Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team Colonel Soul Unison Guide v1.2
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: : : : Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team Colonel Soul Unison Guide

Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team Colonel Soul Unison Guide

by zidanet129   Updated to v1.2 on
"Rockman EXE 5: Team of Colonel" Soul Guide

by Zidanet_129

"Rockman.EXE 5 : Team of Colonel" and all related contents and images are
copyrighted to Capcom.


Table of Contents

1. Prologue
2. Soul List
3. What is Soul Unison?
4. The Soul Unisons
5. Chaos Unisons
6. Soul/Chaos Unison
7. Version Updates
8. Legal Stuff & Credits


1. Prologue (^1)

Soul Unisons are back from the previous game! This time around, the
Souls don't come from Tournaments (thankfully), and they still do NOT
appear with Rockman when the Battle begins. The Souls are based on their
respective Navis and they grant Rockman nice Abilities that will help
him throughout the whole game (well, at least the part AFTER you obtained
the Souls, anyway).
I have included the Souls from ToC Version in this Guide, so make sure
you don't look for ToB Souls in this Guide.
To find the part you need help with, hit Ctrl + F to open the "Find..."
Window, and type in "^x" and replace the "x" with the desired number of
topic that you need help with. For example, to find info about how Soul
Unison works, you can type in "^3" and then look for the information
Now, enjoy.


2. Soul List (^2)

The following is a complete list of the Souls that appear in this game.

Knight Soul
Shadow Soul
Tomahawk Soul
Number Soul
Toad Soul
Colonel Soul

Unlike the last game, you get all six Souls in one playthrough. For each
Libration Mission you complete starting from the second one, you get a new
Soul Unison. After getting Rockman back from his DS form, you'll gain the
Chaos Unison, which is the Soul Unison with Dark Chips. Below is the list
of Chaos Unisons:

Chaos Knight
Chaos Shadow
Chaos Tomahawk
Chaos Number
Chaos Toad
Chaos Colonel


3. What is Soul Unison? (^3)

Soul Unison is the term that describes the process in which Rockman
sacrifices Battle Chip in order to call upon one of the Souls he obtained
before to support him for 3 turns. In order to Soul Unison, you have to
follow the following steps:

- You must have obtained the Souls (You should have obtained your first one
  after the second Libration Mission).
- You must have the Battle Chip that correspondes to the Navi you want to
  Soul Unison with. (This one will be further discussed later)
- In a Battle, select the Chip that's to be sacrificed.
- Choose "Unison", which is under the "OK" Button.
- The Soul should replace the Battle Chip and become the First Chip of your
- Now you can continue and choose other up to 4 Chips.
- Press OK.
- Before the Battle begins, the Navi's Soul joins Rockman and gives Rockman
  new abilities!
- The Soul Unison should last for 3 turns. Afterwards, the Soul leaves
  Rockman. (Of course, you CAN lengthen the time with the SoulTime NCP.)


4. The Soul Unisons (^4)

As you can see from the list in section 2, there are a total of 6 Souls in
this games. This section lists the Souls that appear in this Version and how
to Soul Unison with them.


Knight Soul

Description: A Soul that shows the chivalric (is that even a word?)
             friendship between Rockman and KnightMan.

Soul Unison: Sacrifice a Breaking Chip. (Chips with an iron ball as a
             symbol. Eg. AirHockey)

Element: Breaking


Charged Attack: Royal Wracking Ball - Spins the iron ball around Rockman.
                Confuses enemies who are hit.
                40 Damage +10/Atk+1, Breaking.
Chip Attack: Charge Breaking - Breaking Chips can be charged up for 2x
             Damage. AirHockey!!
Invincible Armor: When you use any non-time freezing offensive Chip, you
                  gain invincibility while executing the Chip. Great for
                  SamuraiSwords, Vulcans and bomb Chips.
Super Armor: The effect of SuperArmor NCP takes place as long as you
             stay in thie Soul.

