Medal of Honor: European Assault review
Medal of Honor: European Assault.

The good:

The guns are kick ass.
Have ally soldiers and Revives (unless doing the Very Hard difficulty).
Longer than most Medal of Honor games.

The bad:

1 Player mode feels rushed, but not too badly.
Enemies on 3rd campaign are cheap using Turrets.
Panzer Tanks are too easy to blow up.


Lastability: 7/10.
Well, if you count all the times you die in Campaign 3. And it is pretty good and easy after finishing it a few times (I'm nearly finished the first time which is Very Easy difficulty).

Graphics: 9/10.
Man, they look more realistic than other Medal of Honour games. And I like what some of the guns look like, too.

Sound: 7/10.
Hmm. Sounds pretty good, the first load of times you hear bullets and peoples dying and shouting and stuff.

Gameplay: 8/10.
Another Medal of Honor game, so you should expect some shooting and what you simply need to do are some missions which involve killing the Germans in World War II (well, on the game anyway). And you always start with a machine gun, rifle gun and some grenades (stick, round-sort of thing).

Overall: 3.8/5.0
Well, this is a good game but maybe just rent it just to make sure you want to buy it (spending money on it).

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