
68008194 - Lock Enemy
16336487 - Lock Enemy
37495453 - Lock Enemy

*Navi-Customizer Related*
37889678 - HP+50 . . . . . . Pink
49951337 - HP+100. . . . . . White
24823665 - HP+200. . . . . . White 
54654618 - HP+300. . . . . . Pink
08749780 - HP+400. . . . . . Green
55031325 - HP+500. . . . . . White
94305487 - Charge MAX. . . . Blue
12046210 - Rapid MAX . . . . Green
19790420 - Buster Pack . . . Red
28271002 - Body Pack . . . . Pink
32132348 - Rush Support. . . Yellow
70741543 - Beat Support. . . Blue
69548756 - Tango Support . . Green
41976910 - Spin Yellow
77837421 - Spin Red
09256524 - Spin Green

*Battle Chips*
23722234 - Count Bomb 3 M
60884138 - Drill Arm M
71757977 - Air Wheel 3 O
88674125 - Mega Boomerang M
14212857 - GunDelSol 3 W
38116449 - Deathmatch *
97403000 - Uninstall G
08789369 - Elemental Wrap *
44892547 - Colonel Army *
75641392 - Recovery 300 Y
69544569 - Bamboo Lance *
51378085 - Circle Gun V
97049899 - Blizzard Ball H
12404002 - Heatman *
30424514 - Elecman *
55910601 - Slashman *
84387543 - Killerman *
92070765 - Chargeman *
51702791 - Aquaman *
67520179 - Tomahawkman *
00297421 - Tenguman *
10414878 - Groundman *
79814666 - Dustman *
24616497 - Blastman *
32310827 - Diveman * 
12110031 - Hakushaku *
57656595 - Django *

G1. NCP Compression Codes and Rotation Programs

Highlight the program you're compressinging, press "<-" and input the command.

Super Armor . . . . . . . . ABLLAALRBA
Custom 1. . . . . . . . . . LBBRBAALRR 
Custom 2. . . . . . . . . . RALLAABRBA 
Mega Folder 1 . . . . . . . ARLALALLAB 
Mega Folder 2 . . . . . . . LALRBLRLRA 
Giga Folder 1 . . . . . . . BLBRLLLABA 
First Barrier . . . . . . . BBARABLARR 
Shield. . . . . . . . . . . RBBBAAABRL 
Reflect . . . . . . . . . . LAABRRLRLR 
Kawarimi. . . . . . . . . . BLALBRALBA 
Float Shoes . . . . . . . . RALABLBBRB 
Air Shoes . . . . . . . . . ARBABRRBAL 
Under Shirt . . . . . . . . RRALLRAABB 
Search Shuffle. . . . . . . RRABLRARLA 
Number Open . . . . . . . . BBBABBAARB 
Shinobi Dash. . . . . . . . BBBABBAARB 
Oil Body. . . . . . . . . . LRABARBBLR 
I'm Fish. . . . . . . . . . ARAABARRBA 
Battery Mode. . . . . . . . BRBBBBBARR 
Jungle Land . . . . . . . . ALARBRARLB 
Collector's Eye . . . . . . ALABBAAABA 
Millionaire . . . . . . . . RBARALBBBL 
Humor Sense . . . . . . . . LLABLBABLL 
Rhythmical Poem . . . . . . BABARRLLAB 
Slip Runner . . . . . . . . ALAAALLABR 
Self Recovery . . . . . . . BBBAABAABB 
Buster Pack . . . . . . . . BAABBBALBA 
Body Pack . . . . . . . . . RLABLRLAAB 
Folder Pack 1 . . . . . . . ABLRRBRLBA 
Folder Pack 2 . . . . . . . BBARBLARBL 
Bug Stopper . . . . . . . . AAABRLBAAL 
Rush Support. . . . . . . . RLBAABALLR 
Beat Support. . . . . . . . LRBBALRABA 
Tango Support . . . . . . . BRBRRABBRA 
Attack MAX. . . . . . . . . LBRBABLBAL 
Rapid MAX . . . . . . . . . AALABRALBA 
Charge MAX. . . . . . . . . LLALLBABBB

Spin Programs:
Spin Pink:
  Weather Control Computer 3. 
Spin Blue:
  Sky Area 1. 
Spin White:
  Akihara Area. 
Spin Red:
  Lotto Number: 77837421.
Spin Green:
  Lotto Number: 09256524.

H1. Disclaimer + Contact Info

This walkthrough is the result of many hours of blood, sweat, tears and labor 
of the staff of the EXE HQ ( Should you take this guide and 
claim it as your own or repost it to any forum, website, or publicly visible
source without the consent of the EXE HQ ( we will NOT be
happy campers.  Should you steal this guide you will bear the brunt of our
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the fact that we will haunt you for the rest of your life (and afterlife!)
after we die.

This walkthrough is NOT to be reproduced in any way, shape, or form on any 
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*tips hat*

All copyrights and trademarks not expressly recognized anywhere within this
document are respected.

I1. FAQs.

Q) What's up with all of those Fire/Tornado/Tree panels that block my way in 
the Internet overworld?

A) Those are Element Gates. You can open them by grabbing one of the Net Navi 
you Cross with (AquaMan, TomahawkMan, etc.) and taking them to the panel. If 
it's the right kind, they will open it.


Q) Isn't Blues a secret boss in this game?

A) Yes. Blues FZ is a secret boss in the game. But since you cannot get to him 
without using the Japanese Battle Chip Gate, he cannot be covered in this FAQ.

J1. Credits and Acknowledgements.
If you actually take the time to read this, you have earned my respect.

Much appreciation goes to the following people:
* NotJim for laboring through the Navi Cross scenerios and decoding
   ElementMan's stage.
* Synchro-kun for taking the time to translate the locations of the HP
   Memories, Regular Memories, and Number Trader Codes.
* CrossFusionStarMan for providing a lot of the information that brought this
   walkthrough together.
* TheWebBuilder (A.K.A. Web) for writing this walkthrough and working through
   the last half of the game.
* Rockman PM ( for giving our FAQ team endless support
  for our guide from the start, and for helping us recreate V1.2.
* Head webmaster of the EXE HQ, Geoff Mendicino, for creating the RockMan 
   community known as the EXE HQ ( that brought this walkthrough
   into existance in the first place.
* Thanks to all of the members and supporters of EXEHQ, Rockman.exe Online,
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* Thanks to you, for spending your time, reading our guide.

Fight, Rockman. For everlasting peace.