Enter The Matrix Cheats

Absolutely All Cheats
Go to cheats from the main menu and type cheat.exe.then go to cheat from the side thing and enter these codes:
0034AFFF All weapons
13D2C77F Bonus level
FFFFFFF1 Invisibility
7867F443 Faster Logos
1DDF2556 Infinite ammo
69E5D9E4 Infinite focus
D5C55D1E Multiplayer
7F4DF451 Infinite Health
FFF0020A Recover Focus Fast
7867F443 Faster Logos
When you get to swordfight, (I can't remember how)it asks for a password of 5 digits.It's always different, but it will be one of these mixes of 1's & 0's.
00000 00001
00011 00111
01111 11111
10000 11000
11100 10101
01000 01010
00100 00010
01100 00110
01110 11110
Be Sure To Have Fun CHEATING!