Mass Effect 2 review
An excellent sequel

The good:

  • Excellent voice acting
  • Wonderful options to be who you want
  • A great player-editor allowed at the beginning of the game, so that your character is EXACTLY what you want him to look like.
  • Wonderful graphics
  • A real-looking galaxy and planets that hold new life in each.
  • Really fun commands and battle style
  • Ability to gain trust with your teammates
  • Free roam, for the most part.

The bad:

  • really dull way of obtaining material
  • Excessive talking at times.


WOW! That's my first impression on this game. I simply got it becuase of the reviews, and had no idea what the previous game had in store, but i'm really happy that i did buy this game. I was hesitant at first because this game had to do with space, aliens, etc. and i'm usually bored of that type of game. Surprisingly, this game did just the opposite. From the second i turned the game on, and suited up for the opening movie, i was enthralled.

As for the story of this game, it's simple. There aren't many twists, other then the factor of who to trust. The game offers a full player play option. I've never played a game with so many options. Just about any type of player can play this game and have fun, for you can be evil, smart, nice, dumb, etc. You have a 100% control on what you want to say, and you can even choose to make more of the safe but mean options, or the nice and sweet options. This affects alot, actually, and is completely optional. This small feature affects the whole aura that your character gives off.

For example, in a part of the game it allows you to push 'LT' to tell a kid to go home and stay out of a mercenary job. This wasn't mandatory, but by doing this you saved the kids life, and added to your nice side. These small things show up throughout the game, and allow the player to make his/her character just the way they want to.

As for the actual levels, you're basically on a quest to hunt down these strong soldiers and recruit them to your team. Along the way you'll be offered many side quest and trust missions to increase your trust. All of these are incorparated within the amazing looking planets that are in these galaxies.

Now, on to the the actual gameplay of the game. Besides the fun of the talking options and story mode, this game actually gives a really fun battle system. You now have a better aimed gun that shoots much easier then the last game.

You also have full control of your allies, and can position them and choose when to use their attacks. Of course, they'll use it automatically at times, but even when they do, it's usually a really smart move. They computers in this game; allies and enemies alike, are exceptionally smart. Besides the few forgivable mistakes, they make great friends. All of them with different technique. Magic-ish, close ranged, far ranged, etc. Depending on which one you choose for your own character, these friends are here to help you. Sadly, you're only allowed two others to help you on your current mission, so choose wisely.

As for your own abilties, you'll start off with whatever type of person you start with. Meaning you'll be able to level up too, and after each mission you'll be awarded points to upgrade your person! Make attacks stronger, and obtain new attacks!

Now, the only real fault in this game was the searching for materials. This is by far the most boring moment you'll ever encounter. You simply, slowly, scan over planets in search of the small amount of supplies that it has to offer. A complete fail, personally.

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