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You know when you get a game or movie and it doesn't really do anything wrong, but it doesn't strike as good either? That's because it played it safe to the nth degree, not taking any risks or really doing anything to take note of. It's just... there, another brick in the wall, and that's how Medal Of Honor 2010 felt to me. It's a first person shooter that takes from the rich (Call Of Duty, Bad Company 2) and keeps for itself, but much like a mediocre actor who desperately tries to emulate his hero, there is no spark or enthusiasm in its performance. It's just... there, and unfortunately, i...


Gentlemen...We've Been Here Before?

The good:

  • Authentic modern war setting.
  • Effective & simplistic mechanics.
  • Online: Destructible environments.
  • Brutal class based online for 24 players.
  • Fantastic original score and voice work.

The bad:

  • Poor visuals.
  • Uninspired gameplay.
  • Too much taken from it's rivals.
  • Poor animations.
  • Poor character design.
  • Four hour campaign.



It has been eleven years since Medal of Honor made its debut, and ever since its production quality has been on a slope. Despite what people will say, Medal of Honor was never dead nor dying. EA just realised how much more popular war set in the modern era was, and so decided to cash in. So cash in they did, they wrangled up a few real life Special Forces Operatives and adapted their experience into videogame format. The developers on hand for the job; a new team by the name of Danger Close and the always reliable EA DICE, masterminds of the brilliant Battlefield series. On Oc...

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