Mega Man Star Force 2: Zerker x Ninja Cheats

Mega Man Star Force 2: Zerker x Ninja cheats, Passwords, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Mega Man Star Force 2: Zerker x Ninja cheat codes.


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Menu Passwords
  • Go to War Rock screen then push select, Input the code to get the cards
PasswordWhat it does
PFRHGSThunderbolt Blade
HQFSRGGenocide Blazer
IQFRCGHeiji's cards
GRCFQISolo's cards
LNRDCOMisora's cards
AIQFRGAkane's cards
RCGIQFAmachi's cards
DOTNLCGonta's cards
TNCLODTsukasa's cards
CODLTNKizamaro's cards
GFRQIAAi's cards
FRGAIQKen's cards
OCLNDRLuna's cards


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Unlockable Battle Cards
  • To unlock your desired the battle cards open wave command editor and simply input the letters to unlock the battle cards.
  • Note: Letter codes must be exact for it to work. Enjoy
UnlockableHow to unlock
Gemini ThunderDPTNCO
Get All PoisonRFTELQ
Get Apollon FlameMBNCTA
Get Apollon Flame EXNBTACM
Get Apollon Flame SPTAMCBN
Get Aqua + 30RFTEPQ
Get Auriga GeneralMOSHPA
Get Auriga General SPPAMHOS
Get Brachio WaveGAERQF
Get Brachio Wave EXEQFRTA
Get Brachio Wave SPFQTARE
Get Break Count Bomb ( Giga Card )TDPOCA
Get Burai Break ( Giga Card )SHTERG
Get Burai SwordTAMPBN
Get Burai Sword EXRGSHPA
Get Burai Sword SPSGPAHR
Get Buster Max ( Giga Card )ACODPT
Get Cancer BubbleSBPAHM
Get Cancer Bubble EXPAMHBS
Get Cancer Bubble SPMBNCOE
Get Condor GeographOEMCBN
Get Condor Geograph EXMBNHPA
Get Condor Geograph SPNBPAHM
Ice MeteorNBTAPM
Impact HookDSPAHM
Leo Kingdom GXQFHLTE
Normal +50RGSHPT
Aqua +30RFTEPQ
All PoisonRFTELQ
Count BombGEMRQF
Darkness HoleTDPOCN
Destroy UpperMBHLPA
Elec +30TEQPFR
Fire +30QFRPTE
Get Count BombGEMRQF
Get Crown ThunderQFRGSE
Get Crown Thunder EXRFSEGQ
Get Crown Thunder SPSEQGFR
Get Cygnus WingPARHGS
Get Cygnus Wing EXCGSHPA
Get Cygnus Wing SPSGPAHC
Get Darkness Hole ( Giga Card )TDPOCN
Get Destroy HookMBHLPA
Get Dragon SkyHDTELQ
Get Dragon Sky 2DOTELQ
Get Dragon Sky EXTEQLDH
Get Dragon Sky EXTEQLOD
Get Dragon Sky GXDOTELC
Get Dragon Sky SPCODLTE
Get Dragon Sky SP 2QSDLTE
Get Elec + 30TEQPFR
Get Empty Magic ( Giga Card )TSHGRF
Get Fire + 30QFRPTE
Get Flying Impact ( Giga Card )SHTFRG
Get Gekiryuu Wave ( Giga Card )ERGSHT
Get Gemini SparkPAMHGS
Get Gemini Spark EXMBSHPA
Get Gemini Spark SPRGSHPF
Get Gemini Thunder ( Giga Card )DPTNCO
Get Giant AxeMBNPTA
Get Giga Card Buster MaxACODPT
Get Giga Card Flying ImpactSHTFRG
Get Giga Card MT MagicTSHGRF
Get Giga Card Rouge BreakSHTERG
Get Giga Card Torrent WaveERKSHT
Get Goat Kung-FuMBNLPA
Get Goat Kung-Fu EXNBPALM
Get Goat Kung-Fu SPPAMLBN
Get Gorgon Eyes ( Giga Card )DPTACO
Get Green MeteorMQFRGE
Get Harp NoteBMCANE
Get Harp Note EXCAENMB
Get Harp Note SPSGPFHR
Get Ice MeteorNBTAPM
Get Impack HookDSPAHM
Get Leo KingdomDSTELQ
Get Leo Kingdom EXTEQLSD
Get Leo Kingdom GXQFHLTE
Get Leo Kingdom SPQDHLTE
Get Libra BalancePACHGS
Get Libra Balance EXGOSHPA
Get Libra Balance SPTEQLFR
Get Muramasa BladeTEQLFD
Get Nadare Daiko ( Giga Card )FRGSHT
Get Normal + 50 ( Giga Card )RGSHPT
Get Ophiuchus QueenMGSHPA
Get Ophiuchus Queen EXSGPAHM
Get Ophiuchus Queen SPBNCODM
