Mega Man Anniversary Collection review
The Blue Bomber finally comes to GameCube

The good:

Includes all the NES Mega Man titles. Has titles previously unavailable on home consoles. Cool behind-the-scenes extras. Original games are perfectly converted.

The bad:

It takes time to adjust to the GCN controller. No real graphic or gameplay enhancements to the classic titles. Starting and loading new games is too complicated.


Released in celebration of Mega Man's 15th Anniversary, this collection features 10 of hit greatest hits: Mega Man 1-6 (originally available on the NES), Mega Man 7, Mega Man 8, and 2 other titles previously unavailable (one of which can still be found in some arcades). In most of the games the object is simple-blow up robots, get their powers, and use them to stop the evil Dr. Wily from taking over the world, then go to the next game, repeat process, yada yada yada.
If you played the NES originals, you'll notice they look just like they did on the old NES, although some of the menus and gauges have been updated for this new version. This is nice as it preserves the sense of authenticity, but some updating of the graphics would have been nice. Controls are simple, using only 2 buttons, but since 2 buttons was all the NES controllers had even longtime MM players will need to adjust to the GCN setup at first. They're still very responsive, though, a staple of the originals. while the gameplay is always fast and furious, one complaint I always had, and still do, is the unbalanced challenge level. Some off the games were way too hard (like 4, for example), some were way too easy (MM 3 you can beat in not even an hour), and some were almost just right. So you'll almost always be bored, unchallenged, or very frustrated. Might want to invest in an Action Replay if you never played the originals.
Despite the shortcomings, it's hard to overlook the value of this game. You're getting 10 titles (2 must be unlocked on your own first), cool behind-the-scenes extras, and it'll probably cost less than most other GCN titles! MM fans definitely should pick this one up even if you had the originals, as should anyone looking for either a challenge or who's curious to see how the series has evolved since 1989.

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