Max Payne (PS2)
Max Payne Bullet Time FAQ v1.1
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: : : : Max Payne Bullet Time FAQ

Max Payne Bullet Time FAQ

by Jeevan   Updated to v1.1 on
This walkthrough was originally written for Max Payne on the PC, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the PS2 version of the game.
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Max Payne (PC)
Bullet Time FAQ v1.1

Jeevan Takhar

"Think of it as tasting the action, showing off your moves or whatever.
The fact remains that bullet time is one cool thing."

------------------------------------ Contents

1.0 - Introduction to bullet time
        1.1 - FAQ intro; The Bullet Time Concept
        1.2 - Bullet time on the big screen
        1.3 - Bullet time in Max Payne

2.0 - Entering bullet time
        2.1 - Stationary
        2.2 - Bullet time aid

3.0 - Shootdodging
        3.1 - General dodges
        3.2 - Bullet time shootdodges

4.0 - Shooting in bullet time
        4.1 - Sniper
        4.2 - Shotguns
        4.3 - Automatics
        4.4 - Pistols

5.0 - End FAQ
        5.1 - Version history
        5.2 - Legal
        5.3 - Usage
        5.4 - Updates
        5.5 - Minimum system specification
        5.6 - Final

------------------------------------ 1.0 - Introduction to bullet time

[1.1] FAQ intro; The Bullet Time Concept

Question. What is bullet time?
Everything slows down to such an extent that you can see bullets moving at 
full speed... yet your eyes can catch them.
People walking, yet running. Every movement, no matter how small, is just a 
part of something else, something bigger.

Even though the world is normal, through the eyes of yourself, that is not 
entirely true...

Answer. Think of it as tasting the action, showing off your moves or 
whatever. The fact remains that bullet time is one
cool thing.

This here FAQ will give you the lowdown on Bullet Time in Max Payne. So what 
are you waiting for? Read on o_O


[1.2] Bullet time on the big screen

As you may or may not know, big time cinema hit, 'The Matrix' was the first 
to use bullet time in such an effective way.
The action would slow down and the camera rotating around one fixed object.

This is acheived via. a circle of cameras, fixed at an oval shape across the 
stage, going higher, until both ends meet.
A couple of motion cameras added and then the image is super-imposed onto a 
later scene.

Although it looks simple, bullet timing take a lot of work!


[1.3] Bullet time in Max Payne

Needless to say, Max Payne is no different. The bullet time cinematics 
happen random, or at will. Think of it as an
interactive film'.

The same setup is used, lots of camera tags are placed around the object to 
create realistic cinematics on the fly.

------------------------------------ 2.0 - Entering bullet time

[2.1] Stationary

One click of any of the bullet time keys (combo key is fixed to RMB) and Max 
will enter a seperate world (assuming he has
a filled bullet time meter), unlike his own. In this world, Max is in 

Your bullet time meter will start to drain. Unsuprisingly, it drains 
quickly, but the short twenty or thirty seconds of
slo-mo really give you that edge which makes you want to play Max Payne 
again and again!

Don't worry, as with every kill, your bullet time meter gets filled a 
little, meaning that you should never be out of
bullet time ^_^


[2.2] Bullet time aid

This nifty little feature, defaulted on, will conserve a lot of bullet time. 
Unless you are an advanced user (what does
that mean? Lets just say not a novice for now...), try to keep this on.

        > TIP - If you want to turn bullet time aid off, go to the options 

Bullet time aid is your third best friend in Max Payne (the first being your 
gun, the second your ability to warp into
bullet time). Here is a list of what it does;

- Turns off bullet time after weapon switch
- Turns off bullet time after running out of ammo
- Turns off bullet time after shootdodging
- Prevents enabling of bullet time during shootdodges

------------------------------------ 3.0 - Shootdodging

[3.1] General dodges

Dodges are essentially what you use to dodge stuff. These are your advanced 
strafes. You see a hostile, you jump behind
the wall to reload. You cannot shoot while dodging and it does not affect 
any other aspect of the game.