Get Ox Tackle ( Giga Card )PAMHBN
Get Paralyze GrenadeHBPALM
Get Pegasus Magic GXSOPAHG
Get Phantom BlackNBOECM
Get Phantom Black EXEQFRGA
Get Phantom Black SPFQGARE
Get Phantom Slash ( Giga Card )EMBFHT
Get Power SongLFTEPQ
Get Pulse NoiseQFDLTE
Get Quake SongTEQPFL
Get Search MissilePAMHSD
Get Sonoc SwordPAMLBH
Get Thousand Kicks ( Giga Card )TSHGRE
Get Trip SongQODLTE
Get Warrior BrandDFTELQ
Get Wolf ForestQFRGTE
Get Wolf Forest EXRFTEGQ
Get Wolf Forest SPTEQGFR
Get Wood + 30QFLPTE
Get Yeti BlizzardMBNCPA
Get Yeti Blizzard EXNBPACM
Get Yeti Blizzard SPPAMCBN
Get Zetsuen MeteorFQGERM
Get Zetsumetsu MeteorQFRLTE
Green MeteorMQFRGE
Get Auriga General EXSOPAHM
Paralyze GrenadeHBPALM
Pegasus Magic GXSOPAHG
Poison PharaohNCODPT
Power SongLFTEPQ
Pulse NoiseQFDLTE
Search MissilePAMHSD
Sonic BladePAMLBH
Warrior SoulDFTELQ
Unlockable DX Boss Mode
  • To unlock DX mode for each boss, go to the omega xis screen then input the letters to unlock DX mode for each boss.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Unlockable Omega Wave's
  • To unlock your desired abilities go to omega wave command screen, once there push select and choose yes to input the Letters to unlock the abilities.
UnlockableHow to unlock
AreaEaterO - Q - T - A - J - L
Malbos Hetatsuri's TacticsG - Q - T - B - D - F
SmEnergy LrgEnergy, D. EnergyT - O - Q - L - C - B
Mondi Nazonu's InsightO - Q - T - B - D - E
Zack's suppliesT - Q - S - O - L - J
Shaman's InsightQ - G - T - B - R - E
Shizummu Oboreruno's RefreshmentsB - D - E - O - Q - T
AntiSwordA - C - E - N - P - S
JetSki3T - O - Q - F - D - B
SnoBall2O - Q - T - B - D - L
Aizawa Rabue's Crime Prevention PlanF - Q - T - B - D - E
Atsume Taiyou's CollectionA - J - L - O - Q - T
Nanska Nan Nanska's GazeT - O - Q - E - D - B
Nanska Soto Douska's GazeT - B - E - R - G - Q
Bob Copper's TharT - O - Q - D - C - B
Bud's SuppliesB - D - F - I - Q - T
Nanska Doko Nanska's GazeA -B - K - N - P - S
Nanska Shiro Inska's GazeS - A - L - Q - N - O
Capable WomanB - D - F - O - Q - T
Poket Money from MomS - P - Q - N - K - I
Produce ExpencesT - O - Q - L - J - A
Rich's Dirty MoneyT - I - Q - F - D - B
Enigmatic ZennyT - Q - O - L - B - A
Express Company ESS - N - P - K - B - A
Present from AmyO - Q - T - B - D - F
Present from Legendary Master ShinP - Q - S - I - K - N
Present From Mr. HertzS - N - P - E - C - A
Present from Ms. HertzN - P - S - A - C - E
Present from AaronO - Q - T - B - C - D
Present from LunaQ - S - T - J - L - O
Rakka Otoshimon's Crime Prevention PlanT - G - Q - F - D - B
Transform into Rogue Mega ManO - R - I - P - S - K
Gerry Romero's Last ResortT - K - B - R - N - P
Gift from SoniaI - Q - T - B - D - F
Gontaga FestivalB - C - L - O - Q - T
Iketsura Motetsugu's Trump CardB - D - E - F - Q - T
Luna's School FeesN - P - S - A - B - K
Kirimomi's Safe Flight-HolyPanelO - Q - T - B - C - L
Unlockable Stars
  • Clear one of the given requirements to unlock one of the stars.
UnlockableHow to unlock
OoPart StarKill Apollonflame
Rockman StarClear the Main Story
M Comp StarGather all 42 Mega Class cards
G Comp StarGather all 5 Giga Class cards
S Comp StarGather all 150 Standard Class cards
Mu Continent StarKill Ramu Xa


