MediEvil review
Remastering of an unforgettable classic

The good:

Stays true to the original in many ways, updated graphics look superb, updated sound engineering and music exceed the charm of the original game, control scheme kept nearly completely intact.

The bad:

Frame rate drops to 45-50fps when in open-air areas, and they added that lame genie from the lesser played PSX sequel to sound off on your missions and goals.


Medieval: Resurrection does an excellent job of staying true to the original PS1 game. The game uses some elements from the second, lesser played PS1 sequel, such as the annoying watchdog of a genie, which becomes Daniel Fortesque's narrator and campaign guide. Everything else works so well, but the genie cracks up the original <and much better, compared to its sequel* game's formula with his overly comical and cartoony line delivery. It's not necessary, but it's still a survivable flaw.

That aside, whoever said the game controls "...don't translate well to the psp" is a dolt (gamespot). The PSP has a limited control feature as it is, with the absence of L2, R2, and a right analog stick, bear in the the first Medieval was A PSX GAME!!! It did not incorporate any new schemes from the dualshock 1 controller, which wasn't forcibly introduced <with the revision of the "Dualshock PS1" and later "PSone" variants of the console> at the time. That said, the controls given to the PSP are nearly 100% accurate to their original. In an homage to the original, all of the control features, and even the animation styling, is kept in tact. Fans of the original game, released so long ago now <time flies > will feel right at home with Medieval: Resurrection.

The game even goes as far as to keep the entire opening sequence up-to-menu animatic completely intact, showcasing at the end, the grinning skeleton pointing across the tombstone 'main menu'.

The graphical improvements are a nice feature to have in Resurrection. Not much is changed as far as mood goes, from the original, save for the offset resulting from the genie's overly expressive nature.

Dan features most of the same weapons from the original, with a few new additions likely derived from the game sequel. Even Dan's throwable arm make a return.

The biggest problem with gameplay isn't any camera angle, which is just as controllable and feasible as it was in the original game, but the frame rate. The frame rate can slow down to 45-50fps for long intervals. Not a horrible experience at all, but it is noticable. Even if running the game on 333mhz CPU speed, the game still maintains the mentioned framerate when moving through open-air areas.

Overall though, the game is still quite enjoyable. They put a lot of work into it, and that says a lot, especially when remakes are concerned. Stays <mostly, save for genie> true to the original, features nice graphical improvements, add the plus for its portable nature, and also comes with game sharing, and two game demos, and a plethora of Medieval minigames. Sound engineers did much to maintain the feel of the original game, right down the the muffled grumbling on the part of Dan, and the music is just as rich and comically sinister, while maintaining a good amount of charm, just as it was years ago on the PSX.

EASILY better than a 7.5, personally I give it Medieval: Resurrection an 8.5

Now if Sony would just go about reviving dead PSX series' like Jet Moto, Colony Wars, Bushido Blade (Acquire the rights, damn it!!!), Carnage Heart, and others.

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