Mega Man 7 Cheats

Mega Man 7 cheats, Tips, and Codes for SNES.


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Boss Order
Freeze Man (Use Junk Shield. If you need to, don't hesitate to use the Energy Tank you find during the stage. You can get more later.)
Burst Man (Use Freeze Cracker, or, later, Scorch Wheel. The Scorch Wheel will go through the bubbles he shoots (but not the bombs) and remember that you can shoot the Freeze Cracker over his head (it will rebound off the wall and hit him from behind). If you get caught in a Danger Wrap bubble, slide or fire rapidly to get out before you hit the spike-covered ceiling.)
Cloud Man (Use Danger Wrap. 'Nuff said.)
Junk Man (Use Thunder Bolt. There are two items to get in this stage. To get both without having to come back to this stage a second time, get one and immediately kill yourself off. You will reappear in a perfect spot to go after the other one.)

Clown (Hit the head with fully-powered Mega Buster shots and Danger Wrap bombs.)

Slash Man (Use Freeze Cracker or Scorch Wheel)
Spring Man (Use Slash Claw. Use the slide to dodge his fists. The pattern here is so simple it's funny: Slide once, slide twice, Slash him. Slide once, slide twice...)
Shade Man (Use Wild Coil, and the slide to dodge his swoops. Use the Thunder Bolt or the Scorch Wheel to get through the darkened area of his stage. Or you can bypass the dark area altogether by destroying the outer shell of the pumpkin.)
Turbo Man (Use Noise Crush--and bounce each shot off the wall behind you first! (When he transforms and charges you, jump him just as you hear the "vrrroom" sound effect.) If you need to fight him without the Noise, you can use a Thunder Beam to keep him from Scorching you, then the Slash Claw. Or just charge up the Mega Buster, which takes better over-all damage.)


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Different music in Shade Man's level
Simply press and hold the B button while selecting his level and the music will be different.
8375 2717 6416 8362 - Cloud Man defeated
8375 2757 6457 8262 - Cloud Man and Freeze Man defeated
8375 2757 1453 2262 - Cloud Man, Freeze Man, and Junk Man defeated
8375 2756 8553 2372 - Cloud Man, Freeze Man, Junk Man, and Burst Man defeated
8275 2746 3547 8333 - First four robot masters and Turbo Man defeated
8235 2442 1547 2333 - First four robot masters, Turbo Man, Shade Man, and Protoman defeated
8235 3452 8547 2333 - First four robot masters, Turbo Man, Shade Man, Protoman, and Spring Man defeated
8235 7652 2547 2133 - Dr. Wily's level part 2
1235 7452 3547 8173 - Dr. Wily's evel part 3
Versus Mode
Enter the following password: 1415 5585 7823 6251
Then press and hold R & L, and push the start button. After doing so you'll be taken to the Versus Mode character select screen.