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[edit] Background

MechWarrior 4 Vengeance portrays the players' epic struggles to reclaim their birthright as they command an awesomely armed, 40-foot tall, 100-ton war machine across the remote battlefields of a hostile world. Packed with intense action, MechWarrior 4 Vengeance places you in command of a legion of BattleMechs in a heroic struggle to liberate an oppressed planet. If you survive, you will have saved the planet. If you die, you die a hero. You will feel fear, but your enemies will know terror!

[edit] Hardware Requirements

Pentium 450 MHz
1GB free HDD
16 MB Video
DirectX 8.0

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Microsoft approves free Mechwarrior 4 re-release

You can't deny fans their Battlemechs

Apr 23, 2010, by Dany Argueta | 11 comments
Microsoft holding back free Mechwarior 4 re-release

Studio MekTek unsure of availability, faces cost issues

Apr 03, 2010, by Dany Argueta | 3 comments
Free Mechwarrior 4 re-release coming soon

Battletechs preparing to wake up from sleep mode

Nov 15, 2009, by Dany Argueta | 4 comments
Mechwarrior 4 Expansion Pack Coming this Fall

Microsoft today announced that the MechWarrior 4: Black Knight Expansion Pack will be available in retail locations throughout North America this Fall.

Jun 14, 2001, by Peter Judson | 0 comments
NetGames USA Disappears Into Microsoft Maw

Microsoft hopes to exploit NetGames USA's innovative ngWorldStats system.

Jul 12, 2000, by Prairie Wolfe | 0 comments

Latest Activity

Nov 01, 08 7:41am
This was fun but there were too many 'conditions'. Mechwarrior4Vengeance
Jul 31, 07 1:34pm
added 6 new screenshots
Feb 01, 05 2:13pm

The year is 3063. The Clan invasion has ended. You return to your home world a hero,...

Apr 28, 03 4:48pm

Just to give you a sense of how boring this game is, I bought this game in the summer...

Oct 22, 02 6:00am

But hey, with all these new MW games like vengeance,black knight etc,it can keep our...

Oct 11, 02 9:24pm

Overall, this game is okay. They could have included some 'meat' into the game, and...

Oct 07, 02 4:15am

A great game. In my opinon, it could be $50.00 and I would buy it; for only $29.99,...

Jun 22, 02 5:58pm

The game is pretty awesome. on the totallyawesomegame-o-meter it scores a 8.7. It...

Jun 18, 02 4:18am
Jun 17, 02 10:20pm

I like it better then MW3! I graphics are outstanding!
The sound will knock you out of...

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  • North America: Nov 21, 2000
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