Colin McRae Rally 3 review
colin mc rae rally 3

The good:

Great tracks,and better cars to drive.

The bad:

The co driver is sometimes reading the notes too slow,specially in very hard mode,when things are going really fast.The upgradings on the car disappear when you have driven and won the Wery Hard mode,and start over again??? And why cant you drive other cars then the ford in championchip mode??


In your game,go to Options>Secrets>Code entry,on the top of this page,you have a 4 digit code.You must place a call to a special nr.standing on the back of the driver guide.Then you must type in your code,and the secret codes will be read up for you.The codes you then receive,will probably only work with your memorycard/game,so you cannot share codes or secrets.I find this a little bit strange,i think that when you have bought a game,you should not have to place calls at the cost of £1 pr.min to get access to the complete thing.........????Isn't this just to make more money?????? If i have misunderstood the game,or typed some wrong information,please send a mail to me and tell me about it.:-)

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