Mega Man X Collection Tips

Black Zero & Ultimate X in X5 on the same file.
First go to game start. If you want X in Ultimate Armor press up 2 times & down 9. then you shall hear a sound or if you want Zero press down 2 times & up 9.

Caution: count when you're doing this. If you press 1 more when you're doing the nines then you have to start over.

press X or start when finished and start the game.

When you're in the Zero Virus (which unlocks when you...
1] You run out of hours before you can destroy the colony.
2] Both the Enigma and the shuttle are unsuccessful in destroying the colony.
3] Either the Enigma or the shuttle destroy the colony.

You have to get #3 do do this or else it might not work.)

stage's third stage. (the scene is red) there will be a lot of spikes. If you had Black Zero than you have to go through this stage with X without any of his armor!

When you get to platform that doesn't move acrossed the spikes. There should be a gap before the platform. Slide down the wall & you will got through the wall & see one of Dr. Light's capsules. After you talk to Dr. light go into the capsule & you get the Ultimate armor. If you're Zero then you will become a dark gray color, but it looks black. Afterward jump up to the platform & continue.