Max Payne review
Max Payne for GBA

The good:

nice graphics
fun, addictive gameplay
you get plenty of lives or can restart the level when you die
it is fun to explore and find rooms full of ammo

The bad:

too short
a little hard to control at times
enemies off screen can be hard to spot, but i have learned to take this to my advantage


I got this game out of curiosity, as many of my friends had raved about the PC versions in the past and I had never really given it a shot. I saw that it was by Rockstar so I figured it must be pretty good and have found it close to impossible to put down.

I cannot really compare it to the other versions of the series as I have not played them, but I'm sure I will soon because I liked this one so much.

The levels have not been too hard, a few I had to start over several times but it wasn't too annoying. After just 2 days of playing it in my free time I'm already up to the last level and almost beat it... But lost. I decided to check it out on neoseeker before I was done with the game. I wish it was longer though, but I'll probably get more replay value from it once I beat it as there is a cheat you can get once you've clocked it which is mentioned in the cheats section here.

The story is a little hard to follow as I accidentally skipped a few cut scenes, but the story does not influence the actual game play or objectives too much so that is fine.

I like the "painkillers" in this game used to restore health. I have not mastered and never actually use the bullet time slowed down effect though and have survived without it, but I'm sure it could be quite useful to some people.

The enemies can be a bit tricky at times, it often comes down to if you are expecting them or not, if they get in the first few shots, you're usually pretty screwed but if you get killed, choose to continue and keep playing the enemies usually seem easier and you can often clear a room without even taking damage if you know where they all are, I have relied on this to get through the game.

I think I'm getting off track here.

This game is well worth buying if you can get it for a reasonably cheap price. The reason why I wouldn't suggest paying a lot of money for it is that it seems way too short, but for the amount of time you spend playing it, you will have a lot of fun.

If you are a fan of the rest of the series or the Grand Theft auto series this game would probably interest you as well. You don't steal cars, but there is still plenty of people to kill and the exchanges between characters is rather entertaining at times as well.

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