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Finding Lan's Journal Entries
In order to do this, you need a MegaMan Battle Network game. When you insert a MMBN game along with MMSF2, you will get an email from Bob Copper telling you about strange text datas infected with viruses. These can then be found in certain ESs in the form of a cardboard box. The locations are:

Jan. XXth - Red mailbox next to Luna's house.
Mar. XXth - Old binoculars next to IFL Tower.
Jul. XXth - Forgotten ice statue next to Foodtopia.
Sep. XXth - Sunken ship in Plesio Surf's level.
Nov. XXth - Fossilized ammonite at Whazzap.

These are the journal entries of a certain MMBN protagonist. When you've collected all of them, you will get an email from none other then Lan Hikari, who will give you the BN Blaster for your efforts.
Go To Vega's Hideout
After you beat Le Mu, pulse out and go back to Earth. You will get an e-mail telling you how to get to Lady Vega's Hideout. When you go there, there will be an item. Get it, then go to Prez's satellite. Something special will happen.
Have even stronger power with elemental advantages!
You may already know that if you use an elemental attack against an enemy that is weak against it he'll receive double the damage, it goes like this:


You can improve that power even more, if you use the ATTACK+10 card in a card that is strong against the opponent it will double the TOTAL damage that it should have done, and if you do all that process with a MULTIPLE HIT card like volticEye against a water virus AND power it up with more cards, you could even beat out 300 points of damage with a single card!!

Hope this helps! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
How To Beat the Whole Game
After defeating Apollo Flame, do all of your friend's (Prez, Zack, Sonia, Bud) Star Carrier requests, and go back to battle Le Mu. This time, he will be Le Mu XA, making him very strong. After beating him, there will be a different cut scene, where you battle Rogue SX. After you beat him, you can battle him any time at the ruins.
how to get to mu
to get back to mu all u do is go through the folloing steps:

go up>,down>,down<,up>,up<

(p.s for u noobs who dont understand < and > stand for what way to go)
Re-battle IF enemies
After you beat Apollo Flame, you can go back to battle all of the IF enemies in the Other World.
Using Battle Card Punch Cards *Japan And US*
This is like my Tip for Power-Ups, but these Transform Special Blank Cards Into Any Giga Card, Any Mega card, And All Special Standard Cards.

Step 1: Defeat "Phantom Black" And visit Aaron, He Will Give you a Battle Card
Step 2: Go to Your Card Folder
Step 3: Go to Your Pack
Step 4: Look For A Card with a Black Backround with red dots. the Base of the card will also be Black, unlike White Standards, Yellow Standards, Blue megas And Red Gigas.
Step 5: Select it, But you can't move it to your folder yet.
Step 6: After the star grid shows up, place a Card Over the Touch Screen
Step 7: Punch in the card
Step 8: It will become the Battle card on the Punch Card
Step 9: It will have a Blue name. It can now go to your folder.

There Are 7 Cards. One from Aaron, One In Bud's Room, And One In Zacks room. another 2 are Transer Missions, and two more are also there. I don't know where they are though.

This is a Great way to get version-Pacific cards without hacking.
Using Power-Up Punch Cards *Japan And US*
Ever seen those Japenese Battle chips people could put in their GBA's back in Battle Nettwork in japan? MMSF2 Has it's verion of them in US!

Step 1: Go to Mega Menu
Step 2: Press "Select"
Step 3: Say yes
Step 4: Place the punch card over the screen
Step 5: Punch in the Holes On the touch screen.
Step 6: If using Rouge Ability Cards, Select "ON" To enter Loneliness Forms from the start of every battle. This Lets you obtain Kizuna Ryoku, But not all The powers of the form are used


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Brother With Your other File
Sick of your auto-brother's Stats, And want a better brother? Write down each file's Wi-Fi Freind Code. Add the Ninja/Saurian FC to Zerker, and the Zerker FC to Ninja/Saurian. After adding both codes, try Brothering on the file you 1st entered a code on. Then, it will fail. Shut off the DS and start the other file and try to brother with it. the last sentence must be done under 1 Minute after trying on the other file. it will work. Save and shut off, then brother your other file. it'll work then too. you have now brothered your other file. Happy? OK, now go away.