Mega Man 7 review
Not a big improvement from the past

The good:

Enhanced graphics & sound. Solid gameplay.

The bad:

Extremely complicated passwords. Difficulty level is too high. Same old tired Mega Man storyline.


The Blue Bomber first made the jump from NES to SNES in time for this, the 7th installment in the Mega Man series, and right away the differences between 8-bit and 16-bit are obvious. Compared to the previous MM titles, the graphics are so much better since the SNES can handle much more than the NES ever could. Backgrounds, enemies, characters, everything has much more detail with no slowdown or flicker whatsoever. Sounds & music are also enhanced, but overall are not as good as the NES versions were-the music just doesn't seem that appropriate for each stage, and too much keyboard/synthesizers in the background. The Sound FX themselves sound weak compared to the NES effects. Controls are about the same as previous titles, but do make some use of the SNES' extra buttons for moves like sliding and charging up weapons. For the most part they're still as responsive as ever. The gameplay is like all the other MM titles-solid and challenging, but it's also the same old very tired storyline with all roads leading to Dr. Wily once you clear out all the robot bosses beforehand. You'd think they would've upgraded big bosses with the system! It's also a little more dificult than it should be, especially for a first series title on a new platform. As always, passwords are available for game saving but they're incredibly complex, a combination of 16 numbers & pictures. A good memory is almost a must not to mention a lot of paper & pencils.
While it's nice to see the Blue Bomber branching out to other systems besides the NES, the majority of this game's improvements over the previous titles are strictly cosmetic and graphical. Hardcore MM fans will probably enjoy it, but everyone else who wants to try it should just invest in Mega Man Anniversary Collection for this title and not bother hunting the SNES version down.

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