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One Man, One Medal

The good:

This game had a lot of good moments and highlights.

The good properties included:

- The Historical Background
- Skins
- Weapons
- Levels
- Mission Goals
- Bosses
- Graphics
- Realism

The bad:

There were some bad parts, however, in this game.

The bad properties included:

- Awkward Healing
- Positioning Troops
- Ghost Troops
- Final level


Medal of Honour: European Assault is a game based around WWII. Now people will say, there's nothing new there, so many WWII games have been made! Despite the truth behind that claim, it is still a fantastic game that manages to stand out.

The historical background gives one the real WWII, not a hyped up one to satisfy gaming needs (though it still does that!). In a sense, the game is rather educational.

The skins in this game were quite impressive. The details, which incorporates such things as uniforms and faces were highly enjoyable. Much better than a game where all the enemies looks the s...


Achtung, Shortness!

The good:

- Looks beautiful
- Brilliant weapons
- Sprawling non-linear battlefields
- Good pace
- Authentic experience
- Amazing sound and music
- Squad commands very useful

The bad:

- Multiplayer options limited
- No online multiplayer options
- Very short: only eleven missions, quite quick
- Overall limited value is crippling


There's no question that if you ask a gamer to name a World War Two shooter, they'll name a MEDAL OF HONOR game first. From back in the glory days of the PSone, when the original first-person shooter reigned over all, to the present day with the Platinum release of EUROPEAN ASSAULT, this series has represented unsurpassed quality in the field.

EUROPEAN ASSAULT is no exception to the rule. EA Los Angeles (makers of GOLDENEYE: ROGUE AGENT among other things) have spared no expense in the look, feel and authenticity of this title. The graphics are just brilliant, proving there is life after Pla...


Medal of Honor Makes Comeback

The good:

+Cool level designs.
+Commandable squad (with good AI).
+Able to use enemies' weapons.
+Able to hold onto medkits (and use on members of your squad).
+Earn revives per completed secondary goals.
+Cool adrenaline meter.

The bad:

-AI still needs work.
-EXTREMELY difficult at times.
-Graphics could use tweaking.
-No online mode.
-What ever happened to the ending of Rising Sun?


After ending Rising Sun with a huge cliffhanger, Medal of Honor has come back with another good war game. There are many new features, such as having a commandable squad and being able to use your enemies' weapons. The new level designs are also awesome. They're very large, and you're able to complete primary and secondary goals at whatever pace you want. Oh, and for every secondary goal you complete, you get that many revives when you finish the level. Alongside you for each level, you get three allies that you can command where to go. But you must be careful, because if they die, there's ...


Medal of Honor: European Assault.

The good:

The guns are kick ass.
Have ally soldiers and Revives (unless doing the Very Hard difficulty).
Longer than most Medal of Honor games.

The bad:

1 Player mode feels rushed, but not too badly.
Enemies on 3rd campaign are cheap using Turrets.
Panzer Tanks are too easy to blow up.


Lastability: 7/10.
Well, if you count all the times you die in Campaign 3. And it is pretty good and easy after finishing it a few times (I'm nearly finished the first time which is Very Easy difficulty).

Graphics: 9/10.
Man, they look more realistic than other Medal of Honour games. And I like what some of the guns look like, too.

Sound: 7/10.
Hmm. Sounds pretty good, the first load of times you hear bullets and peoples dying and shouting and stuff.

Gameplay: 8/10.
Another Medal of Honor game, so you should expect some shooting and what you simply need to do are some missions ...

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