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Max Payne FAQ/Walkthrough

by GheddonLN   Updated to v0.70 on

Prepare for sorrow...
...prepare for madness...
preare for PAIN!.

    ####  #### ###### #### ###     ######   #########  ######  ### ######
    #~~~##~~~# #~~~~# #~~~#~~#     #~~~~~#  #~~~##~~# #~~##~~# #~# #~~~~#
    #~~~##~~~# #~##~#  #~~~~#      #~~#~~~##~~#~# #~~#~~# #~~~##~# #~#
    #~######~# #~##~~#  #~~~#      #~~#~~~##~~#~~# #~~~#  #~~~~#~# #~~~#
    #~# ## #~# #~##~~# #~~~~#      #~~~~~# #~~#~~#  #~#   #~~##~~# #~#
    #~# ## #~##~~##~~##~~##~~#     #~~#    #~#~# #  #~#   #~~# #~# #~####
    ### ## ######  ####### ####    ####    ### ###  ###   #### ### ######

                            --Max Payne FAQ/Walkthrough--
                                  By GheddonLN
                                  Version 0.70
                             Started September 15, 2002
                            Last updated September 29, 2002


                                 0.TABLE OF CONTENTS

                                 1. VERSION HISTORY
                                 2. COPYRIGHT NOTICE
                                 3. CREDITS
                                 4. INTRODUCTION
                                 5. CHARACTERS
                                 6. GAME BASICS
                                 7. GAME WALKTHROUGH
                                 8. WEAPONS
                                 9. ENEMIES
                                10. CODES
                                11. OUTRO/INFORMATION ABOUT THE AUTHOR

                                1.VERSION HISTORY

--Version 0.50
>This version of the guide contains the following:
  ->All of the appendices are totally complete.
  ->The walkthrough is not totally complete. There are still a lot of chapters
    to work on.
>File size :

--Version 0.70
>This version of the guide contains the following.
 ->The walkthrough is up to the start of a "Bit Closer to Heaven".
File size: 97-98KB.

                                 2.COPYRIGHT NOTICE

 This document is copyrighted to José Felipe Vargas, known as GheddonLN. This
FAQ can only be found at, and If you
happen to see this document in any other website, please contact the author
via e-mail( and inform him about it. You're not 
allowed to copy or alter this document, whole or part, without the permission
of the author.

 This FAQ is exclusive to the sites mentioned above. Therefore, don't bother
about asking for posting permission, as my answer will be a  no! I want my 
FAQ to have some exclusivity. Plus, sending this FAQ to multiple sites 
whenever I have to update is a pain. Got the picture? That's good.


--CJayC : For mantaining gamefaqs and for posting all of my FAQs.

--Remedy : For developing Max Payne.

--Rockstar : For publishing Max Payne.

--Game's manual : For some tidbits of information.

--To me : For writing this FAQ! :)

                                 4. INTRODUCTION

 Max Payne is one of the greatest games in the PS2. Although not as good as the 
PC or XBOX version graphically talking, the PS2 version still offers some solid
gameplay. In Max Payne, you take the role of a policeman of the same name, 
who's been framed for murder. You will have to take out the bastards who framed
you, and all of the sidekicks. Max Payne gunfights are extremely cool and the
bullet time, Max's gameplay core, was correclty implemented. In conclusion, Max
Payne is a wonderful game you should not miss, specially if you're an action 


This section contains SPOILERS!

Max Payne

 The game's main character. He once had a family which he loved. However, his
life was about to change. One day, when he returned home, he found both his
wife and daughter dead. The took care of the killers, but it was not enough:
he had already lost what he loved so much: his family.

 Having nothing to lose, he decides to go undercover. He, and his friend Alex
start to work on a case which involves the mafia, drugs and money. He starts 
to work on the case, and quickly notices that it's worser than he thought. But
he cannot pull back. He's now part of the case. He's become the enemy's number
one enemy. There is no way to return.

Michelle Payne

 Max's wife. She was murdered right at the start of the game, so we don't know
too much about her.

Vincent Gognitti

 One of Punchinello's men. It seems he's an important piece in the case Max has
been dragged to. You'll have to interrogate him in order to get some information
regarding Punchinello and the wiseguys.

Rico Muerte

 THE dug drealer. You find him having a drink with his girlfriend and his pals. 
You'll take care of him pretty soon in the game.

Mona Sax

 Lisa Punchinello's(who's Don Punchinello's wife) sister. She wants to take out
the Don for good, as he normally hits hard her sister. It seems she likes Max,
but she's later killed, so lets leave it like that.

Don Punchinello

 The boss. He's the one who's in charge of all of the drug movement around. It's
the man you're looking for.

Nicole Horne

 Nicole Horne is the owner of the Aesir Corporation, and it seems she's the one
who's put the money for the project Valkyr. Someone got some information about
this project, and hadt to be taken out. This someone is Michelle, it seems. 
Nicole is Max's main target.


 Your pal, your friend, your confident. He's in the Valkyr case along with Max.
Too bad he's not as intelligent as Payne, nor he's as good with weapons as Max
is: he gets killed early in the game, probably by somebody who was sent by the
Horne girl, or even the wiseguys.

Alfred Wooden

 This guy constantly calls you and gives you information regarding your enemies.
You don't meet him personally 'till later in the game.


 The drug-dealer veteran. He's now out of the business, and teams up with Max.
You'll have to help him out during some point of the game and he will afterwards
lend you a hand.


 Backstabbing Bastard, that's the best way to define him. He was your friend 
during most of the game, but like his name suggests(I'd like to point out that
B.B. do not really mean backstabbing bastard) he backstabs you. Damn him.

                                 6.GAME BASICS


 Max Payne revolves around a guy called Max Payne! His family has been killed,
and he's got nothing to lose, thus he goes undercover. Something goes wrong,
and Max ends up being framed by a crime he didn't commit. Now, he wants to 
find the bastards who framed him --and who killed his family-- in order to 
settle things up. He's got nothing to lose, everything to win. 

 Max Payne is an action game. It is divided in three parts, and each part in 
numerous chapters. Each chapters has its own layout, items and enemies. Once
you finish a chapter, the game will automatically save your game, and the 
next chapter will load-up. To complete a chapter, you'll have to reach a 
certain area. This could be a door, a room, etc. As you advance through chapters
you'll encounter a lot of enemies and some puzzles which you'll have to overcome.


>D-Pad : Used to access inventory and select weapons.
>Left stick : Used to move Max forwards, backwards and to strafe left and right.
>Right stick : Use it to turn and to aim.
>Select button : Pauses the game and shows the main menu.
>Start button : Pauses the game.
>Square bitton : Max reloads his currently equipped weapon.
>Triangle : Use it to automatically equip your strongest weapon.
>Circle button : Max eats a painkiller.
>R1 button : Used to use your currently equipped weapon.
>R2 button : Used to jump and to roll.
>L1 button : Max shootdodges if you press L1 in conjuction with the left stick. 
             Otherwise it will activate bullet time.
>L2 button : Activates bullet time.
>L3 button : Max crouches-
>R3 button : No use.


>Fugitive : This is the game's default difficulty and the only available when 
            your first play it. In fugitive, enemies are very easy to kill,
            but they do a lot of damage. Your health is quite big, but Max 
            racks up a lot of pain. Ammo and painkillers are found in huge
            quantities normally.

>Hard Boiled : Once you have finished the game in Fugitive, Hard Boiled will 
               become available. In hard boiled enemies get tougher to beat,
               and they do much more damage. Your health is a little smaller,
               and you still rack up a lot of pain.

>Dead on Arrival : Things start to get pretty hard when you play on "Dead on
                   Arrival". Your enemies are WAY tougher and they do insane
                   damage, not to mention that Max racks up a LOT of pain. 
                   You'll have to be pretty skillfull with bullet time and 
                   shootdodges in order to overcome this difficulty.

>New York Minute : This difficulty main objective is to frustrate you. When
                   playing in a "New York minute", each of the game's chapters
                   must be completed in a limited amount of time. If time runs
                   out, Max is out. Kill enemies to buy time.


 Bullet time is Max Payne's most innovatibe feature in is what made it famous.
When you trigger bullet time(press R2), things around you will slow down. You
too slow down. However, I'd like to point out that you can aim at normal speed
while on bullet time.

 Bullet time's main purpose is to make the game's challenging gunfights easier.
When in bullet time, you have the upper hand on your enemy. You just need a 
good weapon and good accuracy in order to kill them. Your enemies shots are 
also very predictable while in bullet time, and if you're good, you'll be able 
to see your enemy's bullets buzzing in the screen, making you able to dodge

 Bullet time is not infinite, though. There is a white hourglass in the bottom
left part of the screen which represents bullet time. Once you trigger BT, it
will gradually deplete.


 Shootdodges are related to bullet time in every way, mainly because they 
require bullet time in order to be performed and because the involve slow-mode
action. To do a shootdodge, press the L1 button, and move the stick towards the
direction you want to do the shootdodge. If done correctly, Max will dive-in 
towards the direction you pointed the stick and everything around him will 
slow down. While "flying", you'll be able to use your guns and kill your
enemies. Shootdodges are not only cool, but they give you an incredible 
advantage in gunfights. They use bullet time, but only a little.


