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Nothing to nut your panties over


I liked the old Mega Man games, at least the first three - the first one for difficulty and the later two for better level designs - but other than that, the series was just another 8 bit series involving killer robots. The only other Mega Man games I liked were Mega Man X1-X3 (before the jump to 3D and all the mediocrity that followed) and Mega Man Legends (which took me by surprise that they could make a GOOD 3D Mega Man game). Everything else just felt like fuel for the fire. The series turned into a mediocre mess, and don't get me started on the Battle Network series. I don't know why I...


A modified Mega Man 2, with some more modern twists.

The good:

Challenging yet simple gameplay actually makes a return without one overdoing the other.
Graphics look amazing.
Soundtrack is catchy as all hell.
Controls quite well.

The bad:

Some of the challenges are way too bloody hard!
Having to download extra difficulties is not cool.


It's been 12 years since Mega Man has starred in his original series and over 15 years since he's been in an actual good game. Since Mega Man X, he's been in average at best and poor at worst games. X2-X8 weren't too bad, but we all inferior to X1. The Zero and ZX series were both decent. But honestly, who the hell keeps buying the Battle Network series? NONE of those games are even decent or fun to play! I have yet to find a reason to play beyond the second game outside of "oh the graphics are better". Because of all these games, Capcom decided "hey why don't we go back to our roots". They...

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