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Mass Effect 2


Mass Effect 2 is a very great game, and it fixed alot of things that were wrong with ME1. Now for the detailed review.

These graphics were some of the best I've ever seen on the 360. The humans looked realistic, and the different alien races were well designed. The landscapes were beautiful and well-designed (Omega was an exception when it comes to being "beautiful"). The characters were much less blocky with their movements during cutscenes, and everything seemed to run very smoothly. I never really experienced any framerate issues, although I did encounter some pop-in every once in awhile. I give the Graphics a 4.5 .

I have to say, the music is Mass Effect 2 was much better than the music in ME1. The soundtrack is very fitting for the game, and at times, some of the songs give off a creepy vibe (Particularly the song from the mission on Freedom's Progress). The voice acting is also top-notch. Every species sounds like you would imagine they would, and everthing is understandable without the subtitles. The Sound gets a 4.7 .

The gameplay runs much smoother than ME1. The first thing I have to comment on is the updated combat system. You can now press A to take cover instead of pressing the Left Control Stick, which is much more convenient. The game did remove many of the RPG elements from the first one, which is a downside for those of you who enjoy a large inventory, or those who just enjoy lots of upgrading stats. The unlimited ammo from the first game is gone, replacing it with "thermal clips". The dialogue system is the same. There's also a large variety of characters to take on your squad compared to the first one. Oh, and you can still have sex with aliens. Gameplay gets a 4.4 .

I thought that the story was very interesting, but I preferred the story of ME1. It starts off on the Normandy SR1, when a mysterious ship tears it to pieces. Most of the crew leaves in escape pods, but you have to go back for the pilot, Joker. Once you get there, you take him into an escape pod, only to fall straight out before the escape pod leaves. You then die and fall towards a planet. That's just the opening cutscene. You are eventually reanimated by an organization called Cerberus, and you find out that the ship that destroyed the Normandy belonged to a mysterious alien species called the Collectors. I'll leave it to you to find out the events of the entire game. The Storyline is fantastic, and it gets a 4.8 .

Replay Value:
I played through this game three times, and I still wanted to playthrough again. There aren't many rewards for playing through multiple times, but it's worth seeing every Paragon or Renegade action avaiable. There's also a plethora of side missions you can complete, plus the loyalty missions for your crewmates. Replay Value gets 3.5 .

Mass Effect 2 is a very large game with amazing graphics, great music, terrific voice acting, a spectacular story, and fluid gameplay. It has a few things missing from ME1 that are missed, however, like the Mako. If you like the idea of a Space RPG with large amounts of action, this is the game for you. Mass Effect 2 gets a 4.4 .

NOTE: Final Score is an Average.

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DarshD May 29, 10
I heard lot's of good things about this game but now I truely know why it's good.
Nice job, Ditnopota .
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DragonPirateZolo Jul 15, 10
Replay value should be 4.5 tbh. I haven't finished many games more than twice. Also.. The Mako was missed? Really? One of the worst things from the first game. Physics sucked.
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