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Here we go again! Wave battle! Ride on!

The good:

Here we are again, this time with Megaman Starforces 3. Geo and his friends are back for a 3rd round of action taking down EM beings yet again. As like the Megaman Battle network series, the game starts off with a quick scene and right in the tutorial which is easy to understand so people can get to some action. As always, the blue bomber is taking on viruses, gathering cards as well as other upgrades throughout the game fighting in this RPG. Those of you who played before should already know but for those new to the game, battle takes place in a large field, sometimes with different panels causing effects or objects to get in the way, but always with a baddie to bash on the other side. As the battle starts, players are allowed to select cards (aka attacks) that they have placed in their folder to damage enemies, support yourself or set up combos for large damage but are limited to only 6 cards at a time on the screen all at random. As battling goes on a gauge fills up on the side of the screen and once full you can open the folder for more attacks from your folder.

Now what else is new to the game? Noise. Noise throughout the game plays a huge part. First is Noise Changing. Noise Changing gives our little hero special abilities based off of SOME bosses he's fought before (Please refer to FAQs for more) and can earn abilities from those forms as well.

Next is Illegal Data. Illegal Data is cards earned that aren't a part of the game's regular library. In the game you can build Noise in battle to acquire Illegal Data, however, Illegal Data doesn't always come out the same way each time you fight. Its mostly randomized and only influenced by how strong the opponent was so fighting a Met vs RogueZZ, RogueZZ will clearly give stronger Illegal Data cards. Don't forget that even though Illegal Data can get you strong cards not in the library, it can also get you standards and mega cards that actually are in it.

Wait... this means with Illegal Data, we have that many more cards to use meaning more ways to fight! And with Wifi play you'll easily have fun playing against others once you have a strong folder built. With Noise Changes and more cards then ever this definitely makes a strong pvp game.

Last, but certainly not least, is Finalizing. Finalizing can happen after you've gathered over 200% Noise in battle once the card select screen opens again. Doing so will activate that game's version of Noise (Black Ace or Red Joker) and replace your folder with a Meteor Server folder based around the Finalized form. So whats the point of getting more then 200% Noise when you can just Finalize right there? Simple. The higher the Noise level is when you Finalize, the stronger the cards are in the Meteor Server folder you get! More Noise doesn't change the Finalized form abilities but makes a huge difference in what you get in the folder.

The bad:

We've all heard the story so many times playing through the series. Friendship is important this... Stop the bad guys from doing that... Even though this story has a twist here and there, its still basically the same thing we've heard for a long time now.

While I, personally, don't have a problem with the following, some people do so I'll list it here as well. Starforces 3 introduced a balance system for the card selection screen. Cards will be blanked out in the background (Meaning it can only be used for support card for the moment. Refer to FAQs for more details). If a Mega card appears in the selection screen, more cards are in the background and even more so for Gigas so be aware when building a folder.


If you've ever played the Battle Network series or are just that into Starforce, this game is definitely worth at least a look. While it may seem restricting to Battle Network players, its still a lot of fun to take the fights online or just with some friends. With so many cards to earn and different ways to fight, this game will definitely keep you busy.


A great addition to the series.

The good:

It continues the Starforce plot well. It's easy to learn, teaches you all the basics, but still can offer a challenge. It's got enough content to last you a good 40 hours, and more then 100 if you play through the after game, and even then, because of the Wifi, you can play against other people for many, many more hours. It also has many possibilities of noise changes, like CorvusXCygnus or CrownXTaurus.

All the extra post-game content is great, and I find that it was very enjoyable to play and replay.

The bad:

Still has the Megaman trademark dialogue about friendship and how power isn't everything, and the back three tiles being the only movable ones can confuse some Battle Network fans if they're not used to Starforce's battle system at first.
My only problem with the game is it's occasional mini-games, which can be viewed as bland by some. Also, others may find the game repetitive, as most missions resemble each other.


Megaman Starforce 3 has two different versions: Red Joker and Black Ace. The two games have very few differences, all of them negligible.

In both games, you play as Geo Stellar, who, if you've played any of the other Starforce games, you know well by now. Geo is a 5th grade student who's Wizard is Omega-Xis, an alien from space who became a EM Being. The game's central plot turns around a massive red meteor, named Meteor G, that is plummeting to the Earth more and more quickly. Meteor G is made up of a substance called noise, which is created by EM Technology, a large part of the game's worl...


I love this game!

The good:

This game is Megaman, which gives it good ranks on its own. It has the same play style as the last two, so it's lots of fun. Also, the 3-D looks in battle are better than ever.

It has cooler, more effective forms. Also, know you can form teams with your bros. For everybro that has the same team name, team logo, and purpose, you get extra Link Power. When you get your bro's card, then you can Multi-Noise, thus combining two noises powers. You still get the shield from the last games, but it can be broken now, by Break Type Cards.

Now, along with the elements, there are now other classifications for the Battle Cards. Some Cards have the sword-type, which allows them to get power-ups from some forms only for them. There are also Break and Wind Type Cards. Break cards destroy any shields and defenses. Wind Cards can blow away enemy barriers and auras. All of these are with the elements. Here is an example: Cygnus Wing, a Mega Card brought back from the first game, is Null element, which means it doesn't do any elemental damage. However, it has Break and Wind types, so it cann break shields, and blow away defenses.

Another good thing they did was add illegal data. Illegal Data is collected randomly when you win a battle with over one hundred percent noise. These are mostly standerd cards that are not in the library and there versions two and three. Also, there X versions of almost every non-Giga Card. X Cards are just another stronger version of most of the standard cards. They also have Illegal Data Giga Cards.

Yet another good thing they did was put back a program advance like system. These are called Galaxy Advances, and they work similar to program advances, except that they don't get recorded. Some of the more powerful ones are GA versions of Giga Cars, new and old. Some of the Ga's even use Illegal Data.

The bad:

It has a few down sides. The game can be a little repetative storyline wise from the last game, but only a little. Also, Super Barrier has been weakend in some points, but strengthened in others. Now, it takes most any five hits, but it last up to more than 100 damage, so it kind of evens out, but not much. Barrier only protects you from one attack. Period. End of Story.


I really loved this game, and I think others will too. If you think that Starforce is stupid because you loved Battle Network, still play this game. It is actually 200 years in the future of Battle Network. Also, the play style is somewhat the same. The 3-D graphics in-battle are pretty sweet, and I still love Megaman. The little puzzles to get to bosses are still there, and just as difficult or easy, depending on the player, as they were before.

All in all, it is an awsome game, and everyone should get it.

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