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Mechwarrior 3 review

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This is the third Mechwarrior game for the computer. Not a bad one, I must say. It has new mechs, some of wich aren't in Mechwarrior 4 or Black Knight. You can jump jet (it seems to be a little loose, a 65 ton hunk of steel can float), torso twist, and zoom in on stuff. The interface is pretty easy once you get a knack for it. It just might be easier for me because I have a Sidewinder Precision 2, but the keyboard commands are the ones you learn first, anyway. In a nutshell you and the rest of your side are fighting to eliminate the leader of the Smoke Jaguar Clan. You and up to 3 lancemates fight you way to said leader, battling enemy mechs, gun emplacements, armred vehicles and the like. The Lancemante menu is extremely confusing, as it is a real-time view of where you want your buddies to go. You can handle it on your own, though, with the invincibility, infinite ammo, and no heat options. It has a good range for the young and skilled looking for a fun challenge, and the middle-aged looking for something to kill time. You can also cusomize mechs from the salvage you get after each mission. A good game, but since MW4:V and MW4:BK are out, you shouldn't bother with this one.

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