 There are two ways to perform them and both are equally simple. The first way
involves the use of the dodge button. While strafing left or right, press the
jump button and Max will roll. This is called a dodge. They're extremely useful
in gunfights if performed correctly and are a great way to duck and take cover.
You can also perform normal dodges by using the L1 button instead of the Jump
button IF you have no bullet time left.


 Cinematic shots are a cool little addition to the gameplay. When you've killed
an enemy, you may see afterwards a short cutscene which involves the now dead
enemy in a certain situation. For example, the cutscene may show your enemy 
glying backwards in slow motion, or falling into the floor. Keep in mind that the
action still continues when these cutscenes take place. These little cutscenes
are sometimes useful, but extremely dangerous if there are more enemies around.


 Max health is an small "Max Payne" figure which is located in the bottom left
part of the screen, next to the bullet time hourglass. This, which is Max's
health bar, is empty, and fills up with red as you take damage. The red color, 
which is the damage you take, or the "pain" you're feeling, can be healed by
using an item properly called "painkiller", which is used by pressing the circle
button. If the Pain fills up all of your health bar, then you die.


 Whenever something is examine-able, the alert icon, which is nothing but a "!"
will appear. Press the X button, and Max will examine or grab the item which 
made the "!" to appear. This will appear when you need to open a door, to pull
a lever, to answer the phone, to read something, to listen to the radio... etc
Always look for the "!", as it normally represents some useful information which
can be read or listened to.


 Bullet time is the best way to overcome a barrage of enemies who are shooting
at you from all directions, that's for sure. Bullet time gives you the advantage
you need over your enemies. You can aim at normal speed and you can easily dodge
their shots, either by dodging or by shootdodging. It's harder for your enemies
to dodge your shots while on bullet time, so you can quickly take them out if 
you press the R1 button quick enough.

 Shootdodge and dodge constantly. Normally, when you enter a new area, there 
are a load of enemies waiting for you. Start off by shootdodging, always. On
the fly, fire your gun multiple times at your enemies and you may be able to
take two or three of them out. Bullet time is not unlimited though, so be sure
to master the dodges for those times when you're bullet time-less. 

 Crouching is a great way to improve your aim, and should be used whenever
possible. I say whenever possible because crouching leaves Max undefended when
there are multiple enemies in the scene. Crouching makes Max a harder target,
sure, because he's smaller, but he also becomes slower and thus easier for the
enemies to hit. If you require to sniper, or if you want to take out an enemy
from afar, crouch. You'll see how it helps.

 Lastly, conserve your items and ammo. Painkillers, although found abundant
throughout the entire game, sometimes take a while to appear. Don't use them
until more than a half of Max's health bar is filled with pain. Then use a 
painkiller, or two, if necessary. Ammo for your guns is even scarcer, specially
for the bigger weapons. Conserve your ammo then! Reserve the powerful weapons
for precarious situations, and rely on fast --but relatively weak-- weapons to
kill the weakest enemies.

 Grenades and Molotov cocktails seem to be pretty useless, but if used correctly
they can be deadly. To efficiently use this gun, you'll require bullet time
and a place to take cover. Basically, do a shootdodge, and send the grenade 
towards a group of enemies while in slow-mode. After you finish the shootdodge,
the grenade will have exploded. If there were survivors, quickly take cover and
equip something good. Then kill the survivors, once and for all.

                                 7.GAME WALKTHROUGH
|                                                                            |
|------------------------->PART I - THE AMERICAN DREAM<----------------------|
 After the starting cinemas, you'll take control of Max Payne. He's in his
house. It seems something is wrong. Anyway, there is a closet to your right,
but it doesn't have anything on it. So, instead, advance forwards. Halfway
through, Max will scream "what the hell". Look to the left. See the big "V"
in the wall? You can examine it, to see a graphic novel. After you listen
to Max, continue forwards.

 There will be a flash cinema and the phone will start to ring. Max has
his gun equipped, if you hadn't noticed. Anyways, pick up the phone. 
Another graphic novel ensues. After the graphic novel, look inside the 
closet in front of the table where the phone is. There is a shotgun inside.
Go through the door next to the closet.

 You'll be in the living room. Take the stairs next to the chimeny. Just as
you reach the house's second floor hallway, a cutscene ensues. Now, there is
a door to the right, and there is the bathroom. Enter the bathroom and try
to open the door there. You can't. Return to the hallway head towards the door
to the right of the stairs. An enemy comes out. Immediately shootdodge to take
care of him and his friend, who soon appears. Enter the baby's room.
 Max discovers the horrible truth. His baby was murdered(that's sick). There
is a door inside the baby's room which is opened. Go through it. You'll be
on a short hallway. Grab the baseball bat and open the door next to the desk.
Just as you open the door, an enemy starts shooting. Take care of him and
watch the following cinemas. 
----ROSCOE STREET STATION--------------------------
 After the short cinema, you'll take control of Max. Look to the right. There
is a fenced flight of stairs there. Take note of them. Turn to the left and
open the door that says "personnel only". You'll be on a short hallway. The
wall is splattered with blood. Something's wrong here. Open the door at the end
of the short hallway. The camera will zoom in a dead body. Max will take out
his beretta then.

 Open the locker next to the dead policeman to get [Beretta Amo]. There is also
a locker north of the dead guard, which contains a [Painkiller]. Now that you've
gotten everything here, return to where you started. There will be two enemies here.
Quickly kill them and snag their [Desert Eagles]. Go up the stairs then(they aren't
fenced now) and turn to the right. Two bad guys just killed a policeman. Kill
the murderers and get more ammo for your desert eagle.

 Follow the hallway until you reach a bifurcation. To the left there is an enemy.
Take him quickly and go down the stairs to the right. Downstairs, turn to the right
and then immediately to the left. Walk forwards a little and turn left when you
first can. There will be a shotgun-equipped enemy here. Kill him and get your
very own [Shotgun]. Open the door entitled "mainteinance work".
----SO MUCH FOR BEING SUBTLE-----------------------
 Just in front of you there is the subway control room. Take note of it and go
down the stairs left of it. As you reach the downstairs area, turn right and
dissmiss the enemies there. Immediately turn around. There is a enemy who's
going to shoot at you! Kill him and head towards the yellow wagon, at the end
of the hallway. Halfway through, you'll see a door located in the left wall.
Open it and you'll see an enemy who's about to kill a policeman. Quickly take out
the baddie.

 Talk with the policeman. Max will talk with him. The policeman tells you to
take him to the control room. Grab the painkillers here and the [Deser Eagle 
ammo]. Head towards the subway control room(remember it). Your new friend will
open it for you, but after he does it, he gets killed by some bastard. The
control room's door then closes. Open it by using the panel next to it.

 Inside, head northwards, toward a sliding door. Go through it, into the 
control room itself. Inside, there enemies will be waiting for you. Trigger
bullet time and use your dual berettas(you should have them by now) to take
them out. Once you do, a fourth enemy appears. Kill him. Go through the
right door in the right end of the room. Inside, press the yellow button.
After you do, the station will regain its energy. Get the painkiller here,
and return to where you met the guard who opened the subway's control room.
See the yellow wagon there? Get inside it and press X in front of the valve
to make it move.

 After the short cutscene, get down the wagon using the right door. Evade
the debris, and jump into the train's line. Head forwards. Three enemies
will appear. Kill them and go the stairs inside the cave which is in the
left wall. Open the door here.

----ONE WAY OR THE OTHER---------------------------
 As you start, head forwards through the dark alley and turn left when you can 
and then turn to the right. You'll find two enemies. Kill them and go through
the door. Turn to the left and kill the enmy. Go downstairs, while killing all
of the enemies you find. Once you're in the bottom level jump into the train
lines and advance through them. You'll soon come to a platform with three 
enemies on it. Kill them and get into the platform. Go up the stairs here.
 In the upper level, you'll feel an explosion. There are more stairs here.
Use them again to go upstairs. 
----LIVE FROM THE CRIME SCENE----------------------

 Go upstairs and head forwards. Kill the two enemies here and examine the metal
door. Max says it can't be opened. So go down the stairs in front of the door.
Turn right and kill the two enemies here and then go through the hole in the 
wall. To the other side of the hole, turn to the right immediately. There will
be four well-equipped enemies there. They can easily kill you, so take out
your dual berettas and blast away at them. Once you've taken care of them,
go through the door with a red light above it.

 There will be more enemies in this room. One is immediately in front of the
door you just passed. The others are around the room. Quickly kill them. There
are four of them. Once you've killed them, you'll hear a ringing phone. Pick 
it up and Max will talk with Jim Bravura. After the short graphic novel, 
examine the big computer, in front of the telephone. This computer has an
"A" "B" "C" on its screen.

