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Welcome aboard the Payne Train!!! Again!!!

The good:

Great story.
Great graphics,sound & voice-over acting.
Easy controls.

The bad:

Single-minded enemy A.I.
Short game.


A couple of years ago, the predecessor of Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne changed my gaming habits with its unique and stylish game play, story and everything else. It converted me into a pc gamer for life!!! The first thing I did after finishing Max Payne 1 was to check if it had a sequel or not. Praying to the Gods of gaming, I clicked into the Max Payne website and with a sigh of relief, I found out that the sequel to the most stylish and coolest game ever made was already out. Not knowing that it was going to push Max Payne hard for the No.1 spot in favorite games list, I went ahead ...


Pretty Impressive

The good:

Weapons, medium good selection
Gameplay, pretty good few glicthes, rarely lags
Graphics, low requirements so widely availble

The bad:


I gotta say that this was a pretty good sequel. You really get into the storyline but at times it does get a little odd. The weapon selection is pretty good but not the best.
Overall I would recommend this to pretty much anyone that wants a good action game and definetly wants to kill as many bad guys as possible. And now it is pretty inexpensive so anyone can buy it and play even on a mediocre machine.


Max Payne in pain.

The good:

Over ten guns.

Two playable characters, Max and Mona.

Coolish cutscenes

Good voice acting

Bullet Time. It's not a game otherwise.

Max is now wiser.

Rag doll phyhics. See 'em fly!

Plenty of gore.

The bad:

Average graphics.

Annoying nightmare bits.

You can only be Mona for a tiny bit.

Poor save system.
Rubbish ending.

You can get Max Payne 1 for £20.

Voices sometimes stun themselves.


This game is a bit of a disappointment for me. There is plenty of things about it that are bad but I'll talk about the good stuff first. Bullet time is better than ever because when you hold R2 you go slow-mo but it's all green and if you the reload button you do this really cool spin in slow-mo. Doesn't sound great but it is. You play as now two people Max and Mona. Mona is the woman on the cover. She has the same move as Max but she isn't mad in the brain. The guns in the game are dead cool. There quite simiar to the first game though. There is shotguns, sniper rifles, sub machine-guns, p...


Payne to the Max

The good:

Plot, Graphics, Weapons, Bullet Time,

The bad:



I loved everything about this game. Bullet time was much better, as were the graphics (Max had facial expression!) The detail in this game was awesome, better than last game. (Like if you bumped into a box it would fall over, you could still get sodas from the machine and whatnot). Scenery was some of the best I've ever seen. Mona looked really good, and I'm glad we got to play as her, that was so much fun! (Probably cause I'm a girl, so sometimes I'd rather play her than Max ) Guns in this game were good too. My favorite would have to be the Dragunov. Also LOVED the plot. Classic romance s...


Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne

The good:

Better much everything...

The bad:

The graphics could be a little better, and the gameplay can be a little faster...


This is one good game. I never played MP1 yet, but i am sure its good. This game is fun... more fun when you have game shark cheats...

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Max Payne in the ass? Oh, let's try something more original, shall we?

The good:

  • w00t! w00t! Blood!
  • Great sound effects and voice acting.
  • Bullet Time is back and it truly better than ever.
  • Very re-playable.
  • Fairly easy controls, not off the word go, but still...
  • Nice variety of weapons.
  • Ragdoll Physics! Hell yeah!
  • You really won't appreciate MP2 as much as you thought until you hear the ending credits.
  • Comic effects bring inspiration and flare to the joints of the game.
  • Destructible environments.
  • Characters so hatable you can almost taste the conspiracy! - Beautiful!
  • Gritty atmosphere and story.
  • Nightmare sections are less patience-demanding.

    The bad:

  • Graphics - PS1-styled at times...
  • Repetetive enemy noises.
  • Ledge sequences are un-forgivable.


    This is really good, but a whole lot better on your PC or Xbox, but if you liked the first MP, then pick this up on the cheap if you can.

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