Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team Protoman /Team Colonel e-Reader Patch Codes FAQ (w/ BlackSwordsmanMage) v1.5
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: : : : Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team Protoman /Team Colonel e-Reader Patch Codes FAQ (w/ BlackSwordsmanMage)

Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team Protoman /Team Colonel e-Reader Patch Codes FAQ (w/ BlackSwordsmanMage)

by RandyPandy   Updated to v1.5 on
This walkthrough was originally written for Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team Protoman on the GBA, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the GBA version of the game.
                        MEGAMAN BATTLE NETWORK 5:  E-READER
                                   AND STYLE FAQ


Table of Contents

1.What is an E-Reader Card?(*)
2.How can you make styles from them?(**)
3.The codes(***)
   a.Sushi's accepted styles
     b.Retro Styles
      c."Pure" Styles
       d. "Progressive Styles"
         e. Our accepted styles
6.Version History(******)
7.Legal Information(*******)


A while ago, but not too long ago, someone discovered Gameshark SP/CodeBreaker
codes that would allow you to replicate the effects of the E-Reader cards.

Eventually these were used to make styles, like in MMBN2 and 3, on a MMBN5
cart.  They all require the use of a GamesharkSP or a CodeBreaker, but
they can all be used for fun in the game after you've done everything.
They are quite fun, and are the reason we own a GamesharkSP (BSM) and a
CodeBreaker (RP). We decided to wite this, because there isn't one and
SushiSquid can't get around to it.  If it weren't for him, this would
never have been made.

Also, see those *s in parenthesis?  Hit Ctrl+F and put in the number of
stars for the section you want to read to jump to that section.

What is an E-Reader card?(*)

An E-Reader card is a card for the E-Reader that gives special effects to
Megaman. These effects can range from more health to a different element
for Megaman. They can even change his buster to something else, like a
sword.  Basically, E-Reader cards can be summed up as: Useful little bits
of paper that help quite a bit in making Megaman a custom Navi.  But they
were only released in Japan.  So how do we get those?  Simple, really.
GamesharkSP. Or CodeBreaker. Whichever one you prefer. The codes all are
the cards effects, so you can have fun playing with a Megaman that suits
you.  You can even turn codes on and off, and mix and match them.  So
everyone will have a different experience.  But that isn't why we are here.
The reason you clicked on the link to get here is so you could make a style,
right? Well, read the next section...

How can you make styles from them? (**)

First, you need to know what you want in a style.  Do you want a fast-
but-weak gunman? A tank?  A chip user?  A healer?  You can even replicate
certain Navis. All in all, you need to know your basis.  Say you want a
sword-navi.  You would want a sword as your buster, right?  Try the
Chaud's Custom code for that.  It will make your navi have a sword-buster
and a Widesword charge shot.  To make a style, just put codes in a certain
order.  If, say, you want a sword buster but want a Katana charge shot,
don't place the cards like this:

Chaud's Custom

That will make your buster into a sword, and your charge shot a WideSword,
because the last change is the dominant one.  But, if you did this:

Chaud's Custom

You'd have a sword buster and a Katana charge shot, because the dominant
charge shot is the Katana.  Now, certain cards give an effect to a charge
shot, like stunning. That means that if you have it on, your charge shot
will stun the ememy. But if your charge shot is changed, like to a Katana
for example, the added effect won't work. If you leave the charge shot
alone, it will stun.  Now, to the important part...

The codes (***)

To start off, you must have the E-Reader Master Code.  If this is NOT ON,
your styles will not work.  It is different for each version of MMBN5. Go
to "Add New game" on your GamesharkSP, and type in "E-Reader(Team of
[navi])". Replace [navi] with your team's leader. Now, for the Master Code,
put this in:

Team Protoman:
00009876 000A
100003E4 0007

Team Colonel:
0000D2D1 000A
100003E4 0007

After placing that code in, go to add new code, under the new game. Put in:
"Open E-Reader screen" as the name.  For the style to work, this must also
be on. The codes are:

Team Protoman:
42001270 0000
00000037 0002
320012DE 0000
4200612C 4343
00000037 0002
3200619A 0043

Team Colonel:
42001270 0000
00000037 0002
320012DE 0000
4200612C 8D8D
00000037 0002
3200619A 008D

Add whichever version you used the master code for.  Next comes the
creative part: the style making.  The first code is easy.  Put in this:

320079A0 00XX

Replace XX with the number of card codes you used.  It goes like this,
called hexadecimal coding:
01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 0A, 0B, 0C...

You can have up to 32 codes in effect at once. Also, do not use a higher
number than the card codes you used. If you do, your game might get a
glitch. While it is fixable, you shouldn't risk it.

Now, you have to put 320079YY 00XX in. Replace the YY with the number
card code that it is, in hexadecimal coding, starting with D0, then going
up. For XX, place the card's number, which is next to the card's name in
the list.

Here are all of the card codes that you can use:

01 - Mettaur (HP+40, B+_< Two more mistakes were corrected in the introduction.

Legal Information (********)

This FAQ is copyrighted (c) by RandyPandy (Shree Panda) and BlackSwordsmanMage
(Nick Des Marais). Every single style in this FAQ is copyrighted (c) by
their original creators. Unauthorized use and plagerism will not be tolerated.
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