- Boost of Chips' attack is always good, especially when they break
  your opponents' defenses.
- Invincible AND SuperArmor. Never lose your Charge, never get
  disrupted when using Chips.
- LOTS of multi-hitting Chips are Breaking.

- Royal Wrecking Ball's range is terrible.
- Apparently the movement is a bit slower.

Acquire: After second Liberation Mission (against ShadeMan)

Chaos Unison: Chaos Knight
Required Chip: DarkDrill
Charged Attack: DarkDrill - Oh this is fun. Basically a DrillArm, but
                with MUCH higher damage and # of hits.
Range of Hit:

(If enemy can't be pushed back, it receives more hits.)


Shadow Soul

Description: A Soul that shows the dark friendship between Rockman and
             ShadowMan. Answers you Shadow-fanboys.

Soul Unison: Sacrifice a Hiding Chip. (Chips with a sign of a purple
             sillouete. Eg. Invis)

Element: None


Charged Attack: LongSword - Fanboy-loved Soul = terrible Charged
                attack, it seems. Yes, this is just a normal friggin'
                LongSword. Weakened too.
                60 Damage + 5/Atk+1
Chip Attack: Back Stab - Charging up Sword Chips will allow you to
             launch the Chip from BEHIND the closest enemy. Great
             for NetBattling. But no Double-damage like Blues Soul,
FloatShoes: Rockman is able to neglect all negative Panel effects such
            as Poison and Magma Panels.
SpeedUp: Rockman's moving speed is increased.
KawarimiMagic: Do you know how annoying this could be? You press B + <-
               (like you're using a Shield) to activate Kawarimi
               (AntiDmg). You need good timing, but it's REALLY annoying
               when you got it mastered.

- You get the possibly most annoying defense in the game.
- Back Stab your enemies when they're trying to aim at you.
- You move faster, so less chance of you getting hit.
- Omnishoes defends against ALL bad Panels. Especially Poison Panels.

- The Charged attack is absolutely TERRIBLE.
- Back Stab doesn't double sword damage like Blues Soul's Fumikumizan
  (StepSword) effect does.

Acquire: After third Libration Mission (against CloudMan)

Chaos Unison: Chaos Shadow
Required Chip: DarkInvisible
Charged Attack: DarkInvibisle - Gets Rockman into Berserk Mode. You know,
                like when you're completely dark and you get a fatal hit
                and just pretty much turn crazy, lose all control, and
                just go random. Buster Shots, Chips, everything is
                random. Good thing is that you CAN'T be damaged while
                in Berserk Mode. It wears off after a few seconds though.
Range of Hit:

(No range since it affects Rockman himself)


Tomahawk Soul

Description: A Soul that shows the growing (get it? TomahawkMan = Wood
             elemental, wood, tree, grow? GET IT? *gets shot*)
             relationship between Rockman and TomahawkMan.

Soul Unison: Sacrifice a Wood Chip. (Chips with a sign of green leaf.
             Eg. Boomerang)

Element: Wood


GrassStage: ALL Panels (except for those missing since beginning of
            Battle) turns into GrassPanels.
Charged Shot: SilverTomahawk - I personally call this crap. Rockman raises
              his Tomahawk, and after a short but fatal delay, he swings
              the Tomahawk in a DreamSword (LifeSrd; 2x3 Panels) range
              dealing some ridiculously low damage.
              80 Damage +10/Atk+1. Wood-Elemental
Chip Attack: Double Wood: Wood Chips gain double damage when you execute
             them while Rockman stands on GrassPanels. The GrassPanel
             will be drained after the Chip is used.
Nature's Heal: Standing on GrassPanels will slowly heal Rockman's HP.
               However, it's really slow compared to previous games.