[3.2] Shootdodges

Same as dodging, but will put you into bullet time. This is really a dive in 
any direction. You can shoot while
shootdodging (duh). This will lower your bullet time meter by a bit and you 
will return to normal speed after landing
(that is assuming that bullet time aid is not on, see above). This is 
majorly what makes up the very cool Matrix-espe

------------------------------------ 4.0 - Shooting in bullet time

[4.1] Sniper Rifle

Whilst in bullet time, the sniper can be your best friend. Crouching does 
improve your steadiness whilst sniping,
but bullet time enchances your aim 100%.

Max no longer shakes nervously, and you can shoot through a pixel o_O


[4.2] Shotguns

The three shotguns of the game, the double-barrel, sawn-off and jackhammer, 
all have accuracy improved in bullet time.
Other than that, power is not affected.


[4.3] Automatics

Our favourite. Ingrams (dual) and the colt commando really give life to Max 
Payne. Entering bullet time not only gives
you phsyical accuracy (as you can see where the bullets are going), it also 
saves a hellva' lot of ammo ^_^

Ingrams + Bullet Time = Fun


[4.4] Pistols
The coolest looking bullet time action gun - dual berretas. The desert eagle 
can inflict a lot of damage, but its
low rate of reloading and accuracy really ruin the damage that can be 
carried out. Bullet time heals that wound. With a
very high hit rate, one shot head shots are easy to obtain.

The berreta is your next best friend. Taking out two berettas, shootdodging 
the corner and pumping twelve shots into the
enemy really pays off. Use it wisely...

------------------------------------ End FAQ

[5.1] Version history

v1.1 (current)
Added section on bullet time weapon advantages

General body of FAQ, weapon bullet time advantages unfinished - lame ASCII, 
I know...


[5.2] Legal

Max Payne, the Max Payne logo, Redemy and the Redemy logo are trademarks of 
Redemy Entertainment, Ltd.
All other trademarks and trade names are properties of their respective 

Any case of you going down the street in slo-mo dodging cars is not my 
resposibility (although a tape will be greatly


[5.3] Usage

This FAQ was created by Jeevan Takhar. All content was written by myself 
(unless credited). This FAQ was submitted to the
following sites;


If you want to use this on your site, or use parts in your FAQ, by all means 
go ahead, but please email me first! If you
see this on someone's else's site, please email me, thanks.


[5.4] Updates

To be emailed when an update happens on your fav game, head onto and join up. Then you have the option to
be emailed whenever a new review, cheat or even a FAQ update is added to the 
game. Just hit the 'add to Neomoniter'
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shamelessly promoting it, surf on over to


[5.5] Minimum system specification

Although not owning it is a crime, if you are thinking of buying Max Payne, 
here are the minimum specs;

        Minimum (minimum graphical detail):
        450 MHz AMD / Intel Processor (or compatible)
        16 MB Direct3D Compatible Graphics Card
        96 MB RAM

        Recommended (medium graphical detail):
        700 MHz AMD / Intel Processor (or compatible)
        32 MB Direct3D Compatible Graphics Card
        128 MB RAM

        Supported Operating Systems:
        Windows 95 (OSR2 or later), Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000.

"Max Payne runs on a wide variety of hardware and operating systems. To make 
sure you are getting optimal game play
experience on your system, please make sure Max Payne uses suitable 
graphical detail level settings for your PC. For
more information, please refer to the Options menu tool tips in the game.

Although Max Payne has been found to work on Windows XP, it has not been 
thoroughly tested and thus Windows XP is not
officially supported. Additionally, Windows NT is not supported.

Max Payne requires Microsoft DirectX 8.0 or newer to be installed."


[5.6] Final

Max Payne is a great game - a must have. With the amount of mods and TCs 
around, this game will never die.
Has my vote for Game Of The Year 2001!

"If your enemy is in range, so are you"

------------------------------------ Thanks for reading

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