Enter The Matrix Cheats

Multi_Player code
Ok, right this (i know) has been causing alot of problems. First of all you need to hav two dual-shock controllers in your ps2 other-wise it just won't work then go into the hacking system and wait intill you've got A:/ up and type CHEAT and press the enter key (the hacking engine works like the old DOS system) The type d5c55d1e and press enter. Then exit the Hakcing system and go to the loading screen if you have done this correctly (and have two duel-shock controllers in) then you should be able to go left past the first level (The post-Office) and there will be a list of levels to choose from suck as: the subway, the pit, the ballroom and some others, sadly you can't coose your own charater the game does it for you so The subway you play as Agent Smith and Morpheus, the ballroom you play as kniobe and ghost and I don't know the others you'll hav to try them yourself.
I hope this has helped some people.