 Once you examine it, vault C is opened. Examine the notes in the table, 
and examine the computer again. This will open Vault A. Inside, there is
the detonator. Examine the big computer again to open vault B. Return
to the door max said couldn't be opened(remember it?--just near the start
of the level). Just as you get near it, three enemies will appear. They
can be pretty tough. Once you've killed them, examine the "locked" door.
----STEPPING ON THE TOES---------------------------
 After the cutscene, enter the cabin entitled "Roscoe Street" and get the
[painkillers] inside. Enemies will appear from upstairs. Kill them and go
up the stairs. Turn to the right and then to the left when you can. You 
will find four more enemies. Quickly dispatch them and enter the cabin
and get your [painkillers]. Afterwards press the button entitled as
"exit gate control". Once you press it, the fence in the hallway to the
right of the cabin will be opened. Go through it and turn left. Turn right
when you can.
----PLAYING IT BOGART------------------------------
 Watch the cutscenes. Afterwards you'll have to kill the Finito brothers.
Use bullet time and your dual berettas. They're easy. Once they're six feet under,
examine the letter on the desk. After the graphic novel, Finito's guys will try to
break in. Wait for them in front of the door and when the try to enter, blast
their brains out. Go downstairs afterwards.

 Enter the bathroom to the left and get the [painkillers] inside. Turn right and
enter the "love room". You can trigger the "love bed" here if you want to. There
is a radio here. If you want, listen to it. Your main objective here is to break
the glass near the stairs leading up. In the "balcony" turn to the left and advance
forwards until you find an open-able door. Inside, there will be three enemies. 
Take them out and go through the door to the right.
----WITHOUT WARNING--------------------------------
 Go downstairs and turn left. "Open" the door and advance forwards. You'll 
find opened rooms around here. You can enter them and grab what's inside,
but be careful as some of them have enemies lurking inside. Once you reach
the end of the hallway, turn left and advance forwards. Halfway through,
you'll find a guy watching TV. Kill him and two more enemies will appear.
Kill them too. Enter the bathroom if you want to: there is a painkiller
and an enemy inside. Go through the wooden door.

 Turn left and kill the enemy who was guarding the door. To the right there
is another, who was inside a love room. In this short area there is a door
entitled as "exit", which has a lockpick. Destroy the lockpick using any of
your guns and go through the door. There will a door just in front of you
then. Go through it and turn right. There are two enemies there. Kill them
and quickly turn around. There will be TWO more enemies. Take care of them.

 Enter the room with the television and check it. See the graphic novel.
In the adjacent room there is a dead body. Return to the main hallway and
advance forwards until you find door with is blocked by a lot of debris. Turn
right then and go through the door next to the "exit" wooden door.
----A FEW HUNDRED BULLETS BACK---------------------
 You can go forwards or turn left. To the left there is this crazy guy who's
talking to himself. Kill him. Forwards is a blue door. Go through it and you'll
reach a corridor. Move a little to the north and four enemies will ambush you.
Gunfight time! Once you've taken care of them, go through the portal with an
"exit" sign above it. Open room's "313" door then. Watch out! Just as you open 
the door, a shotgun will fire at you. Dodge it. After the shotgun has been fired,
two enemies appear. Kill them and examine the letter in room "313".

 After the graphic novel, grab the items in the room and go through the door
that was just unlocked. You'll find a pump. Shoot at it with your shotgun
and you'll make a hole in the floor. Jump down and move north. Kill the enemies
there. Now, you have three options: you can go forwards, to the left and to the
right. To the left there is a guy mumbling to himself. Forwards there is a room
"216", where you'll find a hooker diary. Read it. After you've done so, examine
the room's closet and you'll find a secret room. You can check the camera here
if you want to. Anyway, open the gray door and then turn left. Walk through
the hallway and make the first left you can. You'll find an elevator. Use it.
----CAUGHT IN THE CROSSFIRE------------------------
 Go out of the elevator and turn left. Be careful: there are three enemies
here. Kill 'em and examine the TV. Go through the door with a green light 
above it. Two enemies will appear. Quickly kill them and stay away from the
gas tanks. If they blow up, they fill your pain bar quite quickly. Afterwards,
destroy the crates blocking the door to the right side of the room. Once 
you've cleaned your path, go through the door.

 Turn left and kill the lone enemy there. Go down the steps. Look at the
dead body. They bad guy have been doing some bad stuff here it seems... 
Read the newspapers on the floor("Captain Baseball-Boy"). Get the [baseball
bat] and go up the steps to the left of the dead guy. Two enemies will show
up. After you've dealt with 'em and head to the north. Turn right and go
up the stairs. Turn to the right and open the door.
----RICO MUERTE BIG TIME HUSTLER-------------------
 Go through the wooden door to the left and kill the three dealers. Grab the
bar key on the small table and get all of the goodies. Go out this room and
head towards the north end of the room and turn right. Open the bar. Watch 
the short cutscene regarding Rico Muerte. Muerte will vanish and you'll have
to deal with his sidekicks. Kill both guys and Muerte's girlfriend. Once you're
done, go through the exit door. There is Muerte! Blast his brains out. Be
careful because he's got an [Ingram]. Once you've killed him, get his
weapon and go through the door.
 Head to the north(be aware of the two enemies) and enter the small cabins.
Grab the [painkillers] and examine the headphones. A graphic novel ensues.
Max mentions something really cool here: something wicked this way comes.
Iced Earth 'til I'm death... anyway, push the "exit" button which is inside
the cabin... nothing happens, I think. Go up the stairs next to the fence
blocking your way and enter the club. Follow the corridor until you find
two enemies. Kill them and open the big, wooden door. Blast the glass in
the floor and drop down. Enemies kick in and a gunfight ensues. Finish all
of them off.

 Return to the reception and press the "exit" button. Go through the exit
----THE MAN RIDING SHOTGUN-------------------------
 Watch the cutscenes. Turn right and walk along the street until you can turn
left. Do so. Open the van you find and get the [shotgun ammo] inside. Take the
stairs down (they're behind the van). Open the door and immediately kill the 
three baddies there. Grab the goodies and go through the door here. Walk
through the corridor and turn left when you first can. There is a room which
has no door. Inside there is nothing. There is locked room too. Examine the 
door and Max will take it down. Kill the crazy guys inside if you want to.
Your main objective here is to reacht the end of the corridor.
----SOMETHING MORE SINISTER------------------------
 Behind you fire will start. Go north and turn right. There is a locked door
there. You must open it. But how? See the gas tanks in front of the door?
Shoot at them and they will fly towards the door like a missile, thus opening
it. Be sure they don't hit you though. An enemy will kick in. Kill him and
enter the room. There will be two mumbling guys who are easily taken care of.
Anyways, get the painkillers in the medicine cabin and go through the door
to the right of the medicine cabin.

 Keep walking forwards until you find two enemies. Kill them and look for a 
flight of stairs in the northeast. Go up, turn left and head forwards. When
Max's "!" icon appears, take the phone. After the graphic novel, go through 
the door near the phone. This is the "main room". There will be two enemies.
An explosion will occur. After you're done, enter the room to the right of 
the door which takes you back to the phone corridor. You'll find a door with
a lockpick. Take the lockpick out and go through the door.

 Grab the [shotgun ammo], [painkillers] and [beretta ammo]. Examine the note
then. Now, check the "bookcase". There is a key on it and you must get it.
Once you've gotten it, return to the main room and open the big door, brown
----LET THE GUN DO THE TALKING---------------------
 Turn left and go up the stairs. Keep going up and kill the enemies you find.
In the middle level you'll find the bathrooms. Inside the left one there are
some painkillers. Anyways, once you're upstairs go into the the square corridor
to the right. The only way to get to the other side is to jump the gap in the
left portion of the corridor. If you're having trouble, you could use bullet 
time. I've never tried to use bullet time, but it should work. If not...
well, anyways, when you reach the other side, immediately cross the door.
The bridge behind you will blow up.

 Turn to the right and open the door. Three enemies will assault you. 
Use your Ingram to make short work of them. Grab the ammo they leave behind.
Afterwards, enter the little bedroom and open the closet to get a [painkiller].
Head into the kitchen and jump into the window. You'll open it.
----THE ALTERNATE ROUTE----------------------------
 Drop down to the streets CAREFULLY. There will be two bad guys near some
fire. You can take them down from afar with a well-placed grenade. After
you're done with them, enter Luigi's Laundry. Walk along the corridor until
a short cutscene ensues. After the cinema, examine the door with the "Luigi's
Laundry" ad above it. They'll ask for a password, I believe. You don't have it.
So, use the metal door in front of the "password door". Walk forwards a little
and open the first metal door you find, to the left.

 Follow the corridor(forwards) until you find three of those crazy guys. Kill
them, and three more enemies appear(damn!). After you're done with all of them,
go upstairs. In the middle level you'll find two crazy guys and in the upper
level two more enemies. Once the path is clear, open the metal door in the upper
level. You'll find some guys who'll gladly help you. One of them becomes your
ally(for a short time...). Take him back to the "password door" at Luigi's.
He'll open the door for you.
----A ONE MAN WAR----------------------------------
 After your friend betrays you, kill him and his two friends. Get all of the
ammo here and enter the laundry-machine room. Another enemy appears. Kill him
and go through the door to the north. Hop into the elevator. After it opens
again, turn left and walk along the corridor. Turn left again and open the
metal door(it's the only one that's not blocked). Inside, there is a TV.
There is someone on the bathroom. Try to open the bathroom's door and he'll
come out. Kill him and examine the TV. Afterwards get the [beretta ammo]
inside the closet. Blast the window next to it then. 

