Mega Man: Powered Up Cheats

Mega Man: Powered Up cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PSP.


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Meet the condition to unlock the character.

For download characters you must have an internet connection your PSP can link to. You need to go into Construction and then to Connect.
UnlockableHow to unlock
ProtomanBeat all 100 challenges in the game. Also as a download character. After downloading go to Special and select Final Data.
Un-armed MegamanBeat the game on hard mode.
Any boss.Defeat a boss in New Style Mode with only the Mega Buster.
Roll.Download character. After downloading go to Information, then Special. Scroll down to Roll Refuses to Lose and select it.


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Boss Weaknesses
Here is the recomended order in which to beat the bosses in:

Original Mode:

1.Bombman| With: Mega buster| Get: Hyper Bomb

2.Gutsman| With: Hyper bomb| Get: Super Arm

3.Cut man| With: Super arm| Get: Rolling Cutter

4.Elec Man| With: Rolling cutter| Get: Elec blast

5. Ice man| With: Elec blast| Get: Ice slasher

6.Fire man| with Ice slasher| Get: Fire blaster

Willy Bosses:

1.Yellow devil| use elec blast (you cannot use the multiple hit glitch here (=.(

2.Copy Robot| Just use your mega buster un him mercilessly and when he shoots jump. VERY easy

3.CWU-104| Stand on the blocks and attack him with multiple buster shots and jump the bullets.

4.Dr Willy machine 1: Use he fire weapon.
Willy Machine 2: Use the mega buster....I dont know its weakness...

I have no specific oder but here are the weaknesses:

Guts man: Time slow

Elecman: Oil slider

Oil man: fire blaster

Fireman: Ice slasher

Ice man: Hyper Bomb

Bomb man: Roling cutter

Rolling cutter: Super arm

Time Man: Elec Blaster

Willy machines 1 and 2: Rotating weapons. I suggest you use The mega buster.

Charge shot and sliding
To be able to use charge shots and slide you must beat the game on normal
Charged Shot and Slide, Play as Mega
You can use Slide once you finish New Style in Easy and Charged shot once you finish New Style in Normal. In addition, you can play as Mega once you complete Hard.
How to use the charge shot and sliding move.
To use the charge shot, first, beat the normal difficulty, after beating it, hold the attack button, wait until the charge is bigger then release. You will fire it then destroy enemies easily.

To use the the sliding move, first, beat the normal difficulty, after beating it, press the down arrow button+ jump button in the same time. Sliding move can help you fit/pass through small areas.