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Not a big improvement from the past

The good:

Enhanced graphics & sound. Solid gameplay.

The bad:

Extremely complicated passwords. Difficulty level is too high. Same old tired Mega Man storyline.


The Blue Bomber first made the jump from NES to SNES in time for this, the 7th installment in the Mega Man series, and right away the differences between 8-bit and 16-bit are obvious. Compared to the previous MM titles, the graphics are so much better since the SNES can handle much more than the NES ever could. Backgrounds, enemies, characters, everything has much more detail with no slowdown or flicker whatsoever. Sounds & music are also enhanced, but overall are not as good as the NES versions were-the music just doesn't seem that appropriate for each stage, and too much keyboard/synthesi...


The best Mega Man game in the original series

The good:

Graphical change from Mega Man 1-6

Challenging game

Passwords to use incase you get a game over

Secrects to uncover. Mega Man can even get Proto Man's sheild!

Some decent music

The bad:

The final boss may be futurating the first time around

Some of the music ain't that good.


Difficulty: Hard

This is the best Mega Man game in the original series. Even better than Mega Man 8. This game has some cool music and some sucky music. Now as a said before this game has final boss that's annoying and takes some stragety to beat. But once you figure it out you'll be able to beat him.

Mega Man fans please buy this game for the SNES. Or if you find it for the SNES just buy the Mega Man Anniversary Collection. This game is included on it.

I rate this game a 4/5 (8/10)

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