 You'll be on a building's rooftop. To the right there are some tubes which
you'll have to use to get to the other side. Once you do so, blast the
window and enter the room. There are three enemies here: kill 'em all and
look for another window in the north part of the room. Blast it and hop
into the building's roof. Immediately turn right and use the "bridge" to get to
the building to the right. Open the metal door.
----A CITY WIDE APB--------------------------------
 Walk forwards and turn left. Something will explode. Keep walking until you
reach a square corridor. Turn right and walk along it until you can do a left.
You'll find two enemies checking something in the wall. If you hit that "something"
with your guns, it will explode, thus killing the enemies. Once you're done
with them, try to open the door to the left and the wall will fall(if you blew
up the "something" the enemies were checking). Jump into the next room and walk
along the corridor to the northeast.
 You'll stumble across a "bridge" made out of debris which takes you up. Use it.
Kill the four enemies that ambush you and get into the square corridor, upper
level. Walk along the rightmost part of it and open the door you find. Get
the [ingram ammo] in the closet and open the door here.
----FEAR THAT GIVES MEN WINGS----------------------
 Watch the graphic novel. After it, you'll have to face Vinnie's men. After 
you've killed the three of them, examine the letter in the desk. Afterwards,
turn left and jump down into a rooftop. You'll see Vinnie running. Follow 
him(use the tube bridge). You'll reach a familiar room. Go through the 
previously locked door and go upstairs. Use the door to the right. A cutscene
ensues. You'll then have to jump into a train. You'll have to time the jump
right if you don't want to die. It's quite challenging but not impossible. 
Wait 'til you hear the train... wait one second and jump! Be sure to press
the jump button when you're about to reach the rooftop's edge.
----BETTER THAN THE LAST ONE-----------------------
 After you take control of Max, look down. See those tubes there? Jump into
them and use them to reach the north rooftop. As you do, two enemies appear.
Kill them and turn right and head to the north, towards the big banner which
has a woman face on it. You'll have to jump from a rooftop to other to do so.
This is quite challenging, indeed, but not impossible. Once you do it, turn
to the right and look at the Aesir banner in the right building. There will 
two enemies there. Kill them and then go north.

 Turn left when you can and walk forwards. An helicopter will appear. Quickly
open the yellow door to the left. You'll be inside a building. Turn right 
and go down the stairs. Enemies will appear along the way, so be ready. When
you reach the bottom level, examine the medicine cabin to get [painkillers].
Turn around and walk down through the corridor until you find a yellow door.
Open it up.
----ICE HARD AND SLICK-----------------------------
 Turn left and enter the basketball court. Be aware as there is a dual-ingram
bastard here. He can kill you in a matter of seconds, so use that ingram/desert
eagle of yours. To the right of where the ingram guy was there is another enemy.
Kill him and go through the fence in the north wall. Kill the enemy that attacks
you and go up the short flight of stairs here. You'll see a cinema. After it,
turn left and kill the enemy there. Get the goodies inside the truck. Now, go the
right area, past the lift. An enemy will shoot you from a neighbour building. 
Take him out fast, because he's pretty damaging. There is another enemy in the 
upper levels which you can take down easily. Go up the wooden ramp and you'll
come across a gap. You can't jump to the other level, but you can throw a 
grenade into it and kill the enemy there.

 Now, call for the lift and hop into it. Press the button inside to make it 
move. Once it stops, get out of it and walk forwards. Go up the little blue
ramp and walk through the alleyway. You'll stumble into two enemies. Kill
them and get into the catwalk which supports the bridge. Walk along it
and kill the enemies that appear(two). You'll find another catwalk, which
supports another banner. Get into it and keep walking until you find a
window that lets you look down. You'll see two bad guys there. Break the glass
and jump down. Kill both enemies and go through the metal door to the right.
----ALL A BLUR-------------------------------------
 Go up the stairs and turn left. Open the unlocked metal door. Turn left and
jump into the platform below. Go downstairs and enter the apartment which 
has a semi-opened door. Inside there's a TV. Examine it if you want. In the
north part of the flat is the bathroom. Inside, take the painkillers. Next,
go through the door next to the bathroom. Kill the enemy there and walk 
through the corridor. You'll find four more enemies. When you reach the door
in the end of the corridor, open it and open the door just to the north. Walk
forwards a little bit until you can take a left. Do so and kill the enemy
you find. Open the door.

 You'll see a cinema regarding Gognitti. After it's finished, hop into the 
"battle arena" below and kill all of the enemies there. There are around five
of them. You'll also have to kill Gognitti, who's in the eastern part of the
arena. There will be two enemies along with him. Watch the cutscene after you've
finished Vinnie.
----A DEN OF DRUGS---------------------------------
 Turn to Max's right and pull the lever inside the cabin. Go up the secret ramp
and kill the enemies in the room above. Examine the books in the table. Pure 
satanic stuff. Anyway, go through the door next to a bookcase. You'll be in the
dancing area. Kill the two enemies here and then kill the enemy in the upper levels.
Go through the door that look like lockers, which are in the middle of the arena.
Turn to the right(see the "disco" sign?) and kill the two enemies there. A third
one will appear soon. Kill him two. Enter the bar(see the "bar" sign?) and kill 
the enemies inside.

 Turn left and examine the books in the table(look at Milton's Paradise lost! 
I didn't know satan lovers read it!) and go through the door to the left.
----RAGNA ROCK-------------------------------------
 Go up the stairs and enter the door to the left. You'll be on a storage room.
Kill the three enemies here and walk to the north. Turn left and walk down until
you find an opening in the wall. Go through it and kill the enemies that appear.
You'll have to kill around four enemies. Now, go up the stairs, and kill the three
enemies you'll find along the way. In the upper level, go through the door 
and  head to the right. Open the door there. You'll find a catwalk. There is an
enemy below. Kill him and carefully use the catwalk to access the door to the

 You'll be in the open again. Turn right and go through the portal. You'll then
have to use the structures here in order to reach the door to the extreme north.
Once you do, this part of the chapter finishes.
----AN EMPIRE OF EVIL------------------------------
 Go downstairs and kill the three enemies there. Open the door here using the 
button next to it. Kill the enemy that appears and use the stairs and go all
the way down. You'll have to kill around four enemies on your way. Once you
reach the bottom level, walk to the north and go up the platform there. Examine
the control panels there and a wall will "disappear" and two enemies will appear.
Go through the newly opened path and turn to the right. Go up the steps there
and examine the levers there. There are three of them. Pull them in this order
: 4,3,2,1 and go downstairs. Follow the linear path along the maze and go up
the flight of stairs to the north. Kill the enemy. Once you reach the highest
area, walk along the destroyed catwalk(use the wood the put here as bridges)
and open the door to the other side.
----STRAIGHT FROM A BAD DREAM----------------------
 Examine the papers in the sofa. After the graphic novel, head to the north and
walk along the "corridor" until you find a flight of stairs. Head up(Lupino's 
screams are quite scary) and turn right. Keep going up. Once you reach the attic,
look in the right wall. Go through it and watch the cutscene. Head towards the 
blood pool in the middle of the room afterwards. Nothing will happen. Not yet.
Lupino's men will start attacking. They use molotovs and their guns of course.
Kill 'em all and then you'll have to fight Lupino himself. Use your Ingram to
make short work of him quickly. He'll have two guys along with him. Kill them
first. After you've murdered the sick bastard, you will have finished "american

|                                                                            |
|------------------------>PART II - A COLD DAY IN HELL<----------------------|

 After you take control of Max, advance forwards into the lobby and turn to 
the right. The corridor will become longer then. You will be in a maze. This
area's background "music" is quite spooky... you'll hear Michelle and your 
baby cry as you walk through Max nightmare. Anyway, move along the corridor
and turn to the right. Walk through the corridor(the screaming has begun...)
until you find a bifurcation. Turn left and follow the linear path until
you come across another bifurcation. Turn left and follow the corridor until
you can turn left. Walk through this corridor and take the SECOND right 
you can. Tah dah!

 You'll be on the second portion of the corridor. This is actually Max's living
room, so you know what to do. Go upstairs and enter the bathroom. Try to open
the door next to the shower and it will barricade itself out! Quite strange.
Head out of the bathroom and use the door next to the stairs(the one which
takes you to the baby's room). You'll be on a corridor with baby music(and screams)
as background music. Walk through the corridor(there is no bifurcation here...)
until you reach its end. Look down. Everything is pitch black. It's scary...

 Now, in the middle of the nothing, there are this thin blood lines which you
can use as bridge. Carefull walk along the first one(look down to see them
better) until the path splits up to the right. Turn left and look into the
deep black. Jump(Jesus!) and you'll land on a blood line... with some luck.
This may take some tries, but it's not impossible. Anyway, when you do,
walk to the north until the path turn right. Stand there and turn left. You
should see another blood line there. Jump into it and head down. You'll 
find a corridor. Get into it and walk along it until you reach the baby's
room(you're NOT backtracking. This part of the dream is very similar to
a previous one but it is NOT the same) and watch the short cutscene. 

