Medal of Honor Heroes 2 (Wii) Cheats

Medal of Honor Heroes 2 cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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Sniping is very hard to use, but it contains amazing power. The best way to use it is go somewhere high and safe, such as inside buildings in Port and the big house in the Monastery.


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delayed respawn
If you are ever playing and you have to go yet your score is -6' simply press player options, while dead, and you wont spawn or lose points


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Axis weapon sights
Many axis weapons have some strange iron sights on them. Especially the Gewer. To use the sniper, you must put the tip of the main crosshair on the tip of an enemy soldier's helmet. Don't confuse that with putting the target in the middle of all three. This is critical due to the difficulty to snag headshots. Be sure not to miss a stationary target with this. The Karabiner's iron sights are odd too. Put the target at the very bottom of the sight. Put it to where you can only see about half the target's head. DON'T try to use the sight hood for anything, you'll miss everytime. With both rifles, I suggest a target that's not moving. An enemy sniper, or someone in aim mode. Moving headshots take a LOT of practice.
hide in a box
ANOTHER glitch related to the walk on air glitch. after preforming the walk on air glitch, you can fall into these boxes. just fall off the invisible edge and you will be in the boxes. most people think the others can see them, but part of you is always sticking out and you have to come out to shoot them, but unfortunately, they can still shoot you. and dont worry if they throw grenades. as long as your inside the boxes, the only thing you need to worry about is bullets.
Map Awards
Unlockable-How to Unlock

Beach Attack Land on the beach with the 5th Rangers, and push through the German defenses.
Sink U-boats Take out the three U-boats in the port area.
Destroy the Guns To protect the Allied bombers, five Anti-Air gun batteries need to be knocked out.
Through the Sewers The Germans have holed up underground. Go take them out while staying safe from our bombardment.
Monastery Assault A key figure has set up a base of operations in a remote monastery. Crack the defenses and get whatever information you can.
Downed Agent Navigate through the minefield and retrieve the information from the downed agent.
Destroy Train Fight your way through the fields to the Train Station. Whatever is on that train is too important to let go.
Base Demolition The time has come to put a permanent end to the Fuhrer's pet project. You're our only hope.
Unlockable Awards
Unlockable - How to unlock

Combat Senior - Kill 250 enemy soldiers on the battlefield.
Combat Basic - Kill 100 enemy soldiers on the battlefield.
Combat Master - Kill 500 enemy soldiers on the battlefield.
Endurance - Complete a Mission without being critically injured once.
Green Survivor - Complete a Mission on Green without dying once.
Grenade Combat - Kill 25 enemy soldiers with grenades.
Hero Survivor - Complete a Mission on Hero without dying once.
Heroism - Complete Campaign mode on the Hero difficulty setting.
LMG Combat - Kill 150 enemy soldiers with the BAR or STG44 light machine guns.
Machine Gun Combat - Kill 50 enemy soldiers with the MG42 machine gun.
Marksmanship - Complete a Mission with 75% accuracy.
Melee Combat - Kill 25 enemy soldiers in melee combat.
Participant - Complete Campaign mode on the Green difficulty setting.
Pistol Combat - Kill 50 enemy soldiers with the Colt .45 or Luger pistol.
Rifle Combat - Kill 50 enemy soldiers with the M1 Garand or Karabiner 98K rifles.
Rocket Combat - Kill 25 enemy soldiers with the Bazooka or Panzerschrek rocket launcher.
Sharpshooter - Achieve 100 headshots on the battlefield.
Shotgun Combat - Kill 50 enemy soldiers with the Shotgun.
SMG Combat - Kill 250 enemy soldiers with the Thompson or MP40 sub machine guns.
Sniper Combat - Kill 50 enemy soldiers with the scoped Gewehr rifle or the scoped Springfield rifle.
Veteran - Complete Campaign mode on the Veteran difficulty setting.
Veteran Survivor - Complete a Mission on Veteran without dying once.
Weapon Expert - Get at least 1 kill with each weapon in the game.
walk on air
a common glitch that pretty much everybody knows. it only works in multiplayer mode. in the port level, go into the place with the big boat and climb the stairs that lead to the other side. go go to the other side, but at the top, push yourself agaisnt the railing, and while making sure u dont come off the railing, walk off the stairs. u should be walking on air. u cant go sideways or anymore to the right, but when u get to the bridge that leads from the floor to the boat, u will fall, so you cant go any further. but you can try walking sideways, it takes skill though. if u want to try, keep ducking and getting up when u get to the bridge and face sideways. pretend your walking on the edge of a wall. then u can walkover the boat but only over the railing.