Colin McRae Rally 3 review
Colon McCrap 3

The good:

Rain effects inside the car...and thats it

The bad:

Everything else- incredibly poor sound, over-sensitive controls, crap user interfaces and on and on


I'm not one to mince words. This game is muck. Not your normal muck either, but your bargain basement pig muck.

I recently rented this game, and after playing it for 10 minutes turned it off for the sake of decency. It was awful. Some of my friends had to leave the room in despair. The stages look like my baby sister has rendered them with a cheap packet of crayons. The sound must have been extracted from a rabbit under duress. All interfaces in the game are lazy, no proper intros, and crap options.

I immediately returned the game from whence it came(the bowls of Hell I'd imagine) and rented WRC 2 Extreme. What a difference. I purchased it the next day.
If you want my advice, buy WRC 2 like I did. Colin McRae 3 is waste of a good blank cd and your cash.

I really can't say enough bad things about CM3. The worst game I've played in a while.


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