 Go through the door to the far left and run through the long-ass corridor
until a short cut scene ensues. Afterwards, examine Michelle's diary on
the desk. It mentions that Michelle knew something about Valkyr(actually,
it mentions Valhalla but Valhalla is related to the Valkyr drug in this
game so go figure). After the short graphic novel has finished, open the
white door to the left. Watch the cutscenes that follow.
----THE BASEBALL BAT-------------------------------
 Check Max's health bar after you get to control him. He has racked up a lot
of pain. The only weapon you have right now is the baseball bat. We don't
have any painkillers too. We don't have anything. Damn it. You'll need to
heal. Head to the south part of the room and blast the locker's lockpick.
Get the painkillers inside and use one of them. Leave the other one alone.
Now, go through the door to the south of the locker. You'll be on a corridor.
Turn left and you'll spot two bad guys. They always spot me... if they do,
let them kill you because you don't stand a chance against them(one of them
even has dual ingrams).
 Carefully follow both guys and blast their skulls from behind. After you
do, two enemies will attack you from behind. Kill them quickly and two
more enemies will appear. After you take care of them, three more enemies
appear from the south. Kill them too. Now, head south and kill the lone guy
there. Enter the warehouse and get the items inside(a sawed off shotgun
and a painkiller). Go out of the warehouse by using the door to the north.
Outside, turn right and open the metal door there. In this area, you'll
find two more enemies. Quickly kill them using bullet time.

 Examine the newspapers in the floor. It's a captain baseball bat comic. 
After the short graphic novel head to the corridor outside and walk through
the leftmost hallway until you find an elevator. Hop into it and press the
button inside.
----FROM BAD TO WORSE------------------------------
 After the door opens, head into the warehouse. There will be one enemy waiting
for you. Kill him and go through the door in the north east part of the room.
To the left is this guy who'll throw a grenade at you. Kill him and enter the
room to the right where two enemies wait to be killed. Once you do, get their
ammo and kill the third enemy that appear. Collect the painkillers to the far
left of the room and go through the door to the far right.

 Turn to the left and kill the enemy in the "meat room". Go through the only 
door here and jump down into the streets. Head to the south into the main street.
Turn left and walk down the street until you find the entrance to a "Hotel".
Get into it.
----MOBSTER MUSCLE---------------------------------
 Turn left and try to enter the lounge. You'll see a short graphic novel. Now,
enter the lounge and kill the bastards inside. Examine the radio on the table
afterwards. After the cutscene, walk to the north and enter the bathroom. Kill
the guy inside and then enter the bar to the right. A short cinema regarding
Frankie and pals will ensue. After it, you'll have to kill Frankie and the other
bad guys. This is really tough, considering that all of them have big-ass
weapons. Here is how you should deal with them: do not enter the room. Wait
an enemy to approach the door and kill him. Now, move the camera so you can see
Frankie. Wait him to reload, activate bullet time, and shoot at him a few times.
When you see he's about to shoot, duck. Repeat and he will be gone in a few
minutes. After he's gone, kill his sidekicks.
----AN OFFER YOU CAN'T REFUSE---------------------------------
 Move forwards and head into the cabin. Kill the enemy inside and push the
button next to the door. The fence outside will open up. Go through it and
turn right. Kill both enemies there and go up the steps. Open the door to
the left(press the button next to it) and get inside. Kill the two enemies
that appear and then kill the third one that's above you. Kill him fast
or else he'll launch a molotov at you. After the coast is clear, go through
the door to the right. Go down the steps and jump into the truck... an
enemy was hiding there! Kill him and get the ammo inside. Exit the truck
and head to the north. Kill the enemy there and open the door to the

 In this area, kill the enemy that is in the upper level. After you do,
head forwards and hop into the lift. Press the button there and it will take
you up. Turn left and walk along the catwalk until you reach its end. Get the
painkillers inside the cabinet. After you've done so, pull the lever in a
panel next to the medicine cabinet. This will move some crates, un-blocking
a door. Two enemies will also appear. Kill them from afar(a well placed
grenade should be enough. If you don't have grenades use your shotgun) and
go down. Go through the door.
----COLD AND TO-THE-POINT--------------------------
 Jump down and turn right. There will be an enemy there. Kill him and head
forwards. Make a left and kill the enemy there. To the right there is
a small room with ammo inside it. Anyways, head north, towards the yellow
crane. Three enemies will appear. Kill them fast. After you've don so,
jump into the crane. Pull the lever inside. This will make the crane to
move a container. Go through the newly opened path and kill the two enemies
that appear. Turn left and walk down until you can make a right. Walk down
the corridor. As you pass down the crane, it will turn on. Enter the
container to the left and wait a few minutes until you hear an explosion.
Head out of the container afterwards and turn right. Kill the enemies
that appear.
----FAMILY TROUBLES--------------------------------
 Head forwards and turn right. An enemy atop a crane will start shooting at you.
The crane is moving, too. To stop the crane, kill the enemy. After he's dead,
two more enemies will appear. Kill them and use the passage to the left. In this
area, turn left and kill the SIX enemies that you'll find. The bridge has
been raised, so there is no way to cross it right now. Ignore it and head to the
south. As you walk, you should hear a guy talking. You can open a container here
and examine what's inside for a short graphic novel. Here you'll also find
the Sniper Rifle.

 Anyway, keep going south and take turn right when you first can. Use the
platform here to reach the other side. Kill both enemies and enter the
fence area(open the door by using the baseball bat). Inside there is a bunch
of ammo for the desert eagle, ingram and a painkiller. Now, head outside and
stand there. Look northwards. Do you see the truck there? Look at its wheels.
It has a wheel block. Shoot at the block and the truck will crash into the bridge.
Head towards the bridge(kill the enemies you find along the way) and cross

 To the other side, two enemies will attack you. One from the north and another
from the right. The one to the right came out of a small room in where you
can get painkillers and some ammo. In this room, open the secret door next to
the medicine cabinet(push the button next to it) and inside, there is more 
ammo. Now, head outside and head to the north. Open the door here.
----WITH RATS AND OILY WATER-----------------------
 From the entrance, you should see an enemy atop a container. Take aim and kill
him. This will alert the other enemies here. No prob. Equip your dual berettas
(save the ingram's ammo). An enemy will appear in front of you. Kill him and
turn right. Head down the corridor and turn left when you first can. Here, 
two enemies will attack you. One will be just in front of you whereas the other
one will be on a higher catwalk. Kill both and turn right and then left.
Three enemies will appear: one is in the catwalk, the other is in front of the
ramp leading up and the other is to the left, behind a container. Kill 'em
all and turn left. Walk along the containers until you find the ramp leading
up. Take it.

 Just as you touch the catwalk, an enemy appears in front of you. Kill him fast
or else he'll hide behind a crate. Now, turn right and run until you come to
a bifurcation. Turn left and run until you can make another left. Do so and 
keep walking until the path splits up again. Make a left and follow the path
to the door. Go through it. In the next area, you'll see a crane heading
towards you. There is an enemy on it. Kill the enemy and jump into the
crane when it's near enough. The crane has some levers on it. Equip your
sniper rifle and push the top lever. When the crane stops, trigger the
sniper's crosshair(press X) and kill the enemy in the post to the north.
There is also another one to the left. Kill him too.

 Push the left lever afterwards. When the crane stops, kill the enemy to the
left. After he's done for, push the front lever and the crane will move
to the right. If you're having trouble identifying the levers, use this map...
                    | PANEL |    FRONT LEVER

              LEFT LEVER                          RIGHT LEVER
                                 BOTTOM LEVER.

Anyways, when the crane stops, snipe down the enemy to the north. Then, pull
down the right lever. After the crane stops, pull down the front lever. Yes!
You've made it to the other side. Jump out the crane and open the door.
----PISSING PUNCHINELLO OFF------------------------
 More catwalks and containers... anyway, after a few seconds, an enemy will 
appear to the north. Kill him from where you are and head down, to the
container area. Just as you do so, two enemies appear from the north
catwalk and start shooting at you. They'll go down then. There is also
an enemy to the right. So, you'll have to kill three enemies. After you've
done so, turn right and go up the catwalk. Follow the path to the door
and get near the blue door here. An enemy will appear. Kill him and get
inside the small room. Inside, press the button next to the blue door. You
should see a cinema. After it, head down the catwalk and kill the three
enemies that appear. Behind the big red container to the right of the
catwalk you'll find a fenced room. Head inside it and open the blue door.
----A DANGEROUS GAME-------------------------------
 Just in front of where you start two enemies appear. Kill 'em both and
head to where they were and head into the ship using the small ramp to the
right. Inside the ship, head all the way northwards and then take a left.
Kill the three enemies that will appear and go up the stairs. Head into
the navigational cabin and kill the enemy there. Inside the cabin, get
the painkillers and answer the phone(it makes part of the control panel). After
the graphic novel and go through the door opposite of the panel. Head
down the stairs and kill the enemy there. Turn left and kill the enemy there
too. Keep going downstairs and kill the four enemies you'll find along
the way.