- Double Wood Chips' damage is useful for certain Chips...... Like
  SabotanBalls and SabotanDances.
- While Nature's Heal is slow, it could still give you that "invincible
  combo" that existed ever since EXE3. (TomahawkSoul + GrassPanel +
  UnderShirt NCP)

- Weak against Fire-Elemental attacks.
- You can only double up a maximum of 9 Wood Chips unless you AreaSteal.
- Multi-hit/Fire/BOTH attacks will toast you up.
- The delay in Silver Tomahawk, while not too long, is seriously deadly
  for you since you're completely open for attack.

Acquire: After fourth Libration Mission (against DarkRockman)

Chaos Unison: Chaos Tomahawk
Required Chip: DarkLance
Charged Attack: DarkLance - Stabs enemy's last column with bamboo
                lances. Pushes them one Panel forward.
Range of Hit:


Number Soul

Description: A Soul that shows the infinite friendship between Rockman
             and NumberMan. (Thanks to Daimou43 for giving me a good one

Soul Unison: Sacrifice an Damage-modifying Chip. (Chips with a sign of +/-.
             Eg. Atk+10)

Element: None


Charged Shot: DiceBomb - Tosses a DiceBomb 3 panels ahead. If an enemy is
              hit with it, it deals 10 damage. Otherwise, it will last a
              while before blowing up and hitting 3x3 Panels centered at
              the Bomb.
              # on Dice x (10 Damage + 5/Atk+1)
Chip Attack: Attack Plus - All Normal Chips gain a +10 bonus.
Full Custom: You have TEN Chips to choose from in the Custom Window.

- Attack Plus allows some nice multi-hit Chips to be further powered-up.
- Easily pulls out P.A.s with the Full Custom.
- DiceBomb is a fun gamble, no?

- Enemies could just move under your DiceBomb to make it useless.
- If you happen to run out of Chips (it could happen), you're DEAD.

Acquire: After 5th Liberation Mission (against CosmoMan, I believe.)

Chaos Unison: Chaos Number
Chip Required: DarkPlus
Charged Attack: DarkPlus - The next Chip gains a +50 bonus. Use it on a
                multi-hit Chip/PA for some extra PAIN. CANNOT be stacked.
Range of Hit:

(No range since it affects Rockman himself)


Toad Soul

Description: A Soul that shows the electrolytic (blame H0tSh0tZ for
             this one) friendship between Rockman and ToadMan.

Soul Unison: Sacrifice an Aqua Elemental Chip. (Chips with three water
             droplets. Eg. WideShot1)

Element: Aqua


Charged Shot: Homing Note - Fires a musical note that homes on an
              enemies. Paralyzes whoever got hit.
              30 Damage + 10/Atk+1
Aqua Charge: Charge up Aqua Chips for double-damage.
Aqua Plus: Aqua Chips gain a +30 bonus when Rock stands on Ocean Panels.
Dive: Hides in the water when standing on Ocean Panels.

- Homing Note is great against enemies who love to move a lot.
- Hide in the water to avoid getting hit.
- Charging up Aqua Chips which already gained +30 Bonus? Sweet,
  I'd say.

- Weak against Elec-Elemental attacks.
- Homing Note doesn't move backwards (like ThunderBalls) so once
  it misses, it's gone.
- OceanPanels don't last forever in a Battle, so your chance at
  hiding underwater is not unlimited.

Acquire: After 6th Liberation Mission (against DarkBlues)

Chaos Unison: Chaos Toad
Chip Required: DarkWideShot
Charged Attack: DarkWideShot - Fires a WideShot that covers three panels
                vertically. Goes THROUGH everything.
Range of Hit:

(Stops after hitting something)


Colonel Soul

Description: A Soul that shows the great partnership (hey, I got
             something for a change! Thanks to Daimou43 AGAIN!) between
             Rockman and Colonel.

