Mass Effect review
One of the best RPGs I've played.

The good:

Amazing depth in missions and different options in general like Oblivion, but even more.
Gameplay is one of the best I've ever played, if not the best.
3D renders and models are very impressive.

The bad:

Has some minor flaws but nothing big.
Needs work (leveling up) to make the fighting mode easier to manage.
Character moves slow.


I liked this game from the moment I first played it. It's the best game I have for the 360. Before I bought it I wondered if I should because i thought the gameplay was like Gears of War, which I hate but, although it does resemble something like that, it was a far, far better surprise.

What makes the gameplay so great is that every character's EXP are synchronized so that means that the others not used in your party gain levels. When you gain levels you gain points to distribute to skills. You can use biotic powers (magic) and electronics and decryption to interact with objects (open locks, salvage ship engines etc...) and there are important missions and optional assignments with a structure which enables you to make any plot twists and change the way to do things which, in turn, changes the outcome (not always). The fighting is done with guns, which some may not like if they prefer fantasy RPGs with swords and all that but since there are so many equipment, magic and armors to choose from which means that the gameplay is so flexible (plus, there are races to choose from, meaning the aliens that will join your party later since you can choose who you want to come with you when you explore a planet, max 3) and the achievements are easy to get. Finally, there are 2 types of character breeding, Paragon and Renegade (widely known as Order and Chaos). Your actions and dialogue options give you either Paragon or Renegade points respectively like betraying people's secrets, helping criminals, prefer to deal with people peacefully or not, etc..

The sounds are as impressive as they can be, the sound effects when weapons fire are good and the most important thing of all in the music is that every dialogue is voiced. All of that show that a lot of has been put in making this game, Joker, the pilot of your ship, is voiced by Seth Green.

If you care about graphics then you'll have no problem playing this game as they are top quality with beautifully rendered worlds and cutscenes.

You can change your character's bio before you start the game as what his pre-history will be (this influences people's attitude and available quests in the game). I won't say much about this but a colony of your kind gets attacked by unknown enemies (seems like Star Ocean, huh?) you uncover that a Spectre (people authorized by the universal Council to keep galactic peace, they are above any law and can do anything they want if the mission will be accomplished) is behind the scenes. Now you have to bring him down. The only way of killing a Spectre without paying the price is to be a Spectre yourself, you have to prove that he has gone rogue, though and that's where the story begins.

This game is so much worth replaying, mostly because you'll want to get all achievements which you can only if you play numerous times BUT, the best thing about replaying is that you get back everything you have, including level which makes it far less annoying.

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