 Once you reach the bottom level, use the door to the right. Inside this
room, you'll have to fight Boris. He's really, really tough. I died
multiple times before I could beat him. He also has three bad guys along
with him. Anyway, after the cutscene, Boris will run to the back of the
arena. His three pals will start attacking you. Quickly wipe out your
ingrams and kill the three bastards. Be sure you're not hit. Now, equip
the dual berettas and hide behind the white crate here. Wait Boris to
appear and trigger bullet time. Hit him a few times(you may end up blowing
up the gas tanks. If they hit Boris, he'll take a chunk of damage) and
take cover again. Repeat this tactic until he's out. Afterwards, go through
the door at the north end of the room. Inside, you'll be in heaven. Get
everything there: Colt Commando + ammo, Sniper rifle + ammo, ammo for
your ingram, for your beretta, painkillers... After you've gotten everything,
head back to the navigational cabin.
----NO PAYNE NO GAIN-------------------------------
 Make no mistake, as this is one of the toughest parts of the game... really.
You'll be dying here a lot. And it's even hardert to explain... after you
take control of Max, head to the north. Something will explode and everything
will start to catch fire. Damn it! Go through the door to the right next to
the bar. In the next area, rush your way to the door to the north. In the
next room, bookcases will start to fall. Quickly go to the right and open
the grey door there. If you take too long, the bookcases will block your
way and you'll be trapped. 

 If you crossed the door safely, walk down the burning hallway. It seems
fire doesn't do damage here, but still be careful. Turn left when you reach
the end of the hallway. You'll be in a open area. Quickly run to your left
and enter the corridor here. It will catch fire too. Again, fire seems to be
harmless but still be careful. Make your way around the corridor until you
reach an open area again(keep in mind that when I say open, I mean big, no
roof-less). Run to your right and jump into the crate here. Now, head north
wards(fire hasn't started around here) and take a left. Go up the steps and
into a hallway. Make your way around the hallway until you reach a wooden door.
Open it up.
 Fire has stopped... for a while anyway. Now, walk forwards... DO NOT TURN
LEFT! I REPEAT: DO NOT TURN LEFT! If you do, you'll be dead... instead,
turn right. Something will explode. Quickly go through the door to the
far right or you'll be roast chicken. If you turned left, fire will consume you
before you can take a right... anyway, you'll be on a hallway. It will soon
catch fire so jump into the "platforms" to reach the other side. Do this quickly
or else fire will grow up so much you won't be able to escape... well, I'm not
sure, but this happens to me sometimes... anyway, keep jumping until you see
a hallway to the left. Now, listen to me. Jump down the floor and quickly run
to the north where a door is(open it up). However, as you pass near the
hallway a mentioned above, a projectile will fly. If you're not careful(fast)
it may hit you.

 In the next room, kill the enemy. He's easy so use your berettas. To the far
right there is some ammo and grenades. Go down the stairs to the north. Down
two enemies will be waiting for you. Quickly kill them(they have powerful
weapons) and go down the shaft to the north of the room. You'll be underground.
I hate this part... go down the stairs and kill the three enemies that appear.
Make a left and walk down the "catwalk"(I have no better way to describe it).
Kill the two enemies there(one of them will shootdodge...) and turn to the
right. When you can, turn right and kill the lone enemy there. You'll find
another bifurcation. Take a left this time around(be careful because there is
an enemy to the right). Follow the path until you find a flight of stairs
leading up and two enemies guarding it. Kill both enemies and go upstairs.
Open the door.
----MURDEROUS HEARTS-------------------------------
 You'll have to see some graphic novels. After them, equip a good weapon(ingrams
or colt commando) and go down the stairs. A bunch of dead guards will receive you.
You can enter the door to the left and examine the dead body for a graphic novel.
Anyway, head north from where the dead guards are and go through the door. Kill
the three enemies here and turn left. Walk through the hallway and go to the
right when you can and then to the left. In this area, an enemy will appear and 
will run through a corridor to the north east. Follow him and kill him along
with his his two pals. Now, head to the north west and follow the path and head
up the stairs. Open the white door.

 You'll be on the kitchen. You'll see an enemy run to the north room. Examine the
pictures in the table and head into the north room. In here, three enemies will
attack you. One of them is member of the Trio. The trio are Punchinello's three
toughest guys. He's pretty easy though. Equip your Colt Commando and blast their
brains from afar. After they're done, return to the kitchen. An enemy will appear.
Kill him and go through the door next to the refrigerator. Kill the two enemies
that greet you and open the door to the north.
----ANGEL OF DEATH---------------------------------
 To the left is a well hidden enemy. To the right is a door. Open it. In the next
area, enemies will attack you. There are two of them(one of them will throw you
a grenade). After you've killed them, collect all of the ammo in the bar and go
through the door to the far right. In this area there are three enemies. One is 
upstairs and will shoot you as soon as you enter the room. The other one is 
downstairs. The third one is also upstairs, but once he spots you, he throws a
grenade and hides inside a room to the right. Now, kill the two enemies that
remain and go upstairs. Head to the right and enter the room there. There is
one from the Trio here! he has two friends to fight alongside with him. Kill
them using your Jackhammer. Now, head outside the room.

 Two enemies will shoot at you and hide inside a room. Head towards the room the
entered and try to open its door. Immediately get as far as you can from the door!
The enemies inside will blow it up using the M79. After the door has been blown
up, SHOOTDODGE your way into the room(be sure you have the dual ingrams on) and
kill the 3 enemies inside. If you shootdodge your way into the room, the M79 guy
will have a hard time hitting you. After you've dealt with 'em, go through the
door to the right.
----TROUBLE ON DAGGER HEELS------------------------
 In this area, go through the door to your left. Kill the shotgun guy and examine
the dead body on the bed. It seems it's Lisa... or Mona. Hell, we don't care.
After the cinema, head to the north to the "side room". Turn right and answer the
phone. This Wooden guy tells you something. Go through the door next to the
phone and kill the enemy that attacks you... if you can. He runs away. Go through
the white door to the north, next to the picture. Immediately shootdodge as three
enemies will begin shooting at you. After you've killed them, open the door to the
left. Meet the Punchi' bastard. After the graphic novel, three killer suits with
Colt Commandos. Kill them. After you've killed them, head back to the previous
room(where the three enemies were) and open the door to the right. Watch the 
cinemas. You've gone through a "Cold Day in Hell"...

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>A BIT CLOSER TO HEAVEN COMING SOON!



 There are four kinds of weapons: handguns, shotguns, rifles/machine guns,
explosives and melee.


                                 -- HANDGUNS --



 The beretta is a small handgun and is the first weapon you'll find in the game.
Like any basic weapon, the beretta is a very weak weapon, which excels in other
categories, such as accuracy. The beretta is a very accurate weapon, and its fire
rate is quite decent. It's best used against the game's first enemies, who 
normally go down after three or five shots of a beretta. A good weapon overall.

Tips on using the beretta
 The beretta is a great weapon for bullet time. It is not very good for normal 
gameplay though, due to its weakness. While on bullet time, however, you can
easily exploit the beretta's excellent accuracy and normal fire rate. Your 
enemies will have a hard time not being hit by your bullets, and they will go
down fast. The beretta is not recommended for shootdodges. While shootdoging 
it is pretty hard to aim, forcing you to use a fast-shooting weapon. And the 
beretta is not a fast shooting weapon, you know.


>Dual Beretta>

 The first thing you say is "the dual berettas is one beretta in each hand. 
Useless" after you find the dual berettas. Well, let's forget that. The dual
berettas are probably one of the most powerful and useful weapons in the whole
game. The dual berettas offer excellent accuracy, superb fire rate(you have 
two weapons after all) and power. This is the correct weapon to use when your
more powerful weapons have run out of ammo. You could also use it as your
primary weapon, even in the later chapters of the game, to save ammo for
the other guns.

Tips on using the dual berettas
 Like their predecessor, the dual berettas are an awesome weapon for bullet time,
even more awesome than some of the biggest weapons. Due to their point-blank
accuracy and superb fire rate, the dual berettas prove to be the correct weapon
to easily dispatch enemies while on bullet time. Just take aim, and press the R1
button like a madman. Max will quickly deploy dual beretta bullets, and your 
enemy will be out before you know. 

 Dual Berettas are also a very good weapon to use while on shootdodges. 
Because of their fast fire rate, you don't have to bother too much about aiming.
Just dive in and fire your gun while in the midair. If you correctly aim your
weapon while on a shootdodge, then the dual berettas become extremely deadly.


>Desert Eagle>

 The desert eagle is much more powerful than a beretta, but it has its downsides.
First off, let me state that the desert eagle is _very_ powerful. You can 
quickly take down normal enemies, in about three or two shots. However, the 
Desert Eagle's fire rate is SLOW. Indeed, you'll have to wait about one second
between shots. This gives you your enemy the chance of kicking your ass too
much trouble. Also, the desert eagle is very innacurate. Is a good weapon to
use when in close range and when there are only a few enemies to fight, but
forget about it when there are a lot of enemies or when you have to take enemies
from afar.

