Maximo: Ghosts to Glory Cheats

Maximo: Ghosts to Glory cheats, and Codes for PS2. Also see GameShark Codes for more Maximo: Ghosts to Glory cheat codes.


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Art Gallery
Collect each of the sorceress kisses at the end of a level and set each of the four kisses to powerup. After completing the game, you should then have the Art Gallery unlocked.

Grave Danger: More Grim Reaper coins

Collect the fairies and continue to do this until you have about 50. Hit the next grave, and you will have a Grim Reaper coin.
Item power-ups
The following is a list of power-ups for Maximo's sword, shield, and other items:

Name Cost Function
Koin --- Increase Koin inventory by one
Koin Bag --- Increase Koin inventory by five
Diamond --- Increase Koin inventory by ten
Spirit --- After collecting 50 you get a Death coin
Death coin --- Allows you to continue after you lose all lives
Heart 150 Increase lives by one
Key --- Allows you to open iron locks and chests
Gold Key --- Allows you to open gold locks
Green Bottle --- Partially restores life bar
Red Bottle 50 Fully restores life bar
Shield Charge --- Restores five units of shield meter
Sword Charge 150 Restores five units of any sword enchantment
Armor 100 Adds additional life bar, up to three max; after three you get gold armor for 20 seconds
Foot Cheese 500 Allows you to walk freely on ground that may have skeleton hands
Monogram boxers 300 Boxers with an "M" on the front
Pow Boxers 300 Boxers with the word "POW" on the front
Cow Boxers 300 Boxers with a cow pattern
Mystery 150 Random chosen item
Iron Shield ---- Default shield that game starts with
Silver Shield 160 Shield with 15 strength units
Gold Shield 300 Shield with 20 strength units
Mastery mode
Have a 100% mastery ranking at the end of the game for all levels except those in the Hub.

To master a level, you must kill every enemy and find every hidden chest.

short of stuff
If you find you self short of life, kions, keys, and death coins, just go back to the very first level (level 1) there are 2 bonus lives, 4 or 5 keys, 1 death coins(if you collect every spirit tomb) and a lot of koins... Just keep coming back there until you satify your self...