Soul Unison: Sacrifice an Obstacle Chip. (Chips with a sign of a brown
             block. eg. CountBomb)

Charged Shot: V-Slash - Launches a V-shaped slash that hits the enemy
              ahead and also the top and bottom left Panels. The Panels
              it cover depends on where the enemies are.
              Range: PPPHPP
              50 Damage + 10/Atk+1
Chip Attack: Colonel's Army - When an enemy lines up with any Obstacles
             you placed, the Obstacle will change into a soldier that
             attacks AND Paralyzes the enemy. The Obstacles disappear
Arm Change: Select any non-Elemental offensive Chip that doesn't freeze
            time and click Arm Change to allow Rockman to use that Chip
            as his Charged Shot.

- V-Slash is semi-auto-targetting.
- Arm Change allows some fun in Battles. Imagine sticking a SuperVulcan
  onto Rock's arm and fire away.
- Colonel's Army paralyzes enemy for you to land some heavy-hitting attacks.

- If your enemy pulls strategies that your Arm Change is bad against,
  you're screwed for at least one turn.
- The obstacles (which you may have placed for some special purposes)
  will be gone once it turns into a soldier and attacks.

Acquire: At the end of the Destroy Servers Scenario, after
         DarkColonel's darkness was cured.

Chaos Unison: Chaos Colonel
Chip Required: DarkSound
Charged Attack: DarkSound - Places down a Trumpy. When it plays, all
                enemies without defenses are paralyzed.
Range of Hit:


5. Chaos Unison (^5)

Well, notice how the Dark Chips can actually be placed in your Folders
(instead of appearing when Rockman gets worried like in EXE4) and be used
as normal Chips? That's a hint about how they can be used for a special
Soul Unison called Chaos Unison. The Chaos Unisons have the following

- Becomes available after the Libration Mission against DarkRockman.
- Occurs when Rockman Soul Unisons with a Dark Chip.
- The Chaos Unisons correspond to the Soul Unisons available to you.
- Apparently much more powerful than the normal Soul Unisons.
- Charged attacks are based on the Dark Chip that you used to Chaos
  Unison with.
- The Chaos Unison lasts for ONE turn and cannot be increased with
  SoulTime NCP.
- You do NOT lose 1HP permanently, like you would when you use a Dark Chip.
- Should Rockman launch the Charged Shot when the charge sphere is in the
  color of teal (instead of the normal purplish-pink), RockmanDS will break
  apart from Rockman and join forces with the enemies.
  - RockmanDS has no HP so it can't be deleted normally - he can only
    be hurt by Chips that can damage but have no damage values, such
    as AreaSteal and such.
  - Rockman will return to his normal mode (no Soul Unisons) if RockmanDS
    breaks out.
- You CANNOT switch from one Chaos Unison to another. Which means you
  need to wait for one turn before Chaos Unisoning (is that even a word?)
  using another Dark Chip.

Below is a list of Chaos Unisons in this game and the Dark Chips needed
for the Chaos Unison, in case if you missed them in the details about Souls:
- Chaos Knight: DarkDrill
- Chaos Shadow: DarkInvisible
- Chaos Tomahawk: DarkLance
- Chaos Number: DarkPlus
- Chaos Toad: DarkWideShot
- Chaos Colonel: DarkSound


6. Soul Unison (^6)

So now we've got the basic idea of Soul Unison and what the Souls do. There
ARE some important things that you may want to pay attention to, though......