Tips on using the desert eagle
 To efficiently use the desert eagle, you'll need the bullet time. Otherwise
quickly forget about it. Anyway, when on bullet time, the desert eagle becomes
quite good, taking into account that you can aim at normal speed and that your
enemies take AGES to shot and that their bullets are easily dodged. Just look
for a good spot, quickly aim at your enemy, and press the R1 button very fast.
You'll probably miss a bullet or two, but I can assure you that you will take
down the enemy.

                               -- SHOTGUNS --



 The shotgun is an insane weapon, if we talk about damaging power. But if we 
talk about accuracy and fire rate, then the shotgun is an insanely... bad
weapon. The shotgun is a very powerful weapon, indeed: it can take down an
enemy in one shot(jeez!), BUT if you're in close range. More on that later.
When on long range, the shotgun rarely hits its target. The shotgun's shells
quickly separate, so if your enemy is too far, he will easily dodge the
shotgun's shell. However, if he's near, he'll get hit by all of the shotgun's
shells and you know what that means...

 The shotgun is very slow. After you fire a shell, Max will have to reload(
he does it automatically, don't bother). Reloading the shotgun takes some
time, and Max may be hit by your enemy's weapons. Also, if you empty the 
shotgun, when you reload, Max will do it SHELL-BY-SHELL! This drains a lot
of time! When completely reloading your shotgun, you may be killed! The
shotgun is not a very good weapon, overall.

Tips on using the shotgun
 To effectively use the shotgun, you will need either to use bullet time or
to do normal dodges. Forget about shootdodges: shotguns are not the weapons
for them. Anyway, for bullet time, just find some cover, and trigger bullet
time. Take aim, and quickly shoot at your enemy. One shot and he's done. 
This is the best way to use the shotgun.

 Now, if you plan on using the shotgun when there are multiple enemies around,
I'd recommend the following. Find something to use as cover(a crate, a wall) 
and ready your shotgun. Now, roll out of your cover, and start firing at your
enemies. Dodge around as you fire, and move constantly. In case you need to 
completely reload your shotgun, quickly take cover and do so. Then repeat the
above strategy.


>Sawed-Off shotgun>

 The sawed off shotgun is a very little improvement over the normal shotgun. It 
is as powerful as the normal shotgun, but it carries more bullets and it has
a faster fire rate, making it more useful. Still, the sawed off shotgun is not
recommended for gunfights, specially if your enemies are far away. It's a great
weapon for close range combat, and when there are only a few enemies.

Tips on using the sawed-off shotgun
 Not too much to say here. Refer to the above tips.



 BLAM! You've stumbled into the game's most powerful weapon! But not the most 
useful, sadly. The jackhammer looks like Perfect Dark's RCP-120, but it is 
actually a shotgun with a decent fire rate, small ammo capacity, and insane
power. Make special emphasis in power: the jackhammer is an extremely 
powerful weapon. Nobody, and I repeat, NOBODY, can't take more than a hit
from the jackhammer. Plus, I've seen that if aimed correctly, a Jackhammer
shell(or bullet) can hit multiple enemies at once. The jackhammer is
surprisingly fast and very accurate. The only problem is that jackhammer's
bullets are scarce! If you use the jackhammer too much, forget about using 
it in the later stages of the game: you won't find ammo for it.

Tips on using the jackhammer
 The jackhammer is not very efficient when on bullet time. On the other hand,
it is very inneficient when on normal gameplay. Why? Simply because it is
quite slow(I've said its fast, yes, but compared to the other SHOTGUNS!).
Trigger bullet time and take aim. Dodge if necessary. Fire your jackhammer,
and see the bastards of your enemies fly away, dead. If there are various
enemies and all of them are pretty near to each other, then you'll take all
of them out. The jackhammer is not a good weapon for shootdodges: you will
waste all of the shootdodge trying to take aim. Be sure you only use the 
jackhammer when you need to, and be sure you aim correctly, because, like
I stated before, jackhammer ammo is very scarce and you won't find any of
it when you reach the last levels of the game.

                           -- RIFLES AND MACHINE GUNS --


 Well, it's an Ingram. You may think that it's very powerful and the weapon to
use in the later parts of the game, but it is not. The ingram, in my opinion,
is a enhanced version of the beretta. However, although enhanced, it is still
kinda weak. It is much faster than the beretta though, and much more powerful.
Its clip size is pretty small, though, and it runs out of bullets pretty fast,
specially if you use it a lot. When you first get it(very soon in the game
actually) it is like a bless: you'll be kicking all kinds of asses. However,
as you get deeper into the game, the bad guys start to get tougher, and the
ingram more useless. However, it is a great weapon to use in order to save ammo
for the Colt Commando, for example. Once you get the dual ingrams, I'm 90%
sure you'll never touch the normal ingram.

Tips on using the Ingram
 Well, finally a weapon which is extremely efficient in shootdodges, not to 
mention bullet times. Having a great accuracy, equipping an Ingram when on bullet
time ensures you'll kill your enemy, or your enemies for that matter. Just press
and hold the R1 button and let the bullets fly. All of your enemies will fall,
dead, into the ground before you know.

 Now, for the shootdodges, the ingram is an excellent weapon. You don't have to 
worry too much about aiming: just fly(shootdodge), and start shooting mid-air.
Be sure to aim, even a little, in order to prevent ammo wasting. The ingram is
a good weapon to use while on normal gameplay, but if you're still in the earlier
stages of the game. Otherwise don't even think about it.


Dual Ingrams
 The dual ingrams are a great improvement over the normal ingram. Yes, it's 
just two ingrams, one in each hand. However, as you may know, having two 
weapons is better than having one, of course! The dual igrams offer double fire
power and improved accuracy. Their fire rate is insanely fast: enemies go 
down easily, an fast. Thhe Dual Ingrams are agreat weapon, specially if there 
are a bunch of enemies, near each other. It's also quite useful when in normal

Tips on using the dual ingrams
 Well, well. The dual ingrams are a jack-of-all-trades. It's that simple. If you
plan on using them when on normal gameplay, go ahead. The ingrams fast fire rate
will make short work of your enemies. Just roll and take cover when necessary, 
and shoot like a madman. If you plan on using the dual ingrams on bullet time,
it's much better. Shoot at small enemies groups constantly, shootdodging if 

 The dual ingrams are also very useful for shootdodges. You don't need to aim a 
lot: just look for your enemy with your crosshair(the little, white dot in the
screen) and start shooting. More than a half of the bullets you fire will hit
your enemy, so don't despair. Ammo for the dual ingrams is quite plentiful, so
don't worry about ammo shortages.


Colt Commando
 Here we have it. The weapon of weapons. The Colt Commando, which is basically
an assault rifle, is the weapon you'll use during the later parts of the game,
after you get it, mainly because its destructive power, fire rate, and decent
accuracy(decent, decent...). The Colt Commando is not as powerful as the jack
hammer, sure, but it's powerful on its own. A few well-placed shots and you 
can take out a killer suit. Thanks to its fast fire rate, the Colt Commando
proves to be a great weapon for gunfights that involve a lot of enemies, either
on normal gameplay or on bullet time. The Colt Commando is not perfect, though:
its accuracy leaves room for improvement. You have to carefully move your 
crosshair before pressing the fire button when you're using a Colt Commando, 
in order to prevent ammo-wasting. The Colt Commando is not recommended for 

Tips on using the Colt Commando
 Well, let's see... you have to aim carefully before using your Colt Commando,
making it not very situable for normal gameplay---unless you're pretty good
at aiming, that's it. If so, then you just can use the Colt Commando when 
normally playing through the game, and totally forget about bullet time. If
you're not good at aiming, forget about normal gameplay: you'll have to rely a
lot on bullet time. While on bullet time, you have more time to aim and you
can efficiently dodge your enemy's shots, unlike when on normal gameplay. The
Colt Commando is very destructive if you aim correctly.

 As for the shootdodges... well, all I can say it's that Colt Commandos are not
designed for shootdodges. They require precise aiming, which you can't do when
shootdodging. You'll normally just fire a shot or two at your enemy when you
shootdodge with the Colt Commando, and chances are the two of them will miss.
So stick with bullet time.


>Sniper Rifle>

 This is sniper rifle is surprisingly good. Although it is quite slow and it's
not very accurate unless you se its crosshair, the sniper rifle proves to be 
an excellent weapon to use to take out enemies from afar. However, like I
stated above, it's very recommendable to use its crosshair(press X). Otherwise
it is a very innacurate weapon.

Tips on using the sniper rifle
 The best way to use the sniper rifle is along with bullet time. You should
also use its crosshair, like I've stated above multiple times. With bullet
time, your accuracy gets much better, making it easier for you to take out

                            -- EXPLOSIVE WEAPONS --


 A grenade. Like in most action games, it is pretty useless. The grenade is 
pretty powerful, enough to take out an enemy or two if used correctly. Problem
is that the grenade is extremely innacurate. Also, the explosion is not very
big, meaning you have to aim very carefully in order to use the grenade 
effectively, which is pretty hard. Max takes a lot of time to throw a grenade,

Tips on using the grenade
 Grenades have their uses, and it's not necessary to use bullet time. For 
example, if you're about to enter a room, and there are enemies inside,
you could throw a grenade without them noticing and take all of them out,
or at least some of them. You could also use it to blow out enemies who're
around a corner or who are distracted. Bullet time is not recommended. 
Enemies evade grenades easily when on bullet time. Shootdodges can be used
along with grenades, too.


