Mega Man 10 (Wii) Cheats

Mega Man 10 cheats, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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Boss Practice
Can you get to the end of the stages but just cant defeat the boss? Well you're in luck! Entering the bosses' chambers will activate challenges in the Challenges menu where you have to A) defeat the boss and B) defeat him without getting hit. During the challenge you have access to ALL 8 weapons you get from the bosses and there is no stage before the battle (you just enter the boss door), so you can practice against the boss all you want!
Boss Weaknesses
Exploit these weaknesses to make these fights that much easier.

Blade Man: Commando Bomb
Solar Man: Water Shield
Sheep Man: Rebound Striker
Commando Man: Wheel Cutter
Pump Man: Thunder Wool
Strike Man: Triple Blade
Nitro Man: Chill Spike
Chill Man: Solar Blaze

Weapons Archive - Elec Man: Wheel Cutter
Weapons Archive - Wood Man: Triple Blade
Weapons Archive - Gemini Man: Wheel Cutter
Weapons Archive - Ring Man: Solar Blaze
Weapons Archive - Napalm Man: Rebound Striker
Weapons Archive - Flame Man: Water Shield
Weapons Archive - Slash Man: Chill Spike
Weapons Archive - Frost Man: Commando Bomb
Weapons Archive - Tornado Man: Thunder Wool

Crab Puncher: Thunder Wool
Block Devil: Rebound Striker

Wily Machine Phase 1: Solar Blaze
Wily Machine Phase 2: Water Shield
Wily Capsule: Chill Spike