Medal of Honor: Heroes Cheats

Medal of Honor: Heroes cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PSP.


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Guns never dissapear in Skirmish/Multiplayer
When you are playing in Skirmish or Multiplayer, after you kill a person, they will drop a gun. Go up to the gun and switch it with yours. Now switch back to your original weapon and you will put the other gun back down and it will never disappear.


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Belgium Ranch Glitch 1 & 2!
1. This is easy. Go to the most house kinda building, it has a fire if you can't recognize it... Then go to top floor... Then jump on the left window... Then crouch... Then walk on the roof... Easy... You can then grenade people from above... This works online and in skirmish.

2. GOD MODE (ONLINE ONLY)... OK most of you will know this but for those who don't here we go... First, set up or go in a Belgium Ranch Deathmatch... Chose your GOD MODE character... then go to the house previously mentioned... Change character but don't spawn... Go to the fireplace and get burnt... When your HP is on a slither of red Cook a grenade... Die... Then go to the previously selected (the one at the start) character design... DONE YOU'RE IN GOD MODE

I did find the 1st glitch myself, probably found previously but oh well I didn't see it... TRY EM THERE COOL
chimmney sweeper
when on roof at beligum ranch(for the record jump sideways at top floor window and croch countiue right then walk up side <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />)
if you jump into chimmney you can walk through it.but,if you look down you see botom floor.
im you look down,jump,croch about 5 times (any order) you go throw chimmney.
or you can stay in it and nade enemys
Frosen Death
If you press the trigger just as someone kills you in skermish mode, you will freeze in place without your weapon but still be dead.