Mega Man Battle Network 5: Double Team review
Megaman... Double Teamed!

The bad:

-The dubbed North American version makes Lan and his friends sound much older than they are.


Are you still trying to decide which version of Mega Man Battle Network 5 to purchase for the Gameboy Advance? Look no further... Mega Man Battle Network 5: Double Team (titled Rock Man EXE 5: Twin Leaders in Japan) contains both versions of the game, with a bundle of new features.

The bottom screen of the DS is used for any PET (Personal Exploration Terminal. This is what Mega Man is kept in when he's not on the internet) related functions such as folder editing, saving the game, etc. True, this may be a nuisance for people who are used to the GBA versions, but this will open up new possibilities for future Battle Network games that may be made for the DS. The good thing about the bottom screen, though, is that if you're ever lost in the Cyberworld, the bottom screen will display a map of the current area to help you find your way. Navi-based Program Advances (P.A.'s) that were present in the GBA versions have been replaced by a feature called "Party Battle."

The GBA slot of the DS also plays into this version. By having Boktai 3 in the GBA slot while you have Double Team in the DS, you can unlock a feature known as Sol Cross Rockman, which is very similar to Forte Cross Rockman from the GBA versions, except using Django instead of Bass. Forte Cross Rockman can also be unlocked by having a Mega Man Battle Network 5 cartridge with this permanent change already unlocked in the GBA slot of the console. Battle Chip and other data can also be transferred from the GBA versions to the DS by using the GBA slot on the Dual Screen system.

Overall, this game is pretty good, but some of the things that Capcom did hurt the game more than it helped, such as eliminating Navi-based Program Advances.

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