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Total War: Medieval Sim of the New Millenium

The good:

- Superb Graphics, including on field heraldry and unit individuality, in the campaign map as well as battle maps.

- More Advanced AI than in previous version. Campaign diplomacy now much harder to manage.

- Infinite replayabilty due to uniqueness of format.

The bad:

- Occasionally poor battle AI leads to some ridiculous battle scenarios and outcomes.

- Historical inaccuracies for you nit-picky types (myself included )

- Music/Voice acting can get repetitve at times.


The Total War series continues in its vein of excellence in the newest installment, Medieval Total War2. The game itself remains similar to Rome Total War in its layout, game-play and features.

The graphics in Medieval 2 haven't changed much from Rome: Total War; although a key change has been made to battle field graphics with new, individualised soldiers in each unit (this is discussed later).

The campaign map remains in the same format as Rome; meaning that old hands of the series will fell right at home immediately after starting the game allowing you to jump straight into the advanced po...


Totally Medi-EVIL

The good:

Whatever you can think of that isn't in the 'The Bad', is all good. The best parts are the graphics, and the ease of which it can be picked up.

The bad:

Difficulty in training specialists AI is swings and roundabouts. That's it!


Having bought the game only several days after it's release, you could see I was extremely happy to actually have got it, after reading the preview of it in the PCGamer Magazine. There have not been many games when I have wanted something so badly I was willign to set aside money for it, but this was one of them. And while playing the game, it more than lived up to it's expectations. After playing around for a couple of hours on the Tutorial, (it was that good), I progressed onto the bigger campaigns. I was disappointed at the enemy AI at Medium levels on previous games, after all the...

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