Mega Man Battle Network 6: Cybeast Falzar Tips

clown combo
if you want to s-rank protoman in less than 10 seconds for his full power sp chip then here what you need:


. clownman sp, full power
. fstgauge *
. full custom
. 3-4 golem hit 2 and 3's
. doublpoint
. attack+30

number open, it takes up your whole navicustomizer


full synchro

now to do this first use a golem hit to counter protoman then use full custom and if you have clownman sp with plus chips use that, first use doublepoint then clownman with the plus chips and this is how mine turned out: 55+60+30+20+20x2=370x6=a major 2220 points of damage i s-ranked protoman in 4 seconds flat, this can be used on colonel and tomahawk as well just replace golem hit with machine gun for tomahawkman and force him to use boomer swing by moving to the back row then move to the middle bottom row and use machine gun to counter him and then use the ultimate power of clown combo !!