>Molotov Cocktails>

 If you thought grenades were useless, wait until you try the Molotov cocktail.
As you may know, the molotov cocktail is a home-made weapon(I've done some of
them here in my house >=)), which is basically a bottle with gasoline on it. 
That's how I see it anyways. The molotov, once it explodes, makes a pool of fire
around where it exploded. If an enemy is hit by the molotov or touches the fire,
he'll light-up and will soon die. The molotov is as inaccurate as the grenade,
as slow, and much more useless. The fire never seems to hit the enemy(they evade
it) and ends up fast. Plus, if you're not careful, you may be hit by the fire.
You can start a fire rain with a molotov if you throw it at the room's ceiling.

Tips on using the Molotov Cocktail
 Hmmm... there is no real use to it. Try to torch a group of enemies, but I warn
you: it's pretty hard. You could try bullet time or shootdodges to see if it works.
Another way to use the Molotovs is to start a fire rain(see above). However, 
problem is that enemies easily evade it...



 Is a grenade launcher. This weapon is extremely powerful and its blast radius(?)
is actually very wide, meaning you can take out multiple enemies with one shot.
However, it is very, VERY innacurate and Sl00000w! Max has to reload it after 
every shot and he takes quite a while to do so. You have to patiently aim the M79
before shooting, or you could end up wasting a grenade. However, if aimed correctly,
it becomes a lethal weapon. Try to use it when enemies are not aware of your 
presence, because using it in normal gunfights is like saying "I want to die!".

Tips on using the M79
 Bullet time. Forget about shootdodges. Concentrate on bullet time. With
bullet time, the M79 becomes _LETHAL_, as simple as that. You have the upper
hand on your enemies, as you can aim at normal speed and you're much more
intelligent than then. When on bullet time, you can easily aim the M79 and fix
its accuracy issues, thus becoming much more useful. Try to use it on big hroups
of enemies or on enemies who're equipped with say, a Jackhammer.

                                  -- MELEE --


>Baseball Bat>

 It's a baseball bat... and it sucks. As simple as that. The baseball bat is 
WEAK, slow, innacurate, plus it's a close-ranged weapon. Using this against
armed enemies is suicide... you don't stand a a chance. The baseball bat is used 
mostly to open lockpicks or to blast away doors.

Tips on using the baseball bat
 The only way I think you could use the ball is with bullet time. With everything
slowed down, you can try to hit your enemy with it. But it's not recommendable.


>Lead Pipe>

 It is pretty much a bat, but made with lead. Not too much to say here.

Tips on using the lead pipe
 Forget about it.


 I'd like to explain how this section works. You know, enemies in this game
don't have names. You find any "street-jerk" or "drug addict" in here. So, 
in order to do this section, I've clasified the enemies according to their 
weapons: beretta equipped enemies, Colt Commando equipped enemies, etc.

 Also, as you may know, there are two kind of enemies who have names: killer
suits and the commandos(well, they're not called commandos. I've just made
up this name...). Both of them will have their own little space, where I'll
give you strategies about how to beat them.

                         ---[BERETTA EQUIPPED ENEMIES]---

 You'll find a lot of these in the first chapters of the game. Because the only
weapons you'll have by then are the Beretta and the Desert Eagle, they can be
quite challenging. The best way to take care of them is to access bullet time,
and blast their brains out with the desert eagle(see why I said bullet time).
If you don't want to use the desert eagle, then use the beretta, along with the
shootdodges. They're very easy, so don't worry.

 In case you find a dual-beretta equipped enemy, I would recommend the shotgun
and bullet time to quickly take care of the bastard.

                          ---[SHOTGUN EQUIPPED ENEMIES]---


 These are also early enemies, and they're much easier than the beretta equipped
enemies. However, they also hit you much harder with their weapons. Anyway,
because they're slow, any fast weapon is recommended here. This limits you to
the beretta or the dual berettas(if you're lucky and you have them). Just
press the R1 button like a madman when you find a shotgun equipped enemy to
take him out. You don't need neither the bullet time nor a shootdodge. Just 
be careful with their shots.

                      ---[DESERT EAGLE EQUIPPED ENEMIES]---

 These are like the beretta guys, but they're slower and much more powerful.
They're not very accurate. Basically, you're better than them. If you want to
take care of them fast, use the Shotgun, at medium-range. One shell and they're
out. Just be sure to move constantly or else they could hit you. If you want
to play safe, activate bullet time and use the beretta or the desert eagle 
itself to take them out while dodging their shots.


 The explosive guys are pretty much every enemy in the game. How's that? Well,
a lot of the enemies you find will carry either a grenade or a molotov cocktail
in their inventory. They're pretty dangerous, because they're quite skillful
with the explosives. Also, take into account that they carry fire weapons 
along with the explosives. They're easily taken care of by using any weapon like
a desert eagle or dual berettas. Just make sure you're not hit by the grenade
or the molotov.

                        ---[INGRAM EQUIPPED ENEMIES]---

 This is when things start to get tough. These guys are very, very dangerous.
The ingram, as I've stated in the weapons section, is very accurate, fast
and deadly. So are the ingram guys. In order to kill them, it's very 
recommendable to use bullet time or shootdodges. I prefer bullet time as it is
more reliable. Trigger bullet time and move around, evading the ingram shots
the best you can. When you have the chance, fire a few shots at the ingram 
guy with any good weapon you have, such as the desert eagle or dual berettas.

 If you find a dual-ingram guy, then you have trouble. They will kill you in a
matter of seconds if you're not careful. Shootdodges seem to work with them 
quite nicely, specially if used with weapons such as the dual berettas or the
ingram itself. Like I stated before, the dual ingram guys are very deadly.
Jeez, they can even kill you without any kind of trouble when on bullet time.

                          ---[M79 EQUIPPED ENEMIES]---

 Ok, these are easy. The only problem is that are normally so well-located that 
they can take you out quite easily. So, what you do? You must be careful.
Sometimes they're waiting you around a corner, or waiting you to open a door
or they're in a higher floor(this is when they get more dangerous). If they
kill you, don't get mad. The next time around walk carefully. The best way
to kill the bombers is to use something fast and powerful, like the Colt
Commando or the Dual Ingram. If they're in higher floors, then use the sniper
rifle while taking cover/using bullet time.                          

                        ---[JACKHAMMER EQUIPPED ENEMIES]---

 The ultimate ass kickers. These guys are extremely dangerous! Be careful with
them, because one jackhammer shot is more than enough to take Max out. If you
find only one of them, it's better to take him out fast: use the M79. A well
placed shot(use bullet time to aid yourself) will quickly take care of the
'hammer guy. Now, if you have to fight multiple jackhammers at once(this 
happens once in the game, I'm sure. But I don't remember where)... well, 
prepare for real madness. Constantly dodge and shootdodge, while shooting at
them at bullet time with something like the Colt Commando, or even the Dual
Ingrams. Just be careful of their shots.


 These first appear when you reach Cold Steel. They're pretty easy. The only
problem you may have here is that they use Colt Commandos and grenades. Use
your very own Colt Commando or Ingrams and bullet time to make short work of

                             ---[KILLER SUITS]---

 The ultimate ass-kickers. The killer suits are total marksmen and they come
equipped with the best weapons(and that includes an ocassional Jackhammer...ugh).
Killer suits are described by many as the game's toughest normal enemies. 
They're indeed, so when you find one, be CAREFUL! They're most of the time
strategically placed so they can kill you faster. Trigger bullet time and use
your Colt Commando or Ingrams to kill them.

                                  10.CHEAT CODES

 Thanks a lot to all the people who submitted codes to 

>All weapons + ammo : L1, L2, R1, R2, Triangle, O, X, Square
>Get unlimited bullet time : L1, L2, R1, R2, Triangle, X, X, Triangle
>Become invincible : L1, L1, L2, L2, R1, R1, R2, R2
>Slow Motion Sounds : L1, L2, R1, R2, Triangle, Square, X, O

 Not too much to say here. I hope you enjoyed the guide, and that you found it
useful. C'ya!


 So you want to know who the hell is the author of this thing? Well, it is no
other than José Felipe Vargas Casadiego(quite a long name, uh?), a colombian
guy who enjoys writing FAQs, listening to hard-rock music(metal, to be exact)
and playing videogames. He loves RPGs and games that involve death, weapons
and destruction(hahahahaha) such as Red Faction, Metal Gear Solid and Grand
Theft Auto. He's been writing FAQs(his favorite hobby) since October 2001(
it's about to be a year). He likes to play ground hockey--he's pretty good 
at it-- and soccer, although he sucks in soccer =P. He's 15 years old(or
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