Max Payne (PC) Cheats

Max Payne cheats, and Codes for PC.

Older Cheats:

Max Payne Cheats

To access cheats you must first follow these steps:

  • Right-click the Max Payne desktop icon
  • Select Properites
  • Add -developer to the end of the file location in the Target field
    e.g. C:\Program Files\Max Payne\maxpayne.exe -developer
  • In gameplay press F12 to display the console window

Enter the following codes for the corresponding cheat:

God modegod
Disable god modemortal
All weaponsgetallweapons
Unlimited ammunitiongetinfiniteammo
Debug modecoder
No clipping modenoclip
Disable no clipping modenoclip_off
More Slow-Mogetbullettime
Display frame rateshowfps
Baseball batgetbaseballbat
Sawed off shotgungetsawedshotgun
Pump action shotgungetpumpshotgun
Dual Berettas with full ammogetberettadual
Desert Eagle with full ammogetdeserteagle
Dual Ingrams with full ammogetingramdual
8 pain killersgetpainkillers
Colt Commandogetcoltcommando
Molotov cocktailgetmolotov
Sniper riflegetsniper
Add indicated amount to healthc_addhealth[enter number]
Set jump heightjump[enter number]
Wounded walksetwoundedstate
Normal walksetnormalstate
More slow motion timegetbullettime


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"Soldier of Fortune" Room
After the confrontation with Vinni Gognitto in his room he flees to the rooftops. After a
few gun fights you make your way out a window over a dumpster to set foot on the rooftops.
Look around, you should see pipes leading you to the next room across the rooftop with a
window and tv behind it. If you're here, you're between two buildings. Follow the side of
the building you just came out of and look for the narrow window at the end. It looks like
a normal window that can't be broke, but take out your bat and break it. Thus, the Soldier
of Fortune II room full of shotguns and 1 painkiller.
Conserve Ammo And Health
When your in a room with more than one bad guy if possible, put at least one guy in between you and another bad guy and hopefully one will blow the other away saving you ammo and health.
Easily Killing Two Tough Opponents
In Episode II there is a mission where you are supposed to meet Angelo Punchinello at a restaurant. Well let's just say he doesn't show, but when you get to the kitchen there is a bad guy with an Ingram there, waste him but before you around the corner go to the right wall and chuck a grenade in the dumbwaiter to take care of two enimies, one with Dual Ingrams, the other with a Sawed-Off Shotgun.
Hidden Ammo- Ragnarok
While in the upper area overlooking the main stage (where the control panel and seating is), you can go to the very right side of the room, all the way down the strip on the right, jump on the ledge and move your way down and you will drop in an alcove where there is a door and 3 boxes of ingram ammo. There is a similiar alcove on the opposite side but neither door opens, and there is nothing on the left side.
Secret Room: In Part III, Level IV
There is a secret room in In Part III, Level IV. Right from the start of the level when you are on the top of the parking lot, just before the first ramp leading down, there are some green barrels stacked up. If you jump on them, then onto the junction box next to them, you can then jump onto the roof. There is a discoloured panel which will fall when you shoot it. Drop down through the grate inside, then switch on the radio for a secret message from Remedy.