- Soul Unison is available in Normal Mode (normal portrait), Anger Mode
  (angry-looking Rockman portrait on orange background, if this still
  exists in this game) and Full-Synchro Mode (mask-less Rockman in "line
- If Rockman gets into the Anxious Mode (worried-looking Rockman with green
  background), you won't be able to use Soul Unison anymore. However, I
  would assume that Chaos Unison becomes available at this point.
- Soul Unison is also unavailable in Dark Mode (evil-looking Rockman with
  purple background). The Dark Mode could either be caused by using Dark
  Chips or being Dark enough before even entering a battle.
- Chaos Unison is available as long as there's a Dark Chip that correspond
  to the Soul present in the Custom Window and Rockman has earned the
  ability to Chaos Unison.
- Chaos Unison lasts for ONE Turn and CANNOT be extended with the SoulTime
- You CANNOT Soul Unison using a Regular (Presetted) Chip. Yes, it's
  disappointing, but it's fair.
- The Soul Unisons can only last for 3 Turns (turns are counted by the number
  of times you open your Custom Window). After the turns passed, you won't be
  able to Soul Unison with the same Navi again. You CAN boost the Soul
  Unison's time limit with the SoulTime NCPs though.
- You may, however, Soul Unison with more than one Navi per battle if
- You CANNOT Trade Souls with Rockman EXE 5: Team of Blues. Stop asking.
- A little off-topic, but it's generally not recommended to make a Folder
  based on more than two Souls, since the Soul Unisons will require
  sacrificing Chips and Chip usages WILL be affected.


7. FAQs

Q: When can I Soul Unison?
A: After you've acquired at least one Soul. That is, after the second
   Libration Mission, against ShadeMan.

Q: When can I Chaos Unison?
A: After the fourth Libration Mission, against DarkRockman, after which
   Rockman rejoins the team but has traces of darkness hidden inside him.

Q: Why can't I Soul Unison with a certain Navi?
A: Many possibilities. You could be too Dark to use Soul Unisons; you may
   have used the Soul in the current Battle already, or you may be trying to
   Soul Unison using the Regular Chip. Of course, I'll set you on fire if
   the reason is that you haven't obtained the Soul Unison yet. -_-

Q: I chose a Chip that corresponds to a Soul that I have acquired, but the
   Unison Button won't appear!
A: Check if you have Soul Unisoned with that particular Navi before, or if
   you are trying to Soul Unison using a Regular (Presetted) Chip. These two
   situations will disable Soul Unison with the particular Navi.

Q: Why can't I Soul Unison AT ALL?
A: The first answer that comes off the top of my head is that you're in
   Worried Mode or even Dark Mode. Soul Unison CANNOT be used in these

Q: WHAT!!? That sucks! How can I change back from Dark Mode!?
A: No way other than to fight loads of Battles. Hint: equipping the Soul
   Cleaner NCP will speed up this process.

Q: Can I determine the orders I get my Souls?
A: Unlike EXE4, the Soul Unisons in this game IS acquired in a set
   storyline, so they should always be in order.

Q: I want to trade Souls.
A: You can't.

Q: This Guide sucks.
A: Deal with it. Write a better one if you can. Vets, this is NOT a
   challenge. This Guide is still improving.

Q: I have extra information for you.
A: If it's NOT covered in this Guide yet, e-mail me. You can find my
   e-mail in the last part of this Guide. I WILL credit you.


8. Version Updates (^8)

V 1.2 (June 19, 2005): Added and corrected some stuff.

V 1.0 (March 6, 2005): Completed Guide. If I missed anything, I'll add
                       them later.


8. Legal Stuff & Credits (^8)

This FAQ is Copyright Zidanet_129 (Alan Tseng), 2005.
If you want to use this FAQ, please use the whole thing instead of breaking
it up. Contact me at zidanet_129(at)hotmail(dot)com and get my authorization
before you use it.

BLOCK YOU if I find out about the reason you add me into your Contact List
is nothing serious. And I DON'T have time to chat with you, so do NOT
expect to add me and chat with me. If you want to ask general questions
about this game, DO NOT E-MAIL or MSN me. I WILL ignore you unless I find
your question interesting. There are plenty of other FAQs that will answer
your questions, which are VERY possibly answered to death MANY times.

Special Thanks to:

- CJayC, for crating and hosting this Guide on it.
- H0tSh0tz (sorry if I spelt it wrong) for doing some testing for me.
- Lourde Incarnadine, for the info on Toad Chaos and Shadow Soul.
- Me, who wrote this Guide.
- You, who actually bothered to CHECK THE FAQS! *applauds* >_>