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The original blue bomber continues his winning streak


After the first Mega Man game, Capcom realized they had a hit on their hands, so they decided to make a sequel. Well, here's the sequel, and it manages to improve on the first game significantly! Possibly so much, that it's not hard to see why it's usually considered the best of the NES's library - remember, Mega Man 1 was a pretty damn good game for the time, and it's still fun as hell to play through even today, but then you get Mega Man 2, which turns the fun dial past 11, and just kicks your ass with an onslaught of awesome. Sure, many say that Mega Man 3 is the best - I say Mega Man 2....


A Mega Sequel to the original

The good:

Longer and deeper than the original. Good graphics. Excellent controls. Passwords for saving game.

The bad:

A little too difficult at times. The password system is complex.


The sequel to the first Mega Man expanded greatly on the original while keeping the same storyline generally-although beaten once, Dr. Wily is back for more. This time he's got 8 new robots to send after Megaman and Dr. Light.
The first notable improvement in gameplay is the game itself is longer-8 stages at first instead of the first game's 6. This makes for more possible paths through the stages and greatly increased challenges and replay value. They're also tougher as well, especially if you don't do them in just the right order. Additionally, a new item, the Energy Tank